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15 weeks already? Amazing...

Monday, July 19, 2010

I really do not know where the time as gone. Our girl is now 15 weeks old and I find myself excited about seeing her discover the world. This past week she has started doing the cutest things. She likes to hold her big toes on each foot. She is now staring at her hands, studying every detail. Her coo's are now sounding more and more as if she is really trying to talk. When you sing the "A,B,C's" with her she will try and sing along with you and it really does break your heart to see just how bad she wants to say something to you! She is grabbing her toys more, feeling the shapes and learning the difference between textures.

Here is a recent picture of my beautiful princess taken yesterday when she turned 15 weeks....

It is an incredible time for us. We are just so happy. We had no idea just how much this little miracle would change our live in the best possible way. She is looking more and more like my husband and it is the best feeling looking into her eyes during the day while my husband is at work and seeing him through her.

Moving on to fitness....

Here is my new schedule for the week. We are leaving over the weekend for her dedication up in Dallas to I need to work hard to get all my miles in before Saturday.

New July Totals....

1. Run/Walk - 28.73 miles (sick this month so mileage is low)
2. Crunches - 900 reps
3. Pushups - 135 reps
4. Squats - 1,300 reps

Schedule for this week -
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 30 mins of ST along with a 4 mile walk
Wednesday - 6 mile walk
Thursday - 30 mins of st along with a 4 mile walk
Friday - 6 mile walk
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest
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