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The Biggest Loser

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is a show that’s popular in the United States, and I believe most people in the UK have heard of it. I think it has a UK adaptation too. I’d never seen it before, but the idea of the show always intrigued me. Well, tonight I’ve seen the first episode of season eight. I’ll write about that later on in this post, though. Oh, and sorry if my writing quality is sub-par. I’m feeling a bit sleep-deprived right now.

I’ve been meaning to post a blog update for a couple of days now, but yesterday I was sick. I’m not going to go into the details, but I wasn’t able to go to the gym which was a real shame, since the day before I had been to the gym—twice! It felt like a major accomplishment to go the extra mile, and I intend to do this a lot more often. Today the same sickness from yesterday has caused me to feel as though there was a lump in my throat. Very uncomfortable, and combined with some stomach pains I really didn’t feel like heading out. Two days with no exercise. I wasn’t proud.

I could have eaten better today too. Having just today added a Sky Player one-month subscription to my Xbox 360, I figured I’d see what kind of programmes are on. There was The Biggest Loser, US edition— the first episode just recently broadcast. Very interesting watch. These people were huge. I look skinny in comparison, but they knew what they had to do and despite the intense difficulties they faced, they stepped up to the plate and managed to lose so many pounds. That was only week one.

The Biggest Loser has really made me think about how the world perceives "fat people". It seems in the world we live in today, there’s something to criticise in everybody, but I think obese people have it pretty bad. Lazy, irresponsible, ugly and disgusting. Maybe a lot of the time the weight gain is due to laziness. Sometimes there’s no excuse for it. There are those with genuinely understandable reasons for weight gain though, and who are we as people to judge others by one single factor, and assuming we know how they live? At the beginning of the show when the contestants met, they all sat around to introduce themselves, and talk about “how they got there”. One contestant’s story was pretty sad. A woman who used to be at a decent weight, happily married, with two daughters I think. Lost her whole family in a car accident.

The weight gain is completely understandable. A lot of these contestants had tragic pasts, but they were prepared to go on national television and face it. I certainly wouldn’t have the balls for that if I was them. Many of them had lost over fifteen pounds in a week. That’s phenomenal. Seeing how much effort these people were putting in was quite moving. It really is their last stand, but they’re getting there. After I had finished watching it, I went for a run outside. It was pitch black, but I decided to go out on that field and get some exercise in. I sort of dislike running and prefer to cycle or weight train, but I just couldn’t sit there after watching such an inspirational show. I met all of my fitness targets for today.

One of the biggest weight loss obstacles is that people really don’t know how much they’re eating, or the calories they’ve been burning off. I’ve considered this issue myself and I knew that if I had peace of mind and didn’t have to worry about this stuff, my weight loss would goal would probably be more easily achievable. That was when I made my decision to get the Ki Fit. The Ki Fit is the UK version of the American GoWear Fit, which is just like the Bodybugg. All three of these devices were made by BodyMedia. It so happens that the contestants on The Biggest Loser use Bodybuggs.

To put it bluntly, these devices aren’t cheap. I don’t regret my Ki Fit purchase. Not by a long shot. It was the Ki Fit that assisted me in reaching my goals tonight. Since I’ve only had the device for a week, I’ve set it to a fairly low activity requirement, which I intend to increase to moderate/very active in the future. At the time of writing this though, my goals have been to burn 3142 calories, get 45 minutes of physical activity (30 moderate activity, 15 vigorous activity), and walk 5000 steps. Respectively, here are screen captures that show how it tracked my activity. (I went out for the run from around 11.15PM to nearly midnight.)

Obviously, you’ll need to enter your calorie intake into the online system. It can’t track what food you eat for you. This is fairly easy to do. It doesn’t take long as the system is very intuitive. Unfortunately, I went beyond my calorie intake goal today. It was supposed to be 2390 calories consumed, but instead I reached 2759. Subtract that number from my calories burned however (3233) and you’re left with a 464-calorie deficit. Not great, but I’ve been managing over a 1000-calorie deficit on some days.

There’s plenty more that’s awesome about the Ki Fit, which I’d like to talk about. Since I’m heading out though, I’ll save that for another time. I’ll also be reviewing the device, but putting the review on the main site rather than the fitness blog. Thanks for reading.
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    Yeah, I think I've heard of that game. I have some software for my pocket PC I can use to track calories. I should start using it so I don't need to take back any packets if I buy food when I'm out.

    That said, I probably shouldn't be eating packaged food and preparing most of my food at home.

    Thanks for commenting.
    3881 days ago
    love biggest loser, very motivating, they sell a game, tracker I can use on my gameboy , I was thinking about getting, I hope you feel better soon, the gym can be addictive, lol
    3881 days ago
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