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I have totally screwed my commitment (sigh)

Friday, July 16, 2010

So I'm only a week into this whole commitment thing and I've already totally screwed it up. I was doing relatively well in the beginning of the week and then POW. What the heck is going on here? I know that I am commited to doing this whole getting healthy, weight loss, feeling better about myself thing so why am I having such difficulty. I know, I know, life happens but why did it have to happen in the middle of my freaking first week. It would have been nice to at least get through 7 days, is that too much to ask.

So day 7 was my rest day which is good, right? My trainer stongly encouraged me to have one day of rest, intially when I made this commitment I was going to do 30 days of working out. I can't even imagine how I would have felt about myself if I stayed with that amount of days. Anyway, so day 7 was wonderful. It felt sooooo good to give my sore and tired muscles a rest and I made a delicious dinner, Tilapia, fresh homegrown zuchhini, applesauce, and soy milk...... YUMMY!!!!! This is huge for me since I HATE cooking and would always eat prepared meals, like those horrible lean cusines. Yea, since I've started cooking I don't know how I EVER found them tasty.

Day 8 I didn't do cardio or strength training although I did play softball. However, this league is slow pitch so it's not like when I was in highschool and was getting a REAL workout.

Today I am meeting with my trainer and will hopefully get some cardio in but I have to be at my sis's wedding rehearsal at 7pm so I have to watch my time.

This weekend is going to be crazy with my sis's wedding on Sat. then a bridal shower on Sun. I do have my workouts planned but who knows if I will have the time to stick to them. The thing is I know I will have time if I make it but sometimes I start falling off if I start getting overwhelmed or stressed. And being around my family (im sure like most) can be VERY stressful.

Ok so I'm done venting now. Wish me luck.. I'm afraid that I'm really gonna need it to get through this weekend and DO the healthy things for me.

Thanks for being awesome sparkling, sparky, spark friends!!!!!!!
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    3840 days ago
    I hope you found some time to get some exercise in. If not, don't fret, just keep going and don't sweat it. You are doing awesome! Sometimes stress seems to take over our lives sometimes, just remember to stop, take a deep breath and move on positively.
    3840 days ago
    Hope you had a great weekend with your sister and family and friends! Life just happens when it happens, and it's up to us to make the best of it as we can. You're doing great -- remember we're changing lifestyle so that we can enjoy a healthy life, rather than obsess about food, exercise or whatever. You're doing a great job about eating healthy fresh food, and you're getting an exercise routine in place. These routines will have to get adjusted from time to time, often because we take on more than we can realistically fit into our days. Keep up the good work! emoticon
    3841 days ago
  • JUDITH1654
    You're just starting out, so cut yourself some slack. You are doing fine - don't sweat the interruptions life throws your way. That will be an ongoing thing the rest of your life. Just start again the next day or next meal and go with it.
    3842 days ago
    Yeah...you have absolutely nothing to feel bad about!! You may not have completed all the items on your list you gave yourself to do, but that is definitely a far cry from screwing up! :-)

    You have to remember that we need to live to. This isn't just a fad that will be gone tomorrow...this is a healthy lifestyle!! You are in for the long haul, girl. You will not always be able to go at 110%...that's just a given. So accept that it won't always be perfect and celebrate your victory's and all the wonderful life you are living!!

    Hope your weekend goes fantastic!
    3842 days ago
    Ok... I read your blog twice... and maybe I'm really tired - but HOW have you TOTALLY screwed things up? You had your rest day (good). Then you had slow pitch (I'm just assuming that it wasn't "slam a shot or beer after every hitter" type of game). As far as the upcoming hetic weekend. Your cardio doesn't have to be all at once. You CAN allow yourself some slack and break it up ya know. ;) Life happens, we need to be flexible and if our schedules are so rigid that they can't bend - we will spend alot of time being disappointed.

    You CAN (and WILL) do this. Just remember to take a deep breath and take a few minutes for yourself.
    3843 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5411411
    We all have off days, just get up and start over in the morning. Track everything, all your nutrition, fitness, and sparkpoints. It really helps you be aware of what you are doing if you have to log it in every day. You can do this, just get back up and keep going. We are all cheering you on! emoticon
    3843 days ago
    Pick yourself up and get back to doing your best. No matter how many times you fall down, just keep getting back up. emoticon
    3843 days ago
    Pick yourself up and get back to doing your best. No matter how many times you fall down, just keep getting back up. emoticon
    3843 days ago
    As I commented on my biog today, 'all you need to do today is better than yesterday". And repeat tomorrow. Sometimes, not putting so much emphases on this diet thing is best. I am just striving to do better etch day working to be healthier. The rest will follow. Hang in there, you will succeed, see you there!
    3843 days ago
    I don't think it is lack of commitment. You are figuring out how to fit this into real life. People quit because they try to alter their lifestyle so much they can't maintain it. When it gets too hard they give up. Moderation is key. Have fun at your sister's wedding. It is a once in a lifetime event!
    3843 days ago
    Hey life happens. It is ok. Just try to make the best food choices you can, get as much exercise in as you can, but most importantly have fun! Don't stress. It will be ok. You can get back on the horse and ride hard next week. As long as your trot along this weekend you are good. This is a big change in your life, and you can do it! Good luck and have a great time!
    3843 days ago
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