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An Update on the Flight Craziness

Monday, July 12, 2010

Just wanted to let you all know that I did write an article about the issues I had with the seat belt...and the negative comments about 'fat people' remind me why I hate calling attention to my weight. People can be SO mean!

I'm not taking it to heart, so don't worry. I actually laughed at the guy who said I eat Twinkies - considering I really hate Twinkies...I'd rather have a Ho-Ho, thanks! ;) I guess I've become a little numb to the "fat comments," which is progress in the right direction.

I refuse to respond to the comments because this is a battle that will never be won. There are certain arguments in our society that will never end. My point in writing the article was not to defend fat people, but to call attention to the saftey risk I felt I was in. I don't want it to happen to anyone else, and you can be DANG sure that the next time something like this happens I will stand up in the aisle until the F/A takes notice and comes to make me sit down. She was ignoring my gestures from my seat, so I guess I needed to take more blatent (and annoying) action next time.

I can take full responsibility for the fact that I didn't ask her 10 times for the thing. I'm somewhat new to flying and I'm never sure on the rules. I'm always afraid to push that button, especially during the taxi...I don't want her to have to stop the plane and have everyone on the plane wanting to kick my behind because of the delay. *shrug*

That being said, the FAA called me back and is making sure the agents who handle this Delta Connection look into the matter. I just don't want someone else to go through what I went through - which was an hour and a half in hysterics, partly because I was so tired, but also because I was so darn scared for my safety and the safety of those around me. I always tell my husband that I don't speak up because I "hate to be a burden" but he reminds me time and time again that I have the right, and the duty, to speak up for myself. I feel like I did that.

I just didn't want you all to wonder whatever happened to that. I thought over it for an entire day before writing the article, and I told Hubs what would happen if and when I posted it. I knew there would be negative "fat" comments coming out of the woodwork. Now it seems that Hubs is more concerned over the comments than I am as he feels the need to stick up for his wife. I told him I'm good. That some people will never understand, and that I love him for wanting to protect me from it.

Please remember that no matter what your size, no matter how far you've come, there will always be people like this in the world. And then remember that their ignorance does not reflect upon you. Remember that you have every right to demand what you pay for and what you fight for. You have every right to health and safety, especially when you Sparkers are all working so hard to acheive that each and every day here. Words can be like daggers, but it's proving people wrong and rising above that brings the most vindication.

emoticon you all, fatty and skinny alike! You are ALL amazing and wonderful people!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Those comments were made by small minds. Yours is not. Even if you weigh 125 lbs, you will never be in the small minds club. I truly can not stand people like that who just want to tear other people down instead of lifting them up. If only they knew how much you are doing....Actually no... I don't think they have earned the right to know you at all.

    Delta has lost my business.

    Score 1 for Esther.

    3961 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    Way to go on posting that article! I read some of the comments. The ones that were bad, I just skipped and didn't waste my time. I'm glad someone "defended" you in saying that your weight is no reflection upon your character and that you were just bring a problem to light. Anyway! Bravo to you for putting yourself out there. And you are right, ignore the comments!
    3961 days ago
    hahaha...Becky...fat is temporary, stupidity is forever! I love it. Esther, you did a great job and some from the peanut gallery are knuckleheads. I left a comment because my blood began to boil...I HATE stigma and ignorance...I love that you wrote what you did and I'm so glad to hear that the airline is looking into it. It must have taken huge stones to put it out there, understanding the response you could get. I'm so proud of you and hope that someone else may not have your experience in the future because you spoke up this time. You ROCK!
    3961 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Well written article indeed. I was a bit shocked at the vitriol in some of the comments, but of course I also noticed that they were all writing under fake names...funny how people can be total jerks on the internet when they can be anonymous.

    I don't know if this is a Delta problem, or an airline problem, but I can say that my ILs just had a terrible experience wtih Delta - numerous flight delays, and the Delta agents were complete jerks.

    Anyhow, good for you for standing up for yourself!
    3961 days ago
    I *love* you all. I knew it was better to just get the support I needed here. I will make sure Shane reads these comments tonight so that he knows that it's not all bad. When I have people like you on my side, I can go up against a lot! :)
    3961 days ago
    Oh my god I went to read your (very well written) article and I saw the comments and its just appalling. Everyone is like "well screw her, she's fat so who cares?" like you deserve to be treated like a piece of crap and it's your own fault. I mean... wow. Just... makes me absolutely disgusted. I'm glad you're handling it so well and have such a great attitude. It honestly makes me sick.
    3961 days ago
  • BECKYB73
    Perhaps the part I enjoy most about the comments is that you can tell some real men of genius are at work. Perhaps the comment I would leave is, for you fat is a transitionary phase...for them, stupidity is for life.
    3961 days ago
  • KARVY09
    You were right and brave to write this article, Esther! And you are a wonderful writer and you are making CHANGE by doing this.

    So proud of you!
    3961 days ago
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