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30 day commitment to ME!!!!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

After reading several inspirational and motivating stories this week , I have decided to make a 30 day commitment to myself. My hope is that since I have not seen any significant changes (1pound and an 11/2 inches off on my waist) in the last 3 1/2 months that this challenge will give me a feeling of satisfaction and success. I don't want to get so frustrated that I quit so this is my answer to that fear (as I continue to follow through with medical testing to find out if there is something causing the difficulty in weight loss and chronic fatigue).

For the next 30 days (my hope is that this will become habit):

I commit to exercise every day for the next 30 days
I commit to complete the 28 day bootcamp challenge
I commit to blog my progress each day to be accountable
I commit to reach out and as my fellow sparklers for help if I become discouraged
I commit to be honest to myself and all of you
I commit to not give up on myself if I mess up
I commit to complete my daily inventory each evening before bed
I commit to find something positive about each day and record it
I commit to attend my follow up appt with my doc to get sleep study results
I commit to complete my vision collage before 30 days
I commit to calling insurance company and changing my PMD following results appt
I commit to doing my best each and every day to complete this challenge

Here's my plan:
7/8-run 3.5m and bootcamp1
7/9-strength train and bootcamp2
7/10- run 4.5m and bootcamp 3
7/11- run 4.5 and bootcamp 4
7/12- run 4m and bootcamp 5
7/13- strength train and bootcamp 6
7/14- run 4m and bootcamp 7
7/15-softball game and bootcamp 8
7/16-strength train and bootcamp 9
7/17-run 5m and bootcamp 10- sisters wedding
7/18-run 5m and bootcamp 11-happy early bday becky
7/19-run 4m and bootcamp 12
7/20-strength train and bootcamp 13
7/21-run 4m and bootcamp 14 happy bday becky
7/22- strength train, bootcamp 15, softball game
7/23- strength train and bootcamp 16
7/24-run 5.5m and bootcamp 17
7/25-run 5.5m and bootcamp 18
7/26-run 4m and bootcamp 19
7/27-strength train and bootcamp 20
7/28- run 4m and bootcamp 21
7/29- strength train and bootcamp 22
7/30- strength train and bootcamp 23
7/31- run 6m and bootcamp 24
8/1-run 6m and bootcamp 25
8/2-run 4m and bootcamp 26
8/3- strength train and bootcamp 27
8/4-run 4m and bootcamp 28-complete bootcamp challenge
8/5-strength train
8/6-strength train
8/7-run 7m
8/8-run 7m-now I'm ready for my 10k run whoohoo!
I will strength train for 30 minutes each day scheduled.

I'm very excited that I am actually challenging myself to this next 30 days of hard work. I'm sure I will have days when I feel like cheating- I promise to tell on myself if I'm even feeling this way. I know I will need all the support and encouragement I can get so I'm asking all my spark friends in advance to help me get through this. I know I can do it if I think I can. And I do think I can.

Thanks for being a part of my journey to healthiness and contentment.
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