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update: mission sleep study complete

Thursday, July 08, 2010

So the sleep study is over THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!! I wasent even sure I was going to make it until 830 before falling asleep, which was my check-in time. I was already tired (which is normal for me now because I'm ALWAYS tired) and after work stopped at the gym. I thought I was going to fall asleep in the car driving YIKES! I did my run for the day and headed home. I showered and did not use any lotions because I was given specific instructions not to ( not that you needed to know that just thought I'd add it. I wonder what they would have done if I was deviant and used lotion). Anyway I arrived 10 minutes late (I'm always late for everything) but was glad I did because I probably would have still been sitting there since there was only one person getting all of us VERY tired people ready for bed. a lady takes me to my room where I wait for about 30 minutes (umm do they realize how hard this is for me?????haha) for a different lady to hook me up. Let me tell you if you have never had one of these sleep studies its kind of scary. I can't imagine how I looked. Probably like someone from one of those old dr. Jeckyl and mr. Hyde shows. I had electrodes coming out of every limb on my body with all these wires hanging. I felt like a childs science experiment. So finally after about another 30 minutes of having these put all over my body and almost falling asleep on this poor woman she gets me into bed. I didn't get any lengthy amount of sleep. It felt as though just as I was right there, falling into a deep sleep, she had to come in and adjust my electrodes. I guess I move too much when I sleep. Everytime I did I woke up because of all this crap hooked up to my head. Anyway to keep making this short story longer, I had to pee at one point so the lady had to come unhook me and I had to drag all these wires and the box they were hooked in to with me. Do you know how hard it is for me to manage going to the bathroom in the middle of the night half a sleep any other night? It was like an obstacle course. CRAZY!!! I was woken at 5am unhooked and told I was all done. I haven't been that happy in a very long time. On my way out she reminded to run warm water through my hair for about 3-5 minutes before trying to put any shampoo in it because there was goopy paste all over my head from those stupid electrodes. I got the goop out no problem.

So if you've made it this far through my blog congrats (I know it was long and boring. For me it will be a reminder months from now of what I've gone through in my journey of healthiness) and THANK YOU, especially to those who posted to my previous blog with support, encouragement, and good info on what to expect. It made the process easier for me to go through. To my fellow Sparkers. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WOOOHOOO!!! Did I gloss over when you're going to get the results? Is the cracker jack doc going to give them to you?
    If you were bad and used lotion (and admitted it), they would give something like an alcohol pad to have you wipe it off. ;)

    3853 days ago
    Good job!!! Now just to wait for the news...Hope they are able to help!!!
    3854 days ago
    My sleep study and resulting CPAP machine changed my life. Being well rested makes all the difference. I hope you get great results from your difficult night.
    3854 days ago
    I know how glad you must be that its over. Now the waiting begins for the results. I wish you the best.
    3854 days ago
    Glad it's over! I hope you get some news. Maybe all that movement at night has something to do with it? Love you and your commitment to taking care of YOU!
    3854 days ago
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