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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Hello kiddies! I'm going to post a blog tomorrow about the winery trip yesterday with the three or four pics I have. But it was a blast!!! I had just the best time. We've made lots of future sparky plans, as the girls aren't allowed to let it go after their respective weddings!!!

As for today, I'm just at work and did A LOT of working out today. I did 20 minutes with the Dancing with the Stars We Dance wii disc. I only did training, so it wasn't a major calorie burn, but hey now, I'm not going to complain! Then at work, I did three hardcore rounds at Curves, buring 400 calories in 40 minutes. After that I did three rounds of yesterday's bootcamp and three rounds of today's. WOW. I'm admittedly a wee bit sore!!!

On that note, I'm going to post the MaryMacker's challenges here as well, in case some of y'all want to join in without having to switch around pages and find out what it is. Keep us updated on your progress.

July 4 - 10

And now we are just starting to hit our stride! We got this in the bag - is everybody still pumped up???

Challenges - Short Version:
*Make a motivation collage
*Stretch after every workout
*Try a new fruit or vegetable

Challenges - Long Version:
*Make a motivation collage - I've made two. I'd hang neither of them up in public. Just sayin'. So make one that you not only would hang up for all to see, but WILL. Also, you can "elaminate" your collage using packing tape (the wide tape). Just neatly go strip by strip across.
*Stretch after every workout - you can look up articles up the wazoo about the benefits of doing this, yet sooooo many people don't. Get on it!
*Try a new fruit or vegetable - I don't know about y'all, but I'm sometimes not very adventurous with my foods, especially the healthy stuff. Have you tried all the freggies in your store??? Is there one you don't like? Try a new recipe using it!
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