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Adventures with my new camera Lots of PICS

Friday, July 02, 2010

I got a new camera April 14th, 2010. I have always loved to take pictures but never invested more than 160 in a camera.

Well now I did (kind of a forced splurge) LOL ReALLY it was.
I will tell about that later... but seriously... it was forced... but I was happy! emoticon

I love to take pictures of animals and nature. Just recently I have enjoyed taking them of people too!

Here was my very first subject that day. My Morkie we call "Baby".

Then I found a pretty "purple iris" in my yard:

And a "Purple Lilac" (New Hampshires' state flower.. no I don't live in NH... this is just a little education info. for you LOL)

My son and his new wife and her daughter which I claim as MY GRANDDAUGHTER and my son claims and HIS DAUGHTER came over for a little while.
Here is a picture of Jada (my new granddaughter, praise God! love this baby and her momma!)

Here my son, Kendall is playing with her!

My son is now heading off to his date's house to pick her up for his Sr. Prom tonight.

Momma got a little carried away with her new camera and found it had a button for "Continuos picture taking" LOL so he started posing! He could hear the shutter button and the "click, click" it made and went with it! (he is normally very very reserved)

But it started getting on his nerves how many pics I was taking.. I think I had done about 65 at this point!

But oh wait! Here comes Abbi, Jada, and Lane (my 9 yr old son) Abbi can always make Kendall smile... always coz he likes his new sister-in-law allot and he loves that Jada'bear!)
He doesn't like his brother Lane though LOL)

And Abbi got Kendall to do this!

See I told you he likes her... he sure would not do that for ME!

Here is a picture of all of them... and no matter how good your camera is... you still get pics like this... (see LANE) these stupid faces he makes ... oh well I will laugh about it later right?

Final picture. Kendall picked up his date, Andi and brought her back for more picture "torture". It was starting to rain...Kendall was super nervous now and wasn't liking the picture taking at all. I ran into a problem with my memory card and couldn't figure it all out and Abbi and I both thought you could take pictures without a card in the slot.. (you know like some kind of memory in the camera??) so I was snapping away and ended up with only 2 pictures of them on my disc. You CANNOT take pics on the camera alone... and dowload.. only on a disc..
bummer... i only got 2.. oh well they only are friends not dating... at all....

So there you go... this was what I did the first day with my new Canon Rebel. (510.00 at Wal mart)
I took allot more pictures that evening and my 9 yr old took some of me too... but you don't need to see those! LOL

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Aren't new cameras fun? The ultimate toy.
    3389 days ago
    The picture where Lane was making the weird face will probably be the most precious in a few years. He will grow up and become serious but you will have the memories of his Funny Faces.
    I am Loving your new camera. Please don't forget to post some pictures of yourself too. No matter where you are in your Journey you will someday be glad you have pictures of yourself during the Journey.
    3397 days ago
    oh how fantastic! what a story thru pics!...

    i can see that you have a lovely family!!!
    3412 days ago
    great stuff
    3416 days ago
    1st of all Baby is adorable!!! I want a puppy so bad lol. 2nd I know what you mean I LOVE taking pictures...I torture my kids all the time :) 3rd Kendall and his date look amazing I hope they had a blast!!! Enjoy your new camera you deserve to have something so nice!
    3417 days ago
    Beautiful! It is so much fun to capture the moments with a camera! So glad for my phone camera now, for when I forget my camera.
    Happy Snapping!
    Just say emoticon
    3417 days ago
    Great photography and pictures! I love taking photos as well! Thanks for posting!
    3418 days ago
    Thank you guys so much for all your comments. I so appreciate them! I am becoming quite the regular on carrying that camera around the house... I look like quite the "tourist" wearing it around my neck all the time LOL

    3418 days ago
    Awesome, beautiful family! Thanks for sharing.
    3418 days ago
    These are all AWESOME Pictures! Thanks for sharing!!! emoticon emoticon
    3419 days ago
    Puppies, babies and flowers - the cutest pics ever!!!!

    Good job, gorgeous. Woot!!

    3420 days ago
    Great pics. I'm jealous, though. I want a Canon T2i, but it's $900. I'm going to get one as some point and time, though. I'm always talking pics of my kids. I don't take them to photo studios. Instead, I take them myself, which is why I want an expensive camera. I bought my hubby the Canon Rebel 2000 (35mm) in 2001 for Christmas and then the extra lens for his birthday in 2002. I found out that his extra lens will fit the new Canon cameras, too! I've taken pictures with his and LOVE it, but I have to develop the film (which gets expensive when you take pictures like I do). It's nothing for me to have a 15 min candid photo session with one or both of the kids and take 60-100 pics. That's what I love about digital! Enjoy your new toy!!
    3421 days ago
    good pics liked them all
    3421 days ago
    Your family is PRECIOUS! Handsome fellow that oldest son of your is, and what a little cheek pinchin doll your youngest is. Everybody looks happy~very at that and I commend you on welcoming your new daughter in law's daughter into your life as your granddaughter. She is so young in her eyes you very well could be "her actual grandma for life." My late Grandmother had adopted my Dad when he was three hours old for a whopping $1.73 ....70 years ago. Much much later in life I found out we had other biological grandparent, and I opted not to meet them. I had my one and only Grandmother Lela and she was the light of my life. Now she is my angel as of a year ago this past January.

    Sooo you were forced to get a new camera??? Gee how rough would that be? Bet you were kicking and screaming all the way to the camera section...even worse at check out~you silly woman! When I got o womanwithin.com today and UPS arrives next week I think I'll just tell Darrin I WAS FORCED TO MAKE THAT ORDER(it was one of my other personalities, and I had NO CONTROL OVER IT). HEHEHEHEHE

    Great pics thanks so much for sharing your family with us! Ummm I'm beginning to think you husband is imaginary though, or battery operated...oh shoot did I say that??? No I DIDNT...I WAS FORCED...DARN MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES! LOL Yep ....if he is in the flesh you bess get a pic of him posted or I'll be thinking otherwise! hehehehehehehehehe It's pretty obvious we are close, as I'd have never in a million years said that to a stranger! emoticon emoticon
    3421 days ago
    It's great to have a new camera. I only had mine about a month ago.
    What a cute pup! What a cute Jada! What a lovely family! What lovely pictures. What a shame you don't show some of you!!
    Thanks for showing them to us.
    3421 days ago
  • SPARKIE1964
    You have an eye for the camera so keep snapping away. I have always loved taking photos, but never invested in a pricey camera. I also had been feeling that I lose the moment when I focus on photo taking, but miss all the wonderful photos I used to take especially when the kids were younger. They too love the photos even though they complain along the way....
    3421 days ago
    Lovely pictures
    3421 days ago
  • LINDAP432
    Looks like you had a great time taking pictures with your new camera. They were pretty good pictures. emoticon
    3421 days ago
  • NIC0103
    Fantastic photos - made me chuckle :-)
    Your Morkie is sooooo cute!
    Your granddaughter looks even cuter! What a fantastic family you have!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3422 days ago
    You look like you were having so much fun! That makes all the difference in photography, even more than a great camera. A Canon Rebel is a great camera, it was my first DSLR. Enjoy!
    3422 days ago
    You are quite a talented photographer!!!
    3422 days ago
  • JGMK55
    Your blog gave me a much needed smile! Thanks for sharing. J
    3422 days ago
    Those are great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I did the same thing when my nephews went to prom. Too fun!
    3422 days ago
    hahaha... love the pictures... love the 9 yr old. Love Jada-bear, what a sweetie. I remember my oldest's prom.. fun stuff for sure. We also have a few pictures of her making that same " i am done with the camera... put it away now" looks. Thanks for sharing!!! emoticon
    3422 days ago
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