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June Recap - July Plan

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Weight beginning of June: 395.6
Weight goal for beginning of July: 387.6 (-8)
Actual Weight beginning of this month: 379.3 (hoping this isn't a fluke!)
Actual Weight lost in May: 16.3 pounds (UHM...wait a minute...)

I weighed in at 379.3 this morning. I'm praying this isn't a fluke because I'd love to see those 370s...and then onto the 360s!! That being said...I'm not entirely comprehending 16.3 pounds in a month. No, seriously...what??
In June I:
Lost 4 in the thigh
Lost 1.75 in the calf
Lost 2.25 in the waist
Lost 2.5 in the hips
Lost 1 in the neck (again!?)
Lost 1.25 in upper arm

Total for June: Lost 12.75 inches!!!!!

Total overall measurements since starting SP:
Lost 3 in the waist
Lost 6.5 in the hips
Lost 2 in the neck
Lost 5 in the thigh
Lost 1.75 upper arm

Total inches lost = 18.25 since April 19th
Now...let's figure out how I had such success by checking in on my June goals.
June Goals:

Weight Goal: 387.6 (-8)

Workout Goal: 30 for 30!
15 minutes a day every day.
Strength training 4 times a week.
Increase speed of 2 mile (from 22 minute mile).
Try Zumba (class tomorrow...wish me luck!)

On most of these, anyways. The ST hasn't been 100%. I didn't always remember to do it 4 times a week. However, a lot of the exercises I did this month combined upper arm moves and other strength moves. In Zumba you punch and squat and do stuff like this. Plus, I just started doing some of my own circuit training...which gets my heart rate up and makes me think on my toes! The most important thing here to me? I didn't just TRY Zumba...I kinda fell in love. I did one half class, then the knee went out...but I tried again! And I made it through the whole hour! And then I went three times last week. I only went once this week...but I've come to know a lot of the dance routines and I'm having fun. Plus, I can FEEL and SEE it working! I guess you can add me to the camp of people who tout Zumba's effectiveness...and for good reason! Also....I almost didn't make it yesterday...but I did 30 for 30. That's 30 days of consecutive workouts! And I went from working out just 15 minutes or so a day, to usually working out 80 minutes or more (split up, of course).

Food Goal:
No more "treats" every day. Once a week is good enough.
emoticon I like my treats...but I only treat myself every now and again. Can't say I'm down to once a week per se...but close.

Find more "quick and easy" options and keep them on hand for lazy days. These are a reality for me sometimes, so I need to be prepared!
emoticon While I hate the sodium in these pre-prepped options...it's important that I have them so I don't go completely off track.

Lower the fat and up the protein and carbs! Try to stay on target here!
emoticon? *shrug* I think I did. I'm staying pretty good on making sure I get carbs and protein and some veggie or fruit at every meal. I'm working on balancing my meals - and that's KEY for me!

Health Goal:
Breathe easier. I'm just going to leave it at that.
emoticon Honesty.

Personal Goal:
Apply to at least 5 jobs a week. Make sure to check job sites every day for new postings. Spread the word to increase the chances of finding opportunities through friends and acquaintences - NETWORK!
I'm giving myself this one. It hasn't been every day, but I get in 5 apps a week at least. And it's starting to work!!

Other Goals:
Go camping one weekend this month. emoticon
Go hiking once this month. emoticon I'd say!!
Go swimming at least once. emoticon
Go rowing at least once. emoticon

So to recap here. I pushed myself this month! I ended up walking a 16 minute mile at one point! I've gotten faster and stronger and it's getting easier to remember that every day I need to move. It helps with my sodium intake (which is annoying me more and more now...*lol*) and my water intake and my inches lost (as you can see). I know some of you will say that I've lost too much this month...but I have to say that I did NOT ONCE starve myself. I did push myself, especially on that 5.5 hour hike...especially in Zumba classes. But my body is responding with stronger muscles and a smaller waist. I can keep this up...and that's the most important thing. I even had several "slip" days this month (go back and check those blogs, why don't you?). I even thought a few times "I'll never make it!" I have down days, and I'm learning to work through them. I DO NOT expect similar results next month...that's for sure! But I'm hoping that this month is just bringing me that much closer to my final goal.
July Goals

emoticon Weight Goal for July: 371.3 (-8)

emoticon Workout Goal: 30 for 31
I'm giving myself the 8th off because I don't know that it's likely I will get time this day. Let's be honest, I'll either be flying, in a cab, or interviewing all day. HOPEFULLY with my time being moved up, I'll get to the airport in enough time to do some laps or some sort of workout in the airport bathroom...but I cannot count on this. I have to be realistic here. HOPEFULLY I'll get out of there in enough time to walk a few blocks to a further subway station to take to the airport...but I can't count on this either. I will try, but I won't stress about it this day.

How I will achieve this goal:
Circuit Training!
28-Day Bootcamp? Still checking this out...
30-Day Shred? Not sure I can do this yet...
10k walk training

HOPEFULLY I'll also get my eligibility from the insurance company this month so I can workout at the gym! That would be GREAT!!

emoticon Food Goal:
Find some favorites so I don't stress on late nights.
Watch that sodium intake!!
Bring back more fruits and veggies and things I know that work.
Balance those meals!!

emoticon Health Goal:
Work in more Yoga. It centers me.
Try to remember to take 5 minutes to myself each morning to SET my day.
Get more sleep and get up early for early morning workouts.
Breathe easier.

emoticon Personal Goals:
Keep applying to those jobs!! I WILL find something great in 2010!
Keep that positive attitude!
Spread the spark, both on here and throughout my real life. I've started with people at work.
Challenge my brain through reading and brain teasers.

emoticon Other Goals:
Start writing. I keep telling myself I will do this...but I haven't. I'm going to try to find time for that this month.
Go hiking up the hill and explore where I live.
Make more weekend plans for fun outings and/or thorough cleanings at this house. I need to get this house in order!
Read with my boys. We're going to find a good book to enjoy together this month! I'm excited about this one!!

BTW - Monthly picture updates coming. Couldn't find my shorts so I had to change things up this month. But I think (HOPE) you'll all see the changes I feel!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I loooove seeing these blogs :) In fact, your blogs are by FAR my favorite :) KEEP IT GOING!!!!!!!!!
    3965 days ago
    P.S. It's no fluke that you hit 370ville. You will see those 360s in NO TIME!!!!!!!
    3965 days ago
    Weepsk....I'm so....sniffle...PROUD of you!!! You are doing incredible things and I'm so impressed. Happy and honored to call you my friend!

    We will ROCK July (you KNOW you wanna join the bootcamp....you KNOW you do)!!!!!!

    3965 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Geez girl, you NAILED this month. Congrats!!!

    I know you will succeed in July as well.
    3965 days ago
    You've been doing amazing. It's no surprise you lost that many inches. Those are some damn impressive measurements. Exciting!! Keep it up with the job hunt... don't give up! You've seen what consistency and a positive attitude have done for your weight loss over time, and if you apply that attitude to the job hunt as well then you'll find something great in time! Good luck with all your goals in July!! Maybe you'll see the 360's then!!
    3965 days ago
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