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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It wasn't until last night at Zumba that I realized just WHY my abs have been killing me lately. I haven't wanted to do crunches in a week or more because my abs are so sore! I couldn't figure out what was going on...and then it hit me... I did Zumba 3 nights in a row last week. And as I was engaging my core in class last night, I smiled... "Oooh...right!"

Today didn't go as well as I had hoped in the beginning, though. I got up 15 minutes before my ride was to arrive! *lol* Popped out of bed, took one of the quickest showers ever and somehow ended up ready to go in time to be picked up. That means I didn't get my brisk walk in today...but the day is not over yet!

I'm starting to realize that I need movement in my life now. As I sat through over an hour "Fire Safety Training" (*rolls eyes*) I kept thinking - I wish I could lay down right here and do some crunches or something. I *hate* sitting still! HATE! I went back to my desk, ate lunch and then turned on some music and made up my own circuit training routine. It was so much fun! I forgot that after a while of classes and DVDs, I start to understand what works in a workout, and I can pull things together all on my own. SO freeing to not need an instructor. Pop open the "dance" genre music on Pandora and off I go!

Thirty minutes later I feel refreshed and hopeful for the rest of the day. I plan on taking some more breaks for the next few hours. Each hour I will get up and do SOMETHING. I have to keep my body moving!

I'm sure my good mood is fueled by the wonderful phone call I got this morning from the person I'm interviewing with...apparently she made some calls yesterday and got someone to switch times with me so I won't have to worry about getting to the airport late! WOOT! So I have an interview at 3pm now, instead of 5pm. Should be a great time and less worries about what I'm going to do while "waiting around" for hours. I'll get there in enough time to catch a cab and head on over. If I'm early, I'll grab a bite to eat nearby or something. (Funny, I just thought today that I have scheduled NO eating time on this trip! *lol* Ah-well. I'll pack a box of protein bars, just in case.)

Also managed to contact the guy running Ethan's football camp and he said I could enroll him over the phone. Then I guess I'll just ship the check over in the mail or something. Ethan's super excited about football (which is why he's been "training" with me without complaint...sometimes he's the one to say, "Hey! We need to get a walk in today!" *lol*) Camp will be the 8th, 9th, and 10th - so next week will be a big week for both of us! Then he's off to g'mas, actually both of them go to my mom's for a week so Hubs and I will be childless for an entire week! WOOT! I haven't made any plans for us that week, but I'm sure one or two nights we'll be spending "dating" and we MAY go up to his parents' cabin that weekend. *shrug*

FFIC: Day 5 (Monday)

* Workout/Fitness Minutes - 5 (15 minute lunch walk, 60 min Zumba class)
* Calorie Counts - 3! YAY!
* Strength Train - 0 (BOO!)

* Beauty Reminder - 3
EDIT: adding picture

I'll have a picture later, but Zumba is fueling me right now! The changes on my body are so noticable to me (and others, it seems!). I feel strong and powerful. I love when I can do things the skinny girls can't do! I caught the instructor smiling at me when we "got low" in squat stance yesterday and I got pretty darn low! My legs are powerful tools that are carrying me through this journey...and I absolutely *love* them. Yesterday and today I thought, "I don't care if they are huge right now...I don't care that I wish I had pretty knees and beautiful powerful but slender thighs - these babies have taken me through 5.5 hour hikes and hour long Zumba classes and nearly every day walks! These legs are amazing!!"

* Brain Challenge - 0 (Unless you count trying to figure out what to make for dinner a brain challenge! *lol*)
* Read - 10! seriously kicking this book's butt! (Currently moved from the second to last released Sookie Stackhouse novel to the latest released novel in the series. I'll be sad when it's over...but Lord knows I have plenty more books to read!)

* Stretch and Breathe - 0 - I always forget this...which is why I put it on here...but I *never* remember to take a moment or two to myself in the morning before I start my day.

EDIT: 2 bonus points for trying a new exercise, food, or soul-enriching activity, as long as you report on it! (Share the love, baby!)

Updated my Shrimp Fried Rice recipe. White rice to brown. Canned peas and carrots to fresh snap peas. Wok oil (what IS that?) to EVOO. Egg to egg substitute. (Hey, it saved me a few calories...all I cared about so I could have a HUGE serving last night!) It was so good! And I sent some up to my father-in-law (shrimp fried rice is his favorite food). Didn't hear any complaints, so I guess he liked it! *lol* I was so tempted to eat crap last night when I got home because I was T-I-R-E-D! But I waited (and waited!!!) for the rice and made what I knew was good for me. Meant I didn't get to eat as early after my workout as I like, but it was worth it (I think! *lol*).

Total: 23 (More like it!!)
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    Wooh! Back in the groove! I love the new background, by the way!
    3962 days ago
    Your attitude is amazing.... you're such an inspiration! I've always hated my legs because they've always been bigger and more muscular but lately I've been learning to apprThat is so awesome how things worked out for you with your interview. It's a great sign for the company! Have you found a great interview suit yet? You'll have to post pictures!
    3962 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1834472
    Well done. Your working it. emoticon
    3963 days ago
    Awesome points yesterday! Plan something really fun to-do during date week! Hey... what ever happened to getting your insurance to pay for the gym membership and nutritionist?
    3963 days ago
    You are awesome!! I love what you can do and I bet you'd kick my booty in zumba class!! Hooray for you!!
    3963 days ago
    Completely worth it :)

    I love reading your blog because even when you're not going 100%, you're giving it all you've got and that's awesome.

    Have fun on vacation and good luck for Ethan in football :)
    3963 days ago
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