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Wii Fit verses the Fat Girl

Monday, June 28, 2010

So, why exactly is it so hard for a big girl to exercise on equipment?

Please let me know if you are unable to load the video! For some reason, I seem to have some problems myself...

Apparently refreshing helps. But this does seem to be a problem with the service... I've gotten it to play, then on the next refresh it doesn't. I'm sorry!

ETA: Looks like the servers are up again however! :)
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    OMG So true and so weel stated I might add. You rock....Thank you for the laughs. I hear you completely. I weigh over 300 and want exercise bike and treadmill....still looking for them.
    emoticon emoticon
    3333 days ago
    So good! Loved it...and don't be afraid to try out a Zumba class...whenever I see a bigger person at a gym...I think, "Wow there is a person trying to get into great shape!" I am proud to see people working out no matter what size they are!!!
    3343 days ago
    The wii board also can't measure anyone under 25 pounds acurately... just says it can't find them. Obviously my daughter wasn't trying to loose weight by using it, but it still upset me that she couldn't play unless we pushed down on the board while being weighed. Also during game play it would also loose her then.

    The reason why there are so many weight limits is because manufacturers want to use the lowest cost in building the machines. So they use parts rated at lower weights so they keep the price down. On some parts to get the weight load limit up they would have to use larger parts, and then have to do a little redesigning. However I believe that that would be a great market incentive... to be a maker of machines that larger people could use. The price would probably be more, but whoever would make them would have THE market for that product. Does Curves have higher weight limits on their machines?

    You're not the only one who doesn't use machines - they scare me.
    3352 days ago
    It's good to let off steam sometimes. I've been wanting to by the wii for quite some tome now. I don't mind going to the gym and most of the people are nice. I have even met a few new friends. However, when I am not able to make it to the gym and it is raining outside I want something to do besides those silly videos.
    3353 days ago
    HILARIOUS. I do walk it out for the wii and love it. Try that one, I bet you will too.
    3358 days ago
    funny video. I always wondered what Wii Fit would be like for a bigger person, as I've thought about buying it. I hate to exercise in public other than walking. Thanks for your blog. emoticon
    3359 days ago
    You are too funny! Thanks for the loads of motivation and keep it up!
    3359 days ago
    You are a kick. And you have a legitimate complaint. I disagree about swimming, though. You can get in fantastic shape with the resistance of the water. Have you checked to see if there is an Aqua Zumba class near you? Being in Florida, there is a good chance. It can't hurt to try. It's fun and a lot easier on your joints.
    3359 days ago
    Awesome blog! You've got character. I like it! By the way, and I'm sure you probably already know this, but I figured out a way to say screw you to the Wii Fit Plus. Sure the board has a limit. But if I weigh myself b4 a game with one foot on the ground with just a little weight on it, I pass and get to play!! So HA to you Wii Fit!
    3364 days ago
    lol , girl u are fun-knee , just what i needed to boost my mood- emoticon
    3364 days ago
  • no profile photo RAWKITLAWNCHAIR
    I facepalmed when I saw this. GG emoticon
    3365 days ago
    Wow excellent vblog. I so agree with that it is totally ridiculous that we can't find equipment for over 300 lbs.
    3365 days ago
    I laughed soooo hard with Bart and the rag on a stick....
    I see where you are coming from. Recently, hubby bought a wii game called Wii active.. you CAN use the wii board, but if you don't have one there are plenty of exercises to do without it and its fine... I have really really gotten great workouts with it since we have gotten it, and feel a real change in my body (plus soreness). I do agree with you... because on this game, it asks you to put in your weight for your characters sizes and height ranges... and you cannot put it over 300 pounds. I started my journey at 310, and if I had went to use it when I was 310 and it said that, I would have really been upset. Now, at 289 I still need a hell of a lot more working out... and I am sticking to it. I suggest you get this game if you really wanna use your wii. The weight for your character isn't a big deal, and won't stop you from using the game.
    3365 days ago
  • AIREONNA62583
    i enjoyed your video and i agree they should make more exercise equipment over 300 pounds at least 400+ seeing as people really need it....im with you about exercising in public as well the gym has such skinny/fit people in it i hate getting looked at like what that fat person doing here..ok time for my walk =)
    3366 days ago
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