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Friday, June 25, 2010

Been a while. Figure I should check in and make a record of where I'm at. It's been a whirlwind spring! First, some pictures.

Out with the girls for a bachelorette party -

I'm loving the dress. 5 bucks at the thrift store! Seriously! ...and what a fun night. I did a 25 mile bike ride and 5k run that day - PLUS danced at least 2 hours straight at the clubs. So by my estimation, even with a healthy dose of booze that night, I was almost negative calories. Not good, but I guess better than way over?

This is a closeup of my new haircut - I haven't been this short since I was a kid. I used to hide under my hair when I was fat. Now, I love my bouncy fro of curls. I was worried it would be high maintenance, but I can just sleep on it, spray on some product, and go! It actually even looks BETTER with some sweat in it, heh. Also, I made the tie dye hoodie and necklace. I was being crafty!

This is what a PR looks like. I ran a 5k sort of unplanned (I didn't train for it, and almost didn't run it) and smashed my previous race time of 26:31 and came in at 25:10! Wooohoo! Joel also got a PR that day. We were very glad we decided to just give it a go!

This was after the Warrior Dash - it was a 3.5 mile mud run with obstacles. I usually am super serious meeting face business time during races, but I had SO MUCH FUN with this one. Anyone that can at least hobble through 3 miles of running and isn't afraid to get dirty? Check this one out. It's a blast!

So things have been going pretty darn amazingly over the last few months. Since the half marathon in Feb, I've done a 5k, a duathlon (5k run, 9 mile bike, 1 mile run), an urban dare race scavenger hunt, the warrior dash, a half marathon length walk around town, and now I'm training for triathlons! I'm targeting a sprint length one in August (1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 5k run) and then an olympic length one in September (1 mile swim, 25 mile ride, 10k run). I'll be pretty pleased after that - I had intended to cap this year off with my first marathon but the training just seemed too daunting over the summer, so I changed course and decided to pursue tris. I've heard that an olympic length is about the same level of effort as a marathon (much less poundy poundy though), so I'm good there. I am thinking about trying to throw in a half marathon late fall as well, but going a little light on the training and really just get out and see what I can do. I don't think I'm at the point where I can just bust out 13.1 miles without training for it, but I think I could take a month or two and get back there ok. Maybe even PR!

My weight just really really doesn't want to budge from about 160. I got there in February (gained about 5 lbs training for the half) and my body just does NOT want to let go of it. I am sort of making peace with it because honestly? I have to WEAKEN myself to lose weight. I have to intentionally underfuel my workouts. And when I'm pursuing such aggressive goals athletically? It sucks. I keep trying to say I'm going to take some time off and lose the last 10 lbs to get it over with, but then I start signing up for races. My actions speak louder than words. I need to accept that this is where I am and roll with it. It's not as if being 160 lbs of powerhouse muscle (yeah with a little fat on top, but details details) is a bad thing. Could I be eating better? Sure. But I'm definitely in the realm of the 80/20 rule (80% good stuff) and while I will still ACCEPT weight loss from the scale and even coax it, it's hard to get my feathers in a ruffle about it.

Other lovely news - I just got the promotion I had been hoping on for years - lots more responsibilty, shiny new title (Producer, not associate), pay bump, in charge of a big successful talented team. I even get to hire my own associate to do my bidding! Joel also took a great new job at our company finally doing the work he wants to do after 2 years of un and under employment. It is truly a golden age of awesome work-wise!

That's about it for now. I hope to check back again before 3 more months are up. Keep rocking out there everyone!!!

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  • no profile photo CD1546336
    You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO INSPIRING!!!! Your journey amazes me and I'm so glad you allowed the rest of the world to experience with you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    3814 days ago
    Quix, I love the new haircut, you look wonderful!
    And I think you are right, trying to conform to what we or others think is our 'ideal' weight is not realistic with what your body feel good with, and obviously your body is just FINE where it is. Good enough!
    I'm SO happy to have you as a Sapphire sister and I hope you'll stay around for years and challenges to come!
    3858 days ago
    You are doing so great... I also love the dress you were wearing. Girl you are improving your life my leaps and bounds.

    Yes the sassy, curly hair cut is adorable...Your sparkling in every picture and you have every reason to.

    3858 days ago
    Great to rea you, looking good, forget about those last 10 pounds, you'd clearly rather have the muscle and you are right about that.

    Something to consider, -- you, like me, have fairly big boobs. These things HAVE to weigh something, don't they? How much, I wonder? Pounds? I bet. Maybe at least a chunk of those 10 pounds you want to lose aren't sitting on your hips!
    3859 days ago
    You are an inspiration! Keep it up - and congrats on the PR AND the promotion!
    3859 days ago
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