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Thursday, June 24, 2010

So this is a random blog of stuff.

Starting out with today, it started crappy. The cheapo shower rod fell on my head. The headache hasn't totally gone away. Not cool. Also reminds me why sometimes you just gotta spend the dough for the goods.

I went to target, got some tissue paper and cards for the boy's birthday and a whole lot of other holidays gift. I couldn't really justify the money on just his birthday cause I really just don't make enough, so it became his multiple holidays gift (Birthday, Christmas, etc).

I also did a touch of shopping to make me feel better after this whole thesis fiasco. Back up, so the fiasco is that this is my third round, you'd think he'd tell me all of the problems on round one, versus sending it back and NOW telling me that I don't have enough analysis. I just don't care about it anymore and want it done so I can be done with that awful school. So yah, a little shopping. I went to Lucy to see what they had on sale and maybe got a little too much. But it's all so good!!! Yah, here's three of the pieces (although you can't really see the shirt) and I got a pink shirt too. Every bit of it on sale!

And I joined the 28-Day Bootcamp Workout Challenge to jumpstart me again after this whole mess of a month... year... lol.

Step 1 of my Week 1 Action Plan is to set my goals. I hope to consistently workout, consistently eat within range and overall feel better and more capable of handling all of these curveballs my life is currently handing me.

Step 2 of my Week 1 Action Plan is to do one 10-minute toning video each day... or more... lol. So I did three rounds of Day 1 yesterday and will do two rounds of Day 2 today on top of my Curves workout each day while at work.

Step 3 of my Week 1 Action Plan is to do 5 cardio sessions this week. I definitely get my heartrate up at Curves, so that counts. I did 39 minutes yesterday and hope to do close to the same today. The workout is different though because it's my "off" day.

Step 4 of my Week 1 Action Plan is to track my workouts. On it! Feel free to check my page to make sure I'm kicking my butt. I'm going to try to check in daily to at least quickly note what I've done that day to hit action steps 2 and 3.

Step 5 of my Week 1 Action Plan is to learn how to earn my trophy. Uuummm... ok... sure. On it!

So that's that. I took all my measurements at work yesterday. The scale is different there than my home one, so won't track that scale on here, but I still wrote down that scale number, so in 28 days I can say I lost x-amount... consistent, consistent, consistent! :)
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