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Fighting For Independence Competition - 6/24-6/30

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I was trying to think of something catchy to call this competition, but was having a lot of trouble thinking of something. Then I realized that a lot of countries celebrate their independence in July...which works perfectly with the quote that inspires me every day as it hangs next to my work computer.

"And no doubt it is more comfortable to submit to a blind enslavement than to work for liberation: the dead, for that matter, are better adapted to the earth than are the living." -Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex

Now, Simone dear was certainly not thinking I would use her quote for this situation...but it works. I think of this fat on me as bonds that hold me back from what I really want to do (like surfing!). And it is so easy to just accept being fat, to submit to this blind enslavement than to WORK for liberation. And WORK it is! We have to work hard every day to rid ourselves of the fat that binds us to a life of "can't"s and "shouldn't"s. I do not want to give this beautiful world to the dead because I'm still living! There is still time left! I'm fighting for my Independence!!

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Earn points for the following:
* Workout/Fitness Minutes - 1 point for every 15 minutes
* Calorie Counts - 3 points each day you stay within YOUR range (see below)
* Strength Train - 1 point for a full set of a ST exercise

* Beauty Reminder - 2 point available daily for posting a "you are beautiful" reminder to yourself (Take a picture and post it and you'll get an additional point!) Try to be creative!
* Brain Challenge - 2 points each day you complete one brain buster. A crossword puzzle, or some sort of mind game works.
* Read - 1 point for every 15 pages you read. This could be magazine articles, but only if they have some substance...or novels.

* Stretch and Breathe - 2 points for remembering to stretch and breathe as soon as you wake up!

EDIT: 2 bonus points for trying a new exercise, food, or soul-enriching activity, as long as you report on it! (Share the love, baby!)

Remember, anyone can join in! The winner will receive...something! *lol* Even if it's a load of Spark Goodies and the pride of knowing you won!! :)

--- If you think of any to add, let me know! --- Remember, only 7 days to do this!

(YOUR calorie range - some of us have discussed that the SP calorie range is unreasonable...so set your own and tell us up front - use that as your range.)
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