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Weekend! (Plus a lil TMI)

Monday, June 21, 2010

All furniture is moved! The boy and I are still in a relationship! Everybody kept saying this would make or break it considering it was just the two of us moving. He was up since 3am as he had to fly in from Texas, so no doubt, a weeeee bit cranky! But I was all prepared and ready to do it! So he didn't have much room to piss and moan. We got moved super efficiently. He even said it was the fastest, easiest move he'd ever made and he was expecting it to be horrible. Yah, that's right, I'm just that good. emoticon

So... remember how I'm a bit uncomfortable with my body, so sex didn't sound like such a good time? Well, let's just say I verified I'm a bit uncomfortable with my body... but hey now, this girl FINALLY got some. But still, working on body is definitely in the works emoticon.

Let's see, so far I like the new place and still have a TON of stuff to move. So everyday this week, little by little. Yes, I have a plan and a list for how I'm going to do it. Go me. Again, I am just that hot. LOL. Seriously though, I'm coming up with new organizational plans that I love (p.s. I hate to say it, but I kinda love Martha Stewart, chick ain't no dumb dumb with this organization stuff emoticon).

Anyways, so I got to spend a lot of time with the boy this weekend as his fam bam is out of time and that was just really nice - heads out of the gutter, not referring to the bang bang part of all that... not that that was bad or anything... ok, ok, at work, must keep this PG for my own sanity, much less all of yours.

So yah, I'll take pics in a month when I'm TOTALLY done - i.e. when everything's painted, hung, furniture I'm holding for a friend moved out, new couch in, etc. Rather a month and a couple of weeks. Waiting for mom to come into town, who's purchasing me a new loveseat as a move-in gift as I now have room for one - YAY!

Ok, enough babbling for now. Hopefully all of that fulfilled your Morgan fix of the day...
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