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Garden update!

Monday, June 21, 2010

June 20th update of my garden!

And Coral the cat.
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    super duper blog...you are working your buns off and this and it shows...i can see wine in the garden after work some night, i'll be right over...cheers! looks super!
    3435 days ago
  • KATHE555
    Your garden looks great! I'm new to gardening, but here is what I remember from my mother gardening:

    1. Basil is not as good if you let it flower. But yes, once you do let it flower you can save the seeds.

    2. You should not let your onions flower. They will get soggy.

    3. There weren't any tomatoes in there... sorry!

    4. Yes, plant leggy tomotoes deep. They will do better.

    And for Ordinary Me, you CAN have a garden! Just put it in a pot!

    Good luck with your garden. It looks lovely and thanks for sharing it with us! emoticon
    3436 days ago
    Thanks Natalia and Nadine. Both of your gardens sound like they rock and I expect vlogs! :D
    3437 days ago
    How COOL is this?? Wow! My hubby and I just started our 1st real garden. He made raised beds and brought in nutrient rich dirt. (ours is really muddy/clay like) Anyways, we have heirloom tomatoes, roma tomatoes, jalapeƱo peppers, radishes, daikon radishes, cabbage, spinach, butter leaf lettuce, green onions, carrots, broccoli, eggplant, asparagus, green beans, strawberries, and watermelon. Everything is a first experience for us except the strawberries . . . which was what we started with last year. They were great last year and they're just awful this year. (not ripening evenly . . .) the romas aren't doing well either. It's like one section is not quite ripe enough yet another part is over ripe and rotting emoticon idk Not everything is in yet . . . but it sure is fun checking to see if we see anything yet or not! Again, your garden looks AWESOME! SO INSPIRING! Keep it up!
    3437 days ago
    Soo inspiring! The sweet peas look yummy. You have so many things going on in your garden! I love seeing the progress and harvest of all your plantings.
    3437 days ago
  • BECKY2230
    Oh yea, about the Basil. You can let those flowers bloom, then snip the whole seed stem off. Dry it then put it in a zipplock for next years seed planting. My friend showed me this I always snipped them off before.
    3437 days ago
  • BECKY2230
    The garden looks great! I can't wait to do sweet peas. I have to wait till fall or early spring due to the heat. the parsley looks quite good too. Awesome job! I'm proud of you! Sumi, cant wait for your Vlog! I think I will buy a new camera soon. I needed one anyway. My garden update is coming up as soon as I get one.
    3437 days ago
    That'll be great Sumi. I actually did do that, I trimmed off the bottom leaves and rooted it probably 6 inches. I think it mostly has top leaves... with dropping long branches from the main stem. But I will check again. It was a rescue tomato so we shall see!

    I planted so many tomatoes and no tomatoes in that area... I mean they took the longest to sprout... Hm
    3438 days ago
  • SUMITH2008
    I'm 100% Positive! Those are not tomatoes. By the way a tip for your tomato plant.
    By the looks of it its very leggy. If you want to help the plant come back to life, Get a 5 Gallon Bucket/Pot whatever. Cut all the bottom leaves leave only maybe 4-5 Branches, and bury all of the stem up to the first branch. What this does, is the stem will start to grow roots and their will be more nutrients for the plant. Of course while the roots grow out of the stem, will slow your top growth which is okay because you want THICK strong stems and not the leggy ones. I myself saved a few plants from Home depot last week that looked rootbound and yellow, and put them in a good home and i was amazed at how fast they recovered. You could not tell they were the original plants anymore. When i do my garden blog, I'm going to show you some tricks to make more plants without spending any money!! :)
    3438 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/21/2010 1:07:43 PM
    There has got to be tomatoes in there somewhere... Cherry tomatoes? I planted a ton of them.. hmmm... Well maybe I will just let them grow and see what happens.

    Will leave onions flowers and prune basil. I already pinched off basil part but its going vertically so fast!
    3438 days ago
    LOL, I just asked about your garden on your sparkpage, but here is my answer! Looks awesome. My onions haven't started flowering yet, but I didn't even know they did that! This is the first year I am doing White onions instead of just green onions. happy harvesting!
    3438 days ago
    Aw What a charming little garden!!!
    If I had a private residence, I would SOOOO plant one..
    Infact, I really look forward to doing that whenever we move from this townhome.
    3438 days ago
    emoticon Nice Garden! You can cut the flowers of the basil, they will do so much better. Leave the flowers on the onions though, this helps the onions grow better. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3438 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/21/2010 7:05:35 AM
  • SUMITH2008
    Nope those are not tomatoes. Could be weeds or some type of herb?

    As far as the onions flowering, i don't think you need to pinch them off. Mine are doing the exact same thing. From what I've read, you let the Onions just droop over and fall when they look wilted is when you harvest them.

    I was planning on taking the Video camera and doing a garden blog yesterday then totally forgot about it. So will try to get one done today.

    Your Garden Looks Great!!
    3438 days ago
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