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Hodgepodge Friday with an A-E - W8.D6

Friday, June 18, 2010

Air Conditioning
I'm so going to miss this this weekend! But I'm keeping in mind that sweating is a good thing...I'm flushing my body, and as long as I stay fueled and hydrated, I'll be losing weight too.

I have been trying to use these in my meals, but I think I finally decided that I don't much care for them. Sucks because they're so good for me, but why eat something I don't like when there are so many other healthy things that I do? Do you like avocados? How do you eat them?

There are going to be several 'weekend challenges' filtered throughout here, so keep an eye out. BTW - Anyone can challenge themselves with these, not just the AB team.

Blood Tests
This morning they took my blood to check my sugar and cholesterol levels. A couple years ago they did this and I came back fine with the exception of high triglycerides. I'm hoping for a clean report this time. BTW - I *hate* giving blood. The girl looked at me and said, "Uhm, are you okay?" I hadn't even looked in that direction the entire time and I probably had a major scowl on my face...I do better with it when I don't look. When I was a tiny kid my mom took me to a lab for blood work - I screamed and cried bloody murder. When Logan was 3 they did blood work to check for a bacterial infection - he screamed and cried bloody murder and they forced me to hold him down. Never again. I *hate* giving blood. And they always take multiple vials too! Greedy bastards!

emoticon Here's your challenge for this weekend. You have one part of your body that you just aren't proud of or pleased with...everyone does. For me? Right now it's my stomach...too big and not shrinking fast enough. When Native Americans killed an animal they used every part of the animal...there was no 'bad' part. So your challenge is to find that 'bad' part and see what's good about it. Thank it for what good it is to you. I'm going to work on thanking my stomach for not getting in my way and helping me bust stereotypes people put on me when they see my stomach. I'm also thanking it for processing my food and letting me know when a certain food is not good for me. I also thank that section for housing my two beautiful children.

Blood Pressure
Yesterday I got really sick at work. I was sitting there talking to hubs on the phone and I could feel my blood pressure shooting up. Like, my face was on fire! I thought I was dehydrated or hungry so I drank a couple glasses of water and ate my lunch. Later it dropped so that my face was really pale and my skin was cold. I was freaking out! I called the doc and she didn't seem to think it was even really my blood pressure because I had no chest pains, no shortness of breath, and no racing heart. She seems to think my hormones were adjusting to the depo shot...maybe. Either way, I came home and went to bed for 4.5 hours and felt much better. I think it was exhaustion.

emoticon Another challenge for you...share the anti-blah with someone. Whether it's complimenting someone you don't know very well and giving them an anti-blah moment they can carry with them, or taking an anti-blah walk or workout with a close friend - spread the anti-blah lifestyle. Helps you and the other person.

Like I said, I'm going camping. We're heading to Hocking Hills/Old Man's Cave, which I've never been to...which hubs says is just plain wrong because I'm actually from Ohio. There's a huge fishing lake for the boys. A swimming pool, if we decide to pay the small fee for it. And TONS of hiking trails with waterfalls and rock caves. I'm jazzed. Hubby thinks I'm crazy. I bought stuff for smores and banana boats, and I might indulge a tiny bit, but I got a ton of good stuff for us too including nuts, cracker jacks, and bagel thins for breakfast. I'll let you know how it goes, and will take plenty of pics...hopefully my laptop plug is here when I return so I can share them.

emoticon Another challenge! Pick one song and dance like a fool through the whole thing. Everyone has their own song preferences, but I've currently got "Just Dance" from the great Lady that is Gaga in my head.

A lot of you may be living in places like me where the sun will be shining and humidity will be high. Please try to drink at least 8-16 ounces of water each day this weekend to keep yourself well hydrated!

I fear all my eggplant plants are dying or dead. *sigh* I'm sad. Also lost one bell pepper plant, but the others are doing pretty well...especially after I finally got it fully weeded yesterday. We named the plants too. Mr. Big, Harold, and Oscar are my tomato plants. Logan named a bell pepper plant Spicy, and the one next to it is Brown...sadly, we lost Mustard. *lol* We're crazy.

Have fun this weekend!! See you Sunday!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog!

    Avocados: love em. Expensive..but worth it. I throw them into salads, or top scrambled eggs with cheese with em. Sometimes I just drop a dollop of light mayo in the center and scoop and eat scoop and eat. But I know Avocado are the type of food that some people just caaan't get into. (Like my DH)

    I live in So-Cal where it's hot but dry heat. And unfortunately since I work in an office all day..I don't really get to spend much time outside. But I've been REALLY trying to up my wtaer intake.

    I never got around to planting bell peppers. I am trying gardenign for the first time..and I did 3 tomater plants. We'll see how this experiment goes! Haha!

    Have a great weekend!!!
    3974 days ago
    I hate, I repeat, hate avocados! I think it's a texture thing but I can't stand them...and I agree, why eat something you don't like? It'll only make you eat stuff you shouldn't...

    For the challenges:
    I hate my stomach too - 4 major abdominal surgeries have left it looking a little...ummm...floppy. Will work on finding something to like about that...I really will...promise!

    The dancing - I do that everyday, it's my "thing" to get me going

    The water - I do that quite well already, but it's freezing over here at the mo so it's a little harder to get it in...but I'm hanging in there!

    Have a great weekend camping out!

    3974 days ago
    Thanks for the hydration reminder. I DEFINITELY need that here, gonna have a pretty brutal hot/humid weekend! I personally looove avocados. I have them on sandwiches and make guacamole quite frequently. My problem is I can eat SO MUCH avocado and an avocado is like 300 calories because of all the fat! Too much of a good thing :) But you're right, find other sources of healthy fats you enjoy. You should never force yourself to eat something you dont like, food should still be yummy! I always give things a decent try though, to see if there's an acquired taste. Like Greek Yogurt, for instace. I thought it was kinda gross but I experimented adding things to it and ate it regularly (SUCH an amazing source of protein for the cals and low fat!) and it grew on me. So ya never know!
    3974 days ago
    Hehehe now I can't stop singing that song!
    3974 days ago
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