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Awareness - W8.D2

Monday, June 14, 2010

I've decided this week to start weighing myself every day. I did a lot of weighing last week and realized that I fight for my poundage lost on the last two days of the week. Somehow I've gotten it in my head that I can just do whatever I want on Sunday and Monday...because there is the rest of the week to make up for it. But I busted my BUTT last week, and only came up with a 2.2 pound lost. (Don't fight the "only"...just listen.)

Truth is? I was fighting off the two pounds I gained Sunday and Monday, and maybe another pound on Wednesday. I let myself cheat here and there...and while I logged everything and seemed fine calorie-wise...my heart wasn't in it. Then the end of the week I found myself making up for lost time. I decided yesterday that this is no way to live my life. I tell myself all the time, "The only person you're "cheating" is yourself." So this week we're going to monitor and record and be honest. We (I don't know why I suddenly became plural) are going to see what staying on target can do. Besides, I just hit Step 3 in Spark's plan - "Lifestyle Change."

That being said, I have vowed not to let those evil numbers hurt me this week. I just want to watch to see what my body does this week and see what I can tweak to make it perform better. I've promised myself that I will take note of other changes this week as well...to diminish the importance of those numbers on the scale. So while I lost another .4 pounds according to Mr. %#$*-face (I mean Mr. Scale) this morning, here are 5 more important things that I've noticed. (And it's only 11am!)

1. Getting up early...is it for me?
So since I started this training program, I've got walks scheduled each day. (Or, like today, a cross-training session.) To make sure I get this in, I'm attempting to get to bed early each night so I can start my day with a work out. (I'm not gonna lie - RAVENSONG37 had a lot to do with this decision.) I woke up at 4:30am. Yep, you heard me right. FOUR THIRTY AM! When the sun ain't even warm yet! I ate a mini-meal with some protein and carbs, and then put on my spankin' new workout clothes and popped in the Yoga DVD. 30 minutes later, I decided I was done and turned it off(...10 minutes longer than my training suggested - OOPS!). By 5:30am I was worked out, showered, dressed, and checking in for my Spark Points. I got an early request from hubby for editing of an article, which made the rest of my morning a little rushed, but all in all, I was better for it. The best part? I know that I'm done with my training for today! SO awesome!! Worst? My eating schedule is all thrown off. I've added another mid-morning snack before lunch...we'll see how that works out.

2. I walk faster!
I was walking down the hall to the bathroom just moments ago...a simple feat, right? But I noticed something...it took me no time at all to get down the hall! I wasn't even trying to hurry because I really had to pee. Nope, just a normal pace, but something that would have been brisk just two months ago and may have put me out of breath. I noticed this yesterday as well. I used to barely make it through a 30 minute mile...yesterday I did my "easy walk" and reminded myself along the way to just enjoy the walk, take it easy, don't worry about pace or distance or anything but having an enjoyable 15 minute walk. (And Ethan, my youngest, joined me so that helped as we talked about stuff along the way.) Still, I came back and realized that I had gone over a half a mile in 15 minutes at an "easy" pace. That means no more 30 minute miles, even if I'm taking it easy and enjoying life along the way! YAY ME!

3. A pretty face in the mirror.
It is 11:11 am currently. Usually I put my makeup on at my desk as soon as I get into the office (8am) before the rest of the crew arrives. (I used to do this because I never got up early enough...I had planned on putting on my makeup before I left the house this morning, but then hubby popped up with the early-morning editing request and my time was being spent elsewhere, hence, plain-faced Esther left the house with her makeup bag in her shoulder bag for work.) But right now, at 11:13 am now, I am still sans makeup. Why? Well, because I've had a busy morning, partly. But also because I looked at this girl in the mirror today and ....well... she looked just fine without the makeup. I mean, sure her right eyebrow shows up more than the left, making them looked uneven..and her frekles show through in certain places, making her skin look a tiny bit blotchy...but she looks GOOD! She looks healthy. She has a glow. She smiles at herself. And that feels darn good. I'll probably put my makeup on before my walk...or after...or maybe not at all. I'm good either way.

4. Exercise can be fun?
One thing I never thought before was that exercise could actually be something I looked forward to doing. I always thought of smelly gyms that overcharged and had equipment I probably couldn't use, or full aerobic classrooms displayed through my TV where I'd bounce around like a fool in my living room, or even just LONG walks on the busy road outside my house, sweating and cursing the ground I was walking on. But then I realized (thanks to Spark!) that exercise is so many other things. Housework and chores = exercise! That means I can kill two birds with one well-polished and tidy stone! Or pulling weeds, which makes my garden look great, my plants grow better, and makes me feel the sweat pouring down my back and legs. (POURING, I tell you!) And there's hiking and rowing and swimming and running under the water (i.e. water aerobics) and playing H-O-R-S-E with the boys! Exercise does not have to be boring DVDs...though I love these for their convenience when I don't want to go do those other things. I use my weekends now to "get outside and play!" And I get some great cardio in while I'm doing it!

5. Cooking can be fun...but it takes a long time.
Turns out, I really do love to cook! I made grilled salmon last night with roasted veggies - fresh green beans, cut potatoes, green peppers - and some WW Mac-N-Cheese (in case the kids wouldn't eat the other stuff) that SUGIRL06 sent me. Everyone devoured the food. Hubby said, "Are you sure this is diet?" He complimented me on the "greatest meal I've ever made" and I realized something -- he's been saying this for weeks now! Each meal is a hit with him. He questions the validity of the "diet" factor and comments on how we must put this meal into regular rotation. Oddly enough, I'm so addicted to trying new things that nothing has GONE on regular rotation. I've made the Skillet Veggie Couscous twice, and the Chicken Fried Rice with eggplant is a solid fall-back piece for us, but usually I'm too excited about another new recipe that I can't see making something I already made. My breakfasts tend to stay the same, and lunch is a pretty regular rotation, so dinner is my time to try something new! And I *love* it! Of course, it's been difficult doing all of this on a really tight budget, but I'm learning (Thank you KIWIFISH!) how to make menus and how to shop smart. It's actually, dare I say it, fun to try and beat the "healthy food is too expensive" myth!

So, yes...today I was down another .4 pounds. That could stay gone or it could have been silly body makeup at the time I weighed in (maybe I'm lighter at 4:30 and I pack on some water weight between 4:30 and 6am! You never know...). But these 5 things are things that are making permanent changes, or things I probably wouldn't have seriously considered or thought about prior to April 18th. (April 18th is going to be a day of celebration in this house from now on, I tell you! It's my SparkBirthday! The day I chose to live again!) Take that Mr. %#$*-face...err...I mean... Mr. Scale.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I see you have taken to cursing the scale. I try to flatter him into compliance, instead. Before I step on I tell him how thin HE looks today.
    3979 days ago
    great blog. you seem to be in a wonderful place mentally. if you get into a funk later on, be sure to come back and read this entry for inspiration.
    3979 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    I looove grilled Salmon! Yum! Haha. I love everything you listed here. I am super impressed you got up at 4:30!!! Woah! I have to be at work at 7. I hate getting up in the morning, mostly because I won't go to bed any earlier than 10 so getting up earlier = going to bed earlier. Maybe I should jump on this bandwagon? Hm. Anyway, I am most excited for you for the lack of make up thing. I started thinking I had "bad skin" but since working out, everything bad has gone away again and my lovely skin is back! Its the little things.
    3979 days ago
    Ever notice how the scale is always a man? LOVE IT! I applaud the use of the scale as a way to stay motivated and keeping yourself honest...but don't let the bleeping scale upset you either. Your weight is bound to fluctuate. If tomorrow you have gained a pound, DO NOT INJURE YOURSELF WHILE KICKING MR. SCALE DOWN THE HALLWAY! Mr. Scale is only allowed to weigh me once a month because he is a bleeping liar. Mrs. Tape Measure on the other hand speaks the truth...always. She told me this weekend that I have lost over 6 inches... I love her.
    3979 days ago
    This is such an awesome blog! I love the part about you deciding to not wear make-up. Isn't amazing the changes that this journey makes in our everyday lives?! Congrats on all your success!!!
    3979 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Congrats on your revelations about exercise! You are moving and you are loving it!
    3979 days ago
    I love this! It's like you wrote it for me...
    I've also become so aware of myself and my body that sticking to my plan takes almost no effort...it's a great feeling...a feeling of CONTROL.

    The exercise thing surprised me though - last week I made enquiries into studying to become a personal trainer (who? me?) and I'm really going to do it. I know I am because I exercise these days wihtout having to motivate myself at all and I miss it when I decide to have a lazy day. Oddly enough, it's been difficult for me to find alternatives to impact activity and I'd like the be the go-to trainer for people who can't run/sweat/lift weights, etc.

    Keep working it, you're doing great!
    3979 days ago
    You are really one your way beautiful lady!!!
    I am an epiphany myself over the weekend. Hubby and I went to BJ's Wholesale, and I bought a 40 pound box of kitty kitter, which was a total *(&%% to lift.. and it hit me.. HOLY COW I have lost half of this in weight.. It felt amazing.. I know I have felt lighter on my feet, but you don't really realize when you lose it so gradually how much you really have lost... So, keep this in mind the next time you lift something like a bag of sugar, or flour... it feels amazing!
    3979 days ago
    This is so great! I'm so proud of you. I love the idea of your Sparkbirthday! My special day is July 4th - "MY Independence Day". It's the first time I signed up for Curves in 2006. Changed my life forever!
    3979 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    You go girl!!!
    3979 days ago
    I definitely feel ya on the "screwing around and making it up during the last 4 or so days of the week" thing. I too had the same problem Good for you on the walk/jogging! That's definitely something positive to keep you going!
    3979 days ago
    Week 8, can you believe it!? Look at how far you've come. Maybe the scale isn't saying exactly what you would like this week, but it definitely sounds like you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of healthy habits. You're into the exercise you do and you find yourself ENJOYING cooking. You're in control... no stopping you now!!
    3979 days ago
    Way to go girl! What a wonderful, positive outlook! You have seriously turned the corner and this is all about lifestyle for you. I am so proud of and for you and wish you all the best! (and can't wait until the day when I'm fully there myself!) You *almost* make me want to get up at 4:30 tomorrow! emoticon
    3979 days ago
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