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Workouts for Week 8

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday: 389.6
Training - 15 minute Easy Walk (DONE - .66miles)
Other - 60 minutes weeding garden (DONE!)

Monday: 389.2
Training - 20 minute X-Train (DONE - 30min Morning Yoga)
Other - Walk at lunch (DONE! 23m/1.06mi), 60 minutes weeding garden (Nope.)
ST - Full body dumbbell workout (Nope.)

*Note - I'm experiencing a little bit of back pain so I didn't want to overwork myself yesterday evening. Plus I had a bit of an emotional ...well, fit...yesterday evening. Not sure if it's the hormone shot they gave me Friday or what. In a matter of minutes I went from yelling and banging dishes around to apologizing to hubby for being a basketcase. Hopefully my body will regulate soon and, hopefully, my back pain disappears today so I can get back on the exercise wagon again.

Tuesday: 387.6
Training - 15 minute Brisk Walk (DONE! .89 miles @ 17min/mile pace!!!)
Other - Walk at lunch (HELL NO! It was 99 degrees and muggy enough to take your breath away!) Instead, I did 45 minutes on the inStride cycle.
ST - OFF - But I did 2 sets of 20 reps Crunches

*NOTE: I didn't get my AM workout in, or my lunch workout. I didn't get anything in until 9:30 pm or so, when I did my brisk walk followed by the cycling (with a break in between). I needed sleep so I didn't eat afterward. Plus, I ate a bunch of salty food at dinner. I did good, don't get me wrong - Vegetables and Tofu and some Sushi, but I ate too much and it had too much soy sauce on it. I could feel that before I even went to bed and knew the scale would reflect it this morning. (see below)

Wednesday: 389.0
Training - OFF
Other - Walk at lunch, yoga break (DONE! AM Yoga - 20 minutes!)
ST - Squat & Lunge Workout (Nope)

Thursday: 390.0
Training - 15 minute Brisk Walk (DONE!)
Other - Walk at lunch (Nope, but walked on my first break, also weeded for 45 minutes)
ST - Full body dumbbell workout (Nope.)

Friday: 386.8
Training - OFF
Other - Hiking? Swimming? Water Aerobics? (DONE! - Hiked for 1-1.5 hours...also pitched a tent, which was a lot of friggin' work because we didn't know what we were doing! *lol*)

Training - 2.5 mile Endurance Walk (I'm calling this done because we were hiking for 5.5 hours straight - with small breaks, of course - so endurance was certainly in there!)
Other - Hiking? Swimming?
ST - Upper body workout (Nope...well, not technically, but I did have to use my arms a lot for climbing up rocks and such..)
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