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Thinking of the Future - Week 8.Day 1

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weigh-In Day

Starting Weight: 466.6
SP SW: 416.2
Last Week: 390.8
Goal This Week: 388.8
Actual: 388.6
Weight Lost This Week: 2.2 pounds
Total Weight Lost with SP: 27.6
Total Weight Lost overall: 78

emoticon Workout Review:
So far I'm 13 for 13 in the month of June. So 13/30 done!
On Friday the family and I went to the lake and rowed for 2 hours. I did most of the rowing, with small breaks to rehydrate. Hubby was so impressed with my speed and determination! It felt good to see him proud. That night, though, I woke up crying because of the pain in my elbows and shoulders. I was fine after some ibuprofen and ice, but I don't know that I'll be rushing out to do that again anytime soon. There was a guy there with a kayak and I was *SO* jealous! That huge rowboat was SO hard to row!

emoticon Food Review:
My eating hasn't been 100% on track this week. I've been eating more lately, but that simply means I have actually been IN my calorie range! *lol* Of course, I've been working out so much that I've needed a little more fuel to keep the fire burning. We've also been struggling on trying to shop healthy on a budget. I'll get the hang of this, but it's been slow learning. This week I took a page out of KIWIFISH's book and wrote down the meals we would have this week before I went shopping. Only bought a few extras over what we needed for those meals. Tonight we're trying salmon! The last time I cooked fish, it didn't turn out so good, so I'm hoping this recipe will work out better.

emoticon We're thinking of going camping this weekend, and that means some hiking and maybe some swimming. It also means that I'll have to figure out what kind of "diet" foods I can eat over the fire. I did make some roasted veggies in a foil tent yesterday that I know will work in a fire as well.

emoticon Finally, I worked through some training ideas for myself. I'll start by training for a 10K. It's a 12 Week program, and I should be ready for a 10K by the end of July. That would allow me to do the 10K at the Charleston Distance Run on September 4th, instead of the 5K, as I had thought earlier. I'm going to try to get to a 5K walk in Ohio on July 10th, just to make sure I'm really ready. If all goes well, after the 10K training, I'll be ready to train for walking a half-marathon...and I have one in St. Petersburg, FL in my sights for the end of November. I know all of this is ambitious, but I've got to at least try. I have to!

Next week's goals:
* Weight Goal: 386.6 (-2)
* Food Goal: Stick to the menu guidelines
* Other Goal: Get some hiking in and enjoy nature! (And take pictures!!)
* Personal Goal: Finish this book and start the next.
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