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Hodgepodge Thursday with a T

Thursday, June 10, 2010

emoticonTraining -
Okay, so I've got this book by Prevention called "Walk Off Weight." I've had it for a while, used it a little before (I think this was where I got hooked on Yoga, thank you very much!) but never considered the back page, until now. The back page has a "Train to Walk a Half Marathon" Training Plan. Seriously. They want me to consider walking 13.1 miles? WTF, dude?

And then I got on Spark, and I read some blogs, and I started moving my own body, and I realized that this isn't out of the realm of possibility. (Does any race allow walking only in a half-marathon, though?) While this isn't in my very near future (I know my body, it isn't ready!), I thought maybe I could tweak this to match my goal to walk a 5K by the end of summer, or thereabouts.

Week One looks like this:
Sun - Easy Walk (15 minutes)
Mon - X-Train (20 minutes)
Tues - Brisk Walk (30 minutes)
Wed - Rest
Thurs - Brisk Walk (30 minutes)
Fri - Rest
Sat - Endurance Walk (3 miles)

What if I changed that endurance walk to 2 miles. I can do that right now. It's hard, but I can do it. At least keep 2 miles for the first week before I increase to 2.5 the next week, right? And maybe scale back the brisk walks a bit to start. Say maybe 20 minutes each? Oh, and the rest days...yeah, those have to go. *lol* Remember, I'm doing 30 in 30 this month. I will try to do something a little lighter those days, though. Relaxation yoga or my inStride cycle or something that isn't too rough on me. Thoughts from my runner friends? If this goes well, I'd increase the brisk walk time and the endurance mileage every 2 weeks or so.

No, seriously. What is the deal with tofu? Does anyone even eat it? I'm not against it - not at all - I'm just wondering how the heck you cook this stuff! WTF, dude? I'll be perfectly honest with you - tofu scares me as an ingredient. I like it in my Miso Soup (which I don't eat anymore -- all that sodium! YIKES!) but that's about where that ends. Thoughts? Recipes? Ideas? Agreement with my fear?

That's what I was last night. I was one tough daughter of a gun! I had the same stomach turning feeling on the way to class last night ("PLEASE don't let it happen again! PLEASE!!"), but I went in, handed over my money and grabbed a spot in the back next to a girl I would KILL to look like! (She probably thought she was fat and was probably there to tone up, but she was drop-dead gorgeous! Wish I had the balls or even the thought process last night to lean over and tell her that she was beautiful...but I wasn't thinking straight so you'll have to forgive me for the missed opportunity! If I see her again, though - it's on like Donkey Kong!)

As I said, I tried to be very careful of the knee. No jumping, no kicking too hard, certainly no turning! All in all, everything went well. I have to say, it's a little embarrasing when you're in the back and the whole class turns around and you realize they are now staring at you and probably wondering why YOU aren't turning around. But I did what I had to and I lasted through the entire hour. There were some parts in which I far exceeded several of the skinny chicks on the floor (flexibility is always one - plus the punching part -- OMG I *love* punching! And, surprisingly, the squating...I went deep into those squats because it felt good and I could. I know this helps my knee too, so I went all out on it!). I surprised myself when I asked for the time at the break and realized I'd already made it through 35 minutes!

I did it, y'all! I completed a (completely modified) Zumba class! And...shhh...don't tell anyone this but...I can't wait to go Saturday morning!! Sucks they'll be taking next week off (thought it was this week, it's next week! SUCK!)

emoticonTai Chi
Does anyone do this? It really looks great. Like Yoga, it has that feeling-centered-don't-really-
realize-you're-working-out vibe to it. Anyone tried it? Likes? Dislikes? Don't cares?

What's your favorite kind? How do you take it? I'm a little bit of Truvia and lightly brewed kinda girl and I'm wondering if this defeats the whole purpose of tea, like hubby seems to think it does, or if it's actually good for me to drink tea. (Certainly better than some other things I can think of!)

emoticon Welp. That's it. Take 'er easy, everyone. Talk to you later. Truck on! Tee you later! *snort*
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    I keep putting off Zumba cause of my back - but seeing how you've just gone in their and done it, loved it, makes me wonder what the heck I'm waiting for.

    Tai Chi - I think you'd like it. There are different forms - schools or types. It actually requires lots of control and balance. There is this popular kung fu form that I want to learn - look up "Kung Fu Fan Dance" on youtube and you'll see what I am talking about.

    Tofu - for me, I am big on a foods texture. Tofu is mostly tasteless, so you can flavor it anyway you want. But no matter how you cook it, it still has a texture I don't care for. Same with mushrooms and tomatoes. Dress them up anyway you like, but they still make me gag.

    3982 days ago
  • BECKYB73
    You're really starting to sell me on this Zumba thing...but not enough to make me relish the idea of sweating and I am a terrible sweater...speaking of sweaters, you shoulda seen some of the ones I rocked back in the late 80s!

    I've been looking for a Tai Chi class for months now...if I find one first, I'll totally let you know all the deets.

    3983 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7275941
    You are one creative person when it comes to blogs! You always keep it interesting! Tofu freaks me out a little, I accidentally had some at school....a little too odd for me, but my vegetarian friend Hana thinks it's awesome. As for tea, I love CHAI TEA....which really is NOT tea at all...but I LOVE IT!!! ugh..it's awesome...anyway, I was never a big tea person until my friend took me to an organic grocery and showed me Yogi. It is 100% natural herbal tea. My favorite is the Throat Comfort! Ps...the best part of your blog was the ending...ha ha ha.
    3983 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    Just my two cents worth: Training: I started this process about 7 weeks ago and on my first day of exercise I could barely walk 0.75 miles and it took 22 minutes! But every day (yes, every day) I got out there and got madder and madder at myself and just kept adding a few steps a day. BUT, that being said, I think I should NOT have been going every day. I think a day of rest is important. After 3 weeks I was forced to take 2 days off when my knee just wouldn't cooperate. So, I listen better to my body now. But now this week I have walked 3-3.33 miles each day for 4 days! Who would have thought it possible 7 weeks ago? Not me! It is amazing how quickly our body adapts. Not without feeling those adjustments, but I can say now there are improvements every day.
    Tofu: Not a big fan. I used it to replace hamburger sometimes in spaghetti or lasagne, but I would prefer ground turkey now. So unless you are vegetarian, I just feel there are better choices.
    Tough: Love it! Yeah, the class should just help support you. I have been amazed in my walking in public (the hardest thing I have done in a long time) how accepting other walkers, runners, and bicyclist have been. They seem to understand that I am up off my big butt doing something and that is a great thing!
    3983 days ago
    I also like tofu in my miso, and I actually tried a recipe with tofu in it, but....no. ish. can't do it.

    I like green tea as well! emoticon
    3983 days ago
    So, here's a shock: I have a comment for each point! Can I first say that I ADORE you and your openness? I do! I ADORE you! K, here I go - lookout: Opinions to follow!

    Training: Having a training plan helps us to increase slowly which limits the risk of injury but also pushes us to continuously do more. I'm willing to say that if you sign up for a half-marathon, I will come and walk it with you! You should totally be able to walk a 5km by the end of the summer. Our bodies respond SO quickly when we increase slowly!!

    Tofu: AWESOME! One of my favourite legumes! So, here are a couple of ways to use it...note, there are several kinds but the difference is simply texture. They are all high in protein and low in fat.
    Strawberry cream pie smoothie:
    (300 CAL, 23.8g carb, 28g protein, 10.7g fat)

    30g vanilla protein powder
    4 oz vanilla soy milk
    2 oz soft tofu
    1/4 c. sliced strawberries
    1/4 small banana
    1 tsp. flaxseed oil

    Mix all ingredients in blender with a few ice cubes!

    Garlic, beans, tofu and kale (400 CAL, 38g carbs, 27g protein, 12.8g fat)

    2 tsp extra-virgin olive oil
    1/2 tsp minced garlic (I add WAAAY more cuz it's delicious!)
    1 1/2 c. raw kale, chopped (really green type of cabbage that looks more like lettuce...in produce section)
    2 oz. water
    1/8 tsp cumin seed
    1/8 tsp coriander seed
    3/4 c. canned red kidney beans (drained)
    5 oz extra firm tofu

    Heat olive oil then saute garlic. Add kale, water, cumin and coriander. Add beans and crumbled tofu (Just break it up with your fingers), reduce heat to low and cover. Simmer until kale is tender. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

    Tough: You are awesome! I'll bet that when people turned around and saw you doing what you could...they were totally inspired that you were there at all. GREAT JOB!

    Tai Chi: It's wonderful and centering and peaceful. If you like yoga, you will probably like it!

    Tea: I like any green or white tea. My favourite is green tea with jasmine. It's got such a lovely taste. I have learned to drink tea "black" with nothing in it and enjoy the natural flavor. Brewing it lightly or strongly is up to you..there are tons of benefits to drinking tea...but also to drinking hot water! So, take your pick! Also, in the summer I make iced tea by brewing a huge batch of my fav teas (right now I've got pomegranite green tea) then cooling it in the fridge and pouring over ice with a little stevia to sweeten and give me a special cold treat!

    Hope this is helpful!
    3983 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/10/2010 2:46:04 PM
    I love the half marathon goal! Good luck :) And you're so sweet, I bet that girl would love to hear that she's beautiful! And if not, she's lame :P
    3983 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    Ha I liked this! You should go through the whole alphabet I think! LoL. So, I think you should take at least 1 complete rest day. Your body needs to heal, even if you don't feel it. Tofu? yuck. Haven't had it yet where I like it. I'll just stick with chicken and fish thanks. And great job at Zumba!!! Know what I think of the skinny girls in my classes? I pretend that they were once overweight like me and they've worked so hard to look like that! Haha, that always makes me feel good. Maybe next time you see her, you should be like "Wow you look great! Can you share your workout plan with me?" so that it doesn't seem creepy-girl-hitting-on-me. LoL. And I'm not a big fan of truvia. It has artificial sweetener in it (ooh do I see an FS blog???)! At least try and get an all natural stevia if you want to use that! Have a great day lady!
    3983 days ago
    I'm glad you liked your Zumba class. Good for you for trying again! I went running out of my first Zumba class never to return haha. I think you could totally walk a half if you wanted to! You'd have to check the individual courses. I know some courses have a time limit, so depending on what that limit is you would need to know if you could walk whatever minute mile it would be. Others may not and encourage walkers to sign up as well. Either way you can definitely accomplish this!
    3983 days ago
    Training - I totally think you can do this. I'm not a runner, but I am most certainly a speed walker. Take it slow and build a little everyday.

    Tofu - OMG..I love tofu. I have a great tofu-honey chili that is so healthy and wonderful. I'll dig it up from home and send it to you.

    Tough - That is so great! And hopefully no pain with the knee today. I'm so glad that knee didn't give out on you and is cooperating for the time being.

    3983 days ago
    I am terrified of tofu! I even read a spark article all about tofu but it did not help me to overcome my fears at all!

    As for tea, I like green tea or else I like chai tea with almond milk in it.
    3983 days ago
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