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Chocolate Milk After Workout?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Just another excuse to get some chocolate milk up in my house:

*lol* Of course, the trouble is that I would drink it before a workout, and hours after a workout, and with dinner, and with the apple pie my husband bought me yesterday. (OMG - totally forgot to tell you all this story...) So maybe no chocolate milk for me. Maybe just some greek yogurt and a slice of toast or something? Basically, the message is - refuel with carbs and protein...they're just giving the chocolate milk as an example, and probably as a way to make people feel better about enjoying chocolate milk! *lol*

Apple Pie Story, real quick... (If you haven't noticed...I'm not good at 'quick')

You all know these things, right? These things have been a weakness of mine since I was little. I always knew they weren't "good" for me, but they sure tasted good! (I may think differently if I tried one today, but when I was eating whatever crap I wanted, they tasted so good!!) One of these babies packs 470 calories and over 20 grams of fat - not to mention the 36 grams of sugar! I knew, I know these things are no good, no two ways about it.

So hubby comes home yesterday with a little brown bag from the little store down the street. This store is like the old general stores that most people think are quaint now because you never see them anymore. We simply call it Terry's, because that's the name of the fellow who owns the place. Anyhow, he and the boys went down to Terry's to do a little snack shopping while I was gone. It was a mini-celebration for the boys finishing school yesterday. We used to do this all the time (no wonder I got back up over 400 pounds!!), but I've been only buying my Vitamin water and some Fiber One bars on the off chance they have them. Every once in a while I get a Diet Rite...that's about it. So hubby comes to me with that little brown bag and says, "I got you something. I don't know if you can eat it though." I'm thinking "probably not" but I don't say anything...and then out pops that thing up there. AAAAAAAAAH! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! (Those were the sirens going off in my head.)

I chuckled I think. Hubby looks at me and says, "So..no?" And then he turns it over and says, "I suppose I could've looked at the back to see..." "It's 410 calories, right?" I interject. Nope. Wrong. Off by 60! So it was even worse than I thought it was!! ACK! I don't know what hubby did with that thing. I hope I don't have to see it again. I thought about it twice last night. Even considered cutting it into four pieces and having one piece a night for a few nights. In the end, I just didn't mention it again...and neither did hubby. He's adorable sometimes, and I know he was trying to do something nice, but he's gotta learn that he needs to show me he was thinking of me with non-food items. A nice Vitamin Water would've been great!
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  • DIANE929
    I am so proud of you...that was my favorite snack to get as a lil girl too...((Mine was the berry one emoticon ))

    GOOD 4 YOU!!! emoticon
    3983 days ago
    My husband pointed out how proud of me he was because we were at 54th Street Bar and Grill this weekend and I was looking at the dessert menu and asked if there is really a little silver unicorn on the cheesecake like in the picture. When they said no I said "well then I don't want it" my husband is like "wow look at you caring more about unicorns than cheesecake. who would have thought we'd see the day?" lol! And he was right. I was never even thinking about the cheesecake! The menu was just standing on the table there and I thought a free unicorn was a cute touch lol
    3984 days ago
    I use that article to justify an occasional bottle of Bolthouse Farms Chocolate Protein Milk-mmmmm. I think the cost of the bottle helps me drag it out over several workouts instead of downing it all in one gulp!! Way to say no!!
    3984 days ago
    Great job my dear! My favourite protein/carb refueul after a workout is peanut butter on ryevita crisps or almonds and an apple or cottage cheese and berries. Or a good ole fashioned protein shake (with either whey or soy protein) made with skim milk or soy milk if I'm feelin fancy. Just a question...did you tell your dear hubby that next time he's thinking of bringing you a treat that you would like a vitamin water...and what flavour you would like...cuz he won't have a clue if you don't tell him.

    emoticon (what a weird face!)
    3984 days ago
  • KILA1228
    Love the story! Great will power saying no! I used to eat the cherry pie. It's hard to say no sometimes but you DID! Good for you!!
    3984 days ago
    Too funny. Husbands, doppy but lovable. How can you not love a guy that brings you an apple pie? He probably thought, "It's got fruit in it? It's got to be good." Kind of like that Bill Cosby stand-up act from the 80's where he thought cake was good for breakfast because there were eggs and milk in the batter. Love the hubbies.
    3984 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    I woulda eaten the pie. LoL! My weakness is Tastey Cake Cookie Bars. OMG they are awesome in all the 200 calories of cookie goodness!
    3984 days ago
  • no profile photo KIWIFISH
    I use chocolate milk as a kind of a "treat" on days when I do a REALLY spectacular workout (usually involving a lot more cardio than usual and a full body strength training set) I just buy the little bitty baby carton that only has a cup in it so I don't have the option to overindulge =3 It's a really nice, sweet pat on the back for doing a good job that won't completely negate the exercise that I did haha!
    3984 days ago
    lol its amazing how the folks that want to support us the most; are sometimes clueless. My mother has wanted me to lose weight since I was 12. But she repeatedly will bake desserts with my daughter and then send her home with it. Oh well, maybe someday they will get it. I also wouldn't be able to drink the choc milk in moderation. Some things are just too tempting to have in the house.
    3984 days ago
  • BECKYB73
    I woulda had dreams about that pie! Seriously, carbs are so not my friend (even less now that I've had my blood work done)...but I want them, I want them like a fat kid wants cake...oh wait...I want that too...and an eclair and...well I need to stop and drink some more water. Yay water.
    3984 days ago
    Aww well he was just trying to be nice haha. I guess he didn't consider it sabotage! Tell him to get ya flowers next time ;)
    3984 days ago
    Hubbies mean well, don't they? Mine offered to pick up a big bag of potato chips for me the other day. emoticon

    Yes, of course I love potato chips, but NO I don't want any, thanks for asking, and if you love me, you'll never ask me that question again, please!

    As for the chocolate milk, that's interesting! I enjoyed a nice cold glass of Silk soy milk last night after treadmill'ing it. I wonder how chocolate would mix up in it.. hmm.

    Fun post! Nice to read you emoticon
    3984 days ago
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