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Terrific Tuesday - W7.D3

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

So my Monday was blah - whatever. Today is better. Today, as RAVENSONG so kindly reminded me, is NOT Monday. *lol* Today is Tuesday and I'm so pumped to get it going that, well, I already started! I arrived an hour early for work this morning to get some copying done and get some overtime in. I slacked and didn't do it this weekend, so I had to make it up at some point. Today seemed like that point.

So I have already been at work for an hour and a half. The case is nearly done and I have to wait for a coworker in to get some questions answered on another one before I can finish it up. By the end of the day I hope to have at least 3 done...maybe 5 if I can stay a little later. Wow, this probably sounds really boring to all of you! *lol* But I've been so unmotivated to even attempt to work lately that I've done a lot of avoidance. Unproductive Esther is not a Happy Esther. If I feel like I'm not pulling my weight it just depresses me and makes me feel utterly guilty, even when nobody else is doing anything...I'm known by my boss as the one who gets things done quickly and accurately. No reason to stop that now just because I'm "bored" with it.

I brought my workout clothes with me as well and they are sitting under my desk calling my name. Look back in my blogs and remember when I talked about the peanut butter cups calling my name from the dish on the top of my desk...now the chants are coming from under the desk and from a much better source. Yesterday I managed to spend my entire lunch break (45 minutes) walking. I walked to the Whole Foods Market and picked up a small serving of homemade chicken salad with whole wheat bread and some fruit. And once I walked out I couldn't stop because, well because I wasn't tired and there was still time left. So I extended my walk and walked the same route I did with my friend last week. So, basically, by 1:00pm I had gotten my exercise in for the day. (That may sound rediculous to all of you who get up at the butt crack of dawn to workout but...well, I don't work that way...at least not yet! *lol*)

And then I see a note from BBKLECKA suggesting (rather forcefully! *lol*) that I take a Yoga break. It was just after 4pm, the time when I usually get sleepy at work and get a little resentful of all those people at my work who work 8 hour shifts because they leave at 4:30pm and we still have an hour and a half left...so I figured Yoga couldn't help. It makes me focus on what's important. It clears my head. So I intended to just do a quick routine and ended up doing 30 minutes. Oops! *lol*

So...today...what trouble can I get into today? A walk at lunch is definate if the rain and my knee cooperate. Beyond that? Who knows. And, don't kick me, but there's another Zumba class tomorrow night as soon as I get off work and I was thinking...if I feel up to it...I'm going. My goal will be to last 5-6 songs or about 30 minutes this time. No turning around. More modifications. A lot of walking in place and shaking of the tookus! C'est tout! No jumping or anything that might strain the knee. I thought about going last night but the knee was hurting when I tried to shimmy in the bathroom...so I figured I'd better give it another day.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

EDIT: I should probably admit now, in writing, that I went to a buffet last night and ate too much with hubby. Not that I care. *lol* No, really...I have no guilt. I'll just have to remember this day in case the scale argues with me next Sunday. I did turn to hubby afterward and say, "No more Ponderosa, alright?" Blah! No good, dude! Only bonus was the grilled chicken and baked potato I brought for today's lunch...the rest could've just stayed there for other people to be suckered in and drowned in useless, tasteless calories. YUK! Only thing I liked? Vegetable soup. That tell you anything about how my tastes have changed?
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  • BECKYB73
    You work it girl! Listen to those clothes and get your workout on! Also, even if your knee is bothering you, if you can get into a pool you can still do nearly a full workout with few modifications!! ;)

    I will suck you all into the pool with me!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA
    3984 days ago
    I hope your knee cooperates. I have had to cut out all of my walking and aerobics for this week because my foot won't cooperate. My nemisis is attached to me and I can't escape it!
    3984 days ago
    great job with the walking and other exercise and there is no need to beat yourself up over ponderosa - this is about getting healthy and changing our lifestyles but deprivation is not a part of the plan. It sounds like you made some good choices and we all need to cut loose a little once in a while. Keep up the great work! emoticon
    3984 days ago
    You are making such awesome changes. Slow and steady wins the race. We cannot all be good all the time. Going to a buffet is totally OK when we so desire. It is what we do on the other days to make up for that matter most. Congrats on your successes!!!
    3984 days ago
    WOW-week 7!! I never made it past week 2! hehe..you're doing great!!
    3984 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/8/2010 11:25:54 AM
    I did have a knee brace, and I still have it, but I got it specially made for bigger sizes when I had my surgery...that was at least 100 pounds from where I am now. It's worn out and old and it cuts off my circulation (which causes a whole bunch of other problems! *lol*) I can try to wrap it, but it never goes quite well. I will figure something out, though...
    3984 days ago
    YEA!!! You did do the Yoga! I bet no Milli Vanilli though (lol)! Good for you! Speaking of your knee, do you have a knee brace that you can use or maybe wrap up your knee before trying the Zumba again? Just a thought. Good luck! Hopefully it works out. Don't worry about Ponderosa, just move on to today. If we don't allow ourselves a little something special every once in a while, we will all go nuts (like cookie dough nuts). Have a good one! emoticon
    3984 days ago
    *lol* My new motto for the day - "That dang Dove ice cream!" Did you know that the lady at CVS gave me a coupon yesterday for a free Dove chocolate bar? She even read it aloud to me (because apparently I look illiterate...) before she would hand it over. I felt like snapping back, "Gee! Thanks! Why don't you shove a cookie down my mouth before I have a chance to leave the store?" I forced a smile, took my coupon and left. I currently have no idea where that coupon is. emoticon
    3984 days ago
  • RACHELLY0724
    I said a similar thing to my hubby last night - he brought home Dove ice cream (gasp!) in the small serving size tubs - I was already in bed, watching TV in teh dark when he brought it home a few nights ago (notice how I'm rationalizing all of this...here it comes) - so it was dark, so I couldn't read the calorie content, or portion size - so I thought I was doing really well by eating half of the little tub - the old me would have eaten the entire thing.

    Last night, I decided to treat myself again and have the other half - this time it was still light out - and holy crap, if that little container isn't 4 servings at 300 calories a pop!

    I said to him, this ice cream is like almost an entire day's worth of calories - I appreciate the thought, but let's check those labels first!!!

    I'll admit, while those extra calories are probably currently turning to sugars and fats and settling into my bootay, it did taste soooo good!

    this morning though, I was struggling to get up and take a morning walk (literally like the 3rd time ever - I started last week) - I dragged myeslf out of bed thinking of that dang Dove icecream!
    3984 days ago
    You are changing...Progress, not perfection!! You are progressing wonderfully and you know that what you do today affects you tomorrow. My husband (the poor guys) never knows what to say when I suggest eating junky food or when I refuse to do my workouts...so I am learning to tell him when I'm serious. If I seriously want him to bug me until I get out of bed to go running, I'll tell him the night before "no matter what I say or do, get my butt out of bed" or if I need his support in making dinner rather than ordering it, I let him know that I'm feeling unmotivated and I need to lean on him a little. He just wants me to be happy, so I need to communicate to him what it is that really makes me happy. *sometimes it's chicken wings...but that's less and less often now!
    3984 days ago
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