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Weigh-in for Week 7

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Weigh-in Day

Starting Weight: 466.6
SP SW: 416.2
Last Week: 395.6
Goal This Week: 392.6
Actual: 390.8
Weight Lost This Week: 4.8 pounds
Total Weight Lost with SP: 25.4
Total Weight Lost overall: 75.8

Goal Updates:

Workout Goal: 30 for 30!
15 minutes a day every day.
emoticon So far I'm 5 for 5. Today will be day 6!

Strength training 4 times a week.
emoticon Major fail here. I haven't been doing much ST. And what I am doing, I haven't been logging. One reason for this is the yoga routines I'm doing are like strength training (just try to hold 390 pounds in a dolphin pose for a minute and you'll see how much it works your arms and legs!). Going to try to improve on that this week because, as much as I like the pound lost, right now it's all about strength building (for my knee) and inches lost (so I can buy new pants, darnit! *lol*).

Increase speed of 2 mile (from 22 minute mile).
emoticon Haven't done much walking this week. Going to work on that this week and get back into doing my 2 minute mile at least once a week to try to improve. Found walking training for a marathon chart that I'm going to tweak for my goals of walking a 5K.

Try Zumba (class tomorrow...wish me luck!)
emoticon See my other blog. I did try. I did like it. I didn't make it through it because of the knee. This will change and I will find the modifications I need to complete a full hour class by the end of June! They aren't doing Zumba next week, which gives me a week to recover, and then I'll be back on the Monday after.

Food Goal:
No more "treats" every day. Once a week is good enough.
emoticon No, seriously. I don't know that I can do this...so I modified my treat. We bought sherbet this week instead of ice cream. Lower calories = less guilt.

Find more "quick and easy" options and keep them on hand for lazy days. These are a reality for me sometimes, so I need to be prepared!
emoticon I'm working on this. Light hot dogs for cookouts (eaten with mustard and without bread), lower calorie hamburgers that hubby insisted on buying for me (and buying a cheaper bag, but like 40 more calories each and more fat for him and the boys). My husband has been absolutely wonderful through all of this and I love him more each day because of his support!

Lower the fat and up the protein and carbs! Try to stay on target here!
emoticon I'm doing much better finding lower calorie options. Carbs are still a problem, but I'm not worrying about it. I can't argue with a great weight loss week (in which I don't think I met my carb goal but like once...) - maybe my body doesn't need as many carbs. *shrug* I know I'm not exactly hungry for them. (Though a slice of thick italian bread sounds so good right now after reading Val's blog.)

Health Goal:
Breathe easier. I'm just going to leave it at that.
emoticon Working on it. This refers to stress and smoking and strength and endurance and a lot of things. I just want to feel better at the start of July that I did at the start of June.

Personal Goal:
Apply to at least 5 jobs a week. Make sure to check job sites every day for new postings. Spread the word to increase the chances of finding opportunities through friends and acquaintences - NETWORK!
emoticon I have been spreading the word. I check job posting sites nearly every day and I think I got 5 apps/resumes in this week. Still no word on any of them, but I'll let you know if that changes. I will find a great new job. I will. Just a matter of time if I stay focused. In Avon we used to say that it took 100 No's to equal 1 Yes. So if I knocked on 100 doors one day, the 101 door would be someone wanting to buy.

Other Goal:
Go camping one weekend this month.
emoticon Not yet. We're talking about this weekend because I have Monday off for WV Day.

Go hiking once this month.
emoticon We hiked, but only for about 15 minutes yesterday. Once the knee heals I can't wait to show hubby the pretty hiking path at Forked Run. He actually proposed the hike yesterday and sounds excited to do it! (He even said that it was easier for him to get up and down the hill to the lake yesterday. It made me smile. Hubby's getting fit too without really trying, just putting up with my activities!)

Go swimming at least once.
emoticon Okay, we went in the lake but I didn't get to really "swim" per se. I did "run" underwater though...that felt good! *lol* Hubby and the kids were laughing, and then the kids tried "racing" me.

Go rowing at least once.
emoticon Not yet, but hubby and I talked about it yesterday and we're thinking the boys would be more content with this if they get to fish. Thankfully we don't need to pay for fishing licenses for them because they're under 14. Neither hubby and I care to fish, but the boys love it. So hubby and I can row them out to an area of the lake and they can fish for a little bit.

What I learned this week:

I learned that I can deal with things that "pop up" unexpectedly if I just use my head instead of going to that place where I think "I can't control this situation or the food I'm given so what the heck." The cookout for grandpa's birthday party had me eating a cheeseburger and then I wanted a hot dog. I made the hot dog without bread. I knew this. I've known this little trick for so long...but I never really consistently stuck with it.

I learned that my weekend fun last weekend did not have to be the end of my weight loss. Sure, I gained weight. But I had a blast! And I wouldn't trade that for 2 pounds or even 10! I needed to have that time with friends. And we rarely see them, so this not being an everyday thing helps me to know that it's okay to celebrate once in a while. I got back on the horse and I lost the extra pounds this week - plus a little more.

Weight loss goal for next week: 388.8
Tee-hee...I kinda like those 8s! (one of my lucky #s!) It's a weight loss of 2 pounds. It's under the 390's! (SOO close I can taste it!) and it's very close to the weight I was maintaining after I lost that initial 100 pounds. (I hovered around 375-380 for years before starting to let myself slip, let in foods I hadn't allowed myself before, and gaining some more weight back.)

Still working with a sore knee today, but I'm noticing that recovery time is much easier and quicker now that I'm working out. I turned to hubby yesterday at the hike and said "Remember when my knee used to go out? Do you remember what I'd do all day after that?" Hubby: "You'd be laid up on the couch or bed all day in pain." Me: "Yep. Look at me now." Hubby (I think he may have cracked a smile at me at this point): "You're hiking!"

Sure, we had to give up our hike early...and there was a lot of leaning on hubby on the tough parts (it had rained so it was slick where leaves had fallen and there was a bunch of mud - plus there were a lot of hills, rocks and tree roots sticking out and a lot of up down and narrow paths). Hubby was worried for me but we tried it anyways. After a little bit I turned to him and said, "I think I'm done here. I'm getting nervous." So we stopped. And we took a little detour down to the lake where the boys had a blast, where hubby and I even got in, where I couldn't stop myself from doing some water aerobics, and then we climbed the hill back up to the car and went home.

After everything that happened yesterday morning - yesterday was a very good day. I learned a lot about my ability to push through. And I'm so much stronger for that!
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