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Will Someone Please Hand Me a Gold Star?!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

I posted this in one of the "cleaning teams" I recently joined. Then I thought, what the heck - why not copy it into a blog? I'm so full of myself - hahaha


I'm very proud of myself today emoticon I've done decent on the "tackle a chore you've been putting off" challenge, applying a liberal interpretation of "chore"... But today, I FINALLY did some of those major things that have been nagging on my conscience for a long time. Please allow me to brag:
emoticon Went and bought different-sized moving boxes
emoticon Made the final switch of winter/summer clothes
emoticon Sorted ALL my clothes, shoes and custom jewellery pieces into categories "keep", "try on in a couple of months", "sell/donate", and "toss".
emoticon Ironed EVERYTHING in my "to iron" pile.
emoticon Sorted out my bookshelf and ended up with two boxes of over 100 books to donate.
emoticon Subsequently rearranged and added some decorative pieces to my bookshelf.
emoticon Fixed the lantern that I bought in Egypt so now it's finally hanging - with a light inside!
emoticon Got a few plants to prettify my patio.

Never mind I never got around to doing the dishes, dusting or vacuuming. I feel so good about getting all this stuff done today, I can't tell you. So here I am, giving myself a emoticon emoticon
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