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April and May at a Glance

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Been looking at my workout log and it is insane how many hours of workouts I have accumulated in the last four months. On average I am working out 60-70 minutes per workout session and on some days I added 30 minutes of HIIT at least once a week.

I have seem the most progress in my strength and my conditioning and it feels good to run longer and stronger on the treadmill. Feels awesome to have build up my stamina on the elliptical and all the extra floors I have added to my time on the stairmaster in the last 5 weeks. Feeling strong, burning calories and leaning out. When i look at the last couple of months at a glance, I am proud of how I have pushed myself every single workout.

Than I took a look at measurements and in the last 9 weeks I have made some great progress. Of course, I am not seeing the inches and the lbs drop because I am have very little weight to lose but seen some nice leaner muscle form.

here are my beginning of April stats vs June 1st stats
Weight: 102.6 Weight: 101.2
Chest: 31.5 Chest 32
Navel: 25.5 Navel 25 (0.50 loss)
Waist: 24 Waist: 23.25 (o.75 loss)
Butt/Hip: 33.5 Butt/Hips 33 (o.5 loss)
Right thigh: 18.75 Right thigh: 18.5 (0.5 loss)
Left thigh: 18.5 Left thigh: 18 (o.5 loss)
Body fat: 14.7% Body fat: 13.3%

So that is inches loss of 2.75 and 1.4% body fat loss. I use my Omron for my % of body fat. I use it as a tool but not an exact measure of my progress and I do not think it is the best gadget. But it is something I can use to compare my progress.

I will continue to track my progress such as strength and workout length and intensity. Far more concerned with the intensity of my workouts of course. Making every minutes count - again and again.
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