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Memorial Day Half Marathon!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Today I finished my second half marathon. WOO HOOO! I wasnt sure how this one was going to go considering I havent really been good about training since the first HM I ran at the beginning of May. I knew I could do it, it was just a matter of how long and if i would be able to run the whole time. Well my friends, i ran the ENTIRE thing! And I also finished around the same exact time as my last race! Happy gal. It was a fun course to run too. It was a touching race in that there were many people out with their flags waving them and they had all branches of the military represented there and they were running with their flag. They also had a vet running with 2 american flags (impressive isnt it?!) Also during my run I saw a girl with a prostetic leg. That just amazed me. They were all ages running, and people along the entire thing cheering us on. So great. During the race too at each mile marker they had a funny or motivational quote just to keep ya goin. At mile 10 my knee started really hurting and I was contemplating walking and I was also hitting my wall and then i read the quote that said "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever" that did it! Then I got a text from ThirdXACHARM that told me she was at the finish line ready to cheer me in! It was such a great feeling seeing her at the finish with her husband and the two of them cheering for me. Definitely made my heart smile. Then I called jarrod and he had watched me cross the finish line too! Perfect timing. Met up with him and the four of us walked around for a minute and then went to coco's for yummy breakfast! Such a great time. After breakfast, we found my car and i drove to his place to just veg out. I was so tired! Showered at his place, got changed and felt much better. We layed around, watched movies and then he took me to a BBQ place for lunch because i really wanted a burger lol. I deserved one!! hahaha. My knees are KILLING me but everything else feels just fine. I know tomorrow at work isnt going to be a fun time but ill make it through just like last time! Thanks everyone for your support.
Oh and to expand on my jiggle wiggle blog..
Thanks for the comments, i really appreciate the input. I dont want to do P90x because I would never work out in my house. I dont have the room or the motivation to be able to do that in my home. I get distracted way too easily. So i was talking to Jarrod and he lifts all the time at the gym and he told me he would show me everything i would need to do! Then I can just mimick his workout plan. I know eventually i will get a trainer, and i think what i will say to them is that I want to get into competition shape (although that isnt true) but at least they will understand what i am wanting to achieve (not to that exact extreme but you know what I mean). Anyway, thats all for now folks, I am going to ice my legs and do some laundry! Woo hoo. Enjoy your monday evening and tuesday!
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