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STEP 2: The plan for eating and staying on track.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

PRAY pray pray first and foremost! I need God's help!
1. TRACK MY FOOD (Stay in my spark calorie ranges)! emoticon

2. EXERCISE 20-30 minutes 6 days a week maybe 7 emoticon emoticon

3. DRINK MY WATER (this has been a challenge to do in the past) emoticon
A. Don’t use Crystal Light (like I have in the past). I think it is ok for some people
but the truth for me is I do better to just do straight water only.
B. No diet pops emoticon (or real either LOL), no SF type beverages because I do not get to that place in my health-seeking journey where I “crave” water if I drink other stuff besides water. In the past years the only way I get to loving water and craving it is when it is ALL I drink. About of month of doing this and it WILL be all I want to drink.
C. Just a small note: Get this…. “when I was drinking Mtn. Dew this month I was seriously dehydrated because I would rest my elbow on top of my thigh/knee and it would “dent in” like a big hole for about 1 hour” Maybe it was from retaining water? I was thinking dehydration.

4. PLAN AHEAD TO EAT LOTS OF VEGGIES 5 svgs.+ ea. day (90% fresh ones)
A. Wash, clean, cut up, bag them, ready to grab NO EXCUSES emoticon
B. Keep some V-8 to drink (watch sodium) emoticon

5. EAT MORE FRUITS 2-3 svgs a day emoticon emoticon emoticon
A. Plan ahead by washing and bagging grapes, strawberries, fresh pineapple,
watermelon, canteloupe – just whatever’s on sale.
B. Order some Honey Crisp apples online – can’t find them in the stores.
C. Drink org. juice or real fruit juices only once in awhile; stick to eating whole fruit.

6. EAT MORE LEAN MEATS FOR PROTEIN – like ground turkey breast, chicken
breasts, and fish emoticon emoticon emoticon
A. Limit ground chuck/beef because there’s better choices.
B. Incorporate ground turkey into more day to day meals that I fix for the rest of the family so I am not cooking 2 meals each evening.
C. Buy fish on sale and freeze it. I can get Salmon for $3.99 lb and Tilapia for $3 lb. Tilapia is 100 calories a serving and oh so easy to fix. Both are great on the grill or in the oven.
D. I already eat egg whites (very little whole eggs). Egg whites are great protein and super low in calories/fat.
E. I eat cottage cheese and love it. I just have to watch the sodium.
F. Limit lunchmeats somewhat but not be anal about any limits. (It is high in sodium). I like John Morrell off the bone turkey or Eckrich thin sliced turkey. No fat and low low calorie for 6 or 7 slices (like 60 calories). Limit the Oscar Meyer Ready to eat bacon due to sodium. 4 slices is 70 calories…so low! emoticon

A. I will keep Sara Lee 45 cal. Bread on hand.
B. I love the 100 calorie flat round bread in multi grain put out by Aroweat
and other companies. They are like a skinny flat hamburger bun. Great with spray butter and grilled in a pan with the thin sliced turkey, laughing cow cheese or FF sour cream and slices of thin sweet onion or red onion.
C. Fiber one cereal is a good breakfast choice if I’m in a hurry. I love it. (60 cal. A serving). I think I do better with eggs for breakfast just because of the protein. If I do have the cereal then add some LF Jimmy Dean turkey sausage links.

8. DAIRY - Drink limited nonfat or 1% milk because I truly think I hve some kind of intolerance for it. I love it but I don’t love the bloated feeling that follows. Early morning it doesn’t bother me as much. emoticon
A. Eat some LF or FF yogurt like key lime pie or orange cream pie by Great Value at Wal-Mart. All are good but I have found these serve as a great dessert or treat.

9. FATS – Use Olive oil. I love it. Use spray on butter if I do need some on toast.
A. I love peanut butter but limit it due to the high fat and calories.
B. Avocadoes, but don’t over do them.. (I know they are veggies, but I count as fat)
C. FF Italian Dressing.. 16 cal a serving. I love it if I sprinkle pkg. Of splenda over it on my salad.

10. SWEETS – lots of good choices Fruit for one!
A. Make SF jello to keep on hand like raspberry, strawberry, cherry etc. 10 cal a serving. Might add some ff cool whip if I want.
B. Make some SF jello pudding made with FF milk or 1%. 60 to 80 calories and oh so good!
C. Love the Dark Ch. Almond Fiber Plus Antioxidant bars as a treat but I have to limit myselft or I’ll eat the WHOLE box in 2 days. LOL Sometimes there are things I can’t buy or keep in the house coz I want to eat it all in 1 sitting!
D. The yogurt I mentioned earlier is 80 calories
E. Edys Fruit Bars are 30 calories and are like crushed strawberries like in a daquiri. MMMM

So there it is "the plan" and the first and foremost thing is not to get anal emoticon about any of it... and just try to keep balance and moderation key!

Any suggestions and good food finds are appreciated... I wish some of you would blog about some of your favorite things.... that you wouldn't want to be without...
not necessarily food only but gadgets... or items... or exercise stuff .....

Thanks so much for all your support! (especially to JENNYAMHSTYEDU1 for not giving up on me and trying to challenge me to just lose "1" lb a wk with her! I so appreciate you for that!)
LET'S ROCK JUNE emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your plan sounds great. What a way to start out the month of June. Just remember, 1 lb a week. We can do this! emoticon
    3478 days ago
    Great plan! On that note I do believe I will go steam chicken breasts. You have the right idea, and the list prepared....you so rock!!!! Now go get 'em girl~ emoticon emoticon emoticon

    ~Diane~n> emoticon

    3482 days ago
  • CHRISS77
    Sounds like a great plan!! You are going to rock June.
    3482 days ago
    I hear you about the sodium issues. My DH is on blood pressure meds so I try to help him watch his intake. He drinks the low sodium V-8. Hillshire Farms just came out w/ low sodium versions of some of their sandwich meats (ham & turkey), & as for the bacon, you can buy a lower sodium package of uncooked bacon (I think Gwaltney makes some), cook it up on the weekend then put it in a freezer bag to warm up in the microwave during the week.

    As for some of my favorites I keep on hand, Dannon Light & Fit (sometimes I just buy the large container of vanilla so I can have it to mix w/ fruit), always have nuts to snack on (walnuts, pecans, almonds, sunflower seeds) & Eggo Nutrigrain waffles for when I want a special treat for breakfast (eat w/ thawed blueberries & SF syrup; this morning I put chopped strawberries & bananas on top...delish!). emoticon
    3483 days ago
    Yay..for you to have such great goals....I am pretty much am on the same ones...but have to agree with Voiceoftruth....cottage cheese is Yuck!!!
    3483 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    Awesome! It's lat now, but I will get back to you on some of my favorite things. A big one that comes to mind is Greek Yogurt. So yummy, can be FF and is an awesome source of protein.
    3483 days ago
    Awesome list! I have found that the local deli at the supermarket here carries low sodium turkey breast and I have convinced my husband to buy that when he does! Check your grocer for when you want a healthier version deli meat.
    3483 days ago
  • BRANDI0074
    I need to copy this, it is awesome to see it all in one place, in one nice list!!!!! Thank you!
    3483 days ago
    Gorgeous - you are gonna rock June like a champion. I just love how enthusiastic you are.

    Go for it.

    3483 days ago
    GREAT plan! It is very similar to mine... But I cannot do cottage cheese. That's just... yuck, lol!

    My family actually prefers the ground turkey breast over hamburger now! It took while, but they are all at a point where anything made from ground beef tastes odd to them now. One of my victories in feeding my ultra picky family!
    3483 days ago
    Great plan! We'd have so many more choices, if it wasn't for that stinking sodium!

    Great minds think alike! I've started a My Favorite Things series, starting with the Enell sports bra!
    3483 days ago
    Im ready to rock June with you!
    3483 days ago
    emoticon emoticon good planning. emoticon
    3483 days ago
    I love it that you have A plan!!! Sounds like you definitely are on a roll!!!!! Great!
    XO MaryAnn
    PS I low carb.....so my plan is a little different....Not necessarily better.....different.
    3483 days ago
    Oh, I get to be first! I think this is an awesome plan and totally doable! Let's Rock June!
    3483 days ago
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