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Quit just one thing.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I go to the chiropractor weekly...I have to if I want any quality of life. My former boss/chiropractor told me after reading my xrays that I have the back of a 75 year old. That was five years ago. We moved and lost the best job of my former life but that was alright because I love my new job--being a mom full time but I still need to go to the chiropractor to stay healthy...to keep the migraines, the fibromyalgia, the allergies and constant back pain in check and I'm doing great.

So my chiro, who's so excellant at education and knows me well and my struggle, helped me out today. We were talking about controlling pain and he said that there could be 2 poeple with the exact same back/nck problem (subluxation) and one could have no pain and the other in constant pain with the only difference being the amount of inflammation present in each persons body. And controlling that inflammation was the key. Inflammation cannot be permanantly controlled by drugs. Only by eating fresh greens and whole foods can it be done. He said he had quit many things in his life--many bad habits just by saying over and over I'm done with that and will never touch it again and for the really bad habits he set a date in the future--even a year and over and over on a daily basis he told himself he was going to quit so by the time that date came he was prepared.

I thought about it on the ride home. I've quit many things as well but never put any thought as to the process. Having a process will help me quit the next big thing. I've quit the soda, booze is history, swearing is out (even if you think it your going to say it), my last habit to kill me...chocolate. It's my booze, my cigs, my zoning in front of the tv, my diazapam all rolled into one. This one is huge and I know I've got to do it because I'm killing myself with all the palm oil and hydrogenated fat. I'm going to do it but I need to set a date. Set a date. Set a date. Do I eat all the chocolate in my house first? That would be sick indeed. Ok--As of June 30, 2010 I will no longer keep chocolate in my house. There will be no chocolate in my house to sneak while making supper or blindly snack on while I'm at the computor. As of June 30, 2010 I will not have chocolate in the house. I won't be keeping it in the car, I won't be buying it at the gas station, I won't be eating chocolate on a daily basis anymore. Chocolate is no longer getting in the way of my goal. If anyone out there has any helpful suggestions pass them on please!
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    with you 100per cent . good luck .
    4008 days ago
    This sounds great! I was wondering if you do this, will you end up binging down the road because I am having crazy cravings? I know I would! That is why I keep Hershey kisses and chocolate yogurt! Yum.. Best of luck to you!
    4008 days ago
    4008 days ago
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