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Saturday, May 22, 2010

My high school reunion is this year my 40th. I am going to do a poster and put everyones picture from graduation on it. In the middle I will do a tribute to the 3 people we have lost from the class in tribute. I think this poster will be a great reminder to all. My way of contributing to the event.
It is amazing how long it can take to do one page in scrapbooking. It can be a very long time very time consuming, plus it takes a lot of extras to be pulled out to use with it. I do not have a lot of room in my little apartment here so I have not figured out how to organize it all to do it the right way. Once I get it out I do not want to put the stuff away. I love to do it though it is very relaxing. Wish I was as good as my DIL at making pages, she sells hers on Ebay she is so good, people order them from her. They send the pictures she shows the the different layouts and she makes it like very fast she is so artistic. It takes me a while to be satisfied with one page.

I know I need more positive in my life thanks for reminded me I need the positive affirmations daily.
I actually put a note on Chris D. page and asked him to read my blog wonder if he will? Would be nice if he gave me positive feedback.

It is going to rain here today. I am so glad I went for a nice walk outside yesterday. I took tons of pictures to share. I hope to put them on tonight or tomorrow on my page to share. I promised you a picture of the water and the bridge here to Canada. Plus the lilacs are just great here now one of my favorite and they will be gone in a week now.
I took another step friends, I am going back to church on Sunday. I know a lady in the building who is a Christian like me and asked her if I could go with her on Sunday she said sure.

Pray that this church will be a good one for me I need to heal spiritually also. I miss my old church in Palm Springs so much, there is no other church that seems to measure up to it. It was a real family church to me when I lived there all alone for 9 years. It would really help me if I felt the love in this church here too.

Hope you all have a great day. I am going out to visit with my older sister. She is the one who does not speak to our Mom, she cannot forgive her for the past. It is so wrong to treat your Mom this way, no matter what she did. She is the only Mom we will ever have. I know my Mom had it rough too. She watched her own Mom die in front of her at the age of 4, while she was in labor for her younger sister, who did live by the way. Then at age 12 she was raped. So no wonder my Mom drank years ago when we all were young. Plus she has 12 kids and had 4 husbands. What a life she has had so far, at almost 88 . She has her birthday the day before me Dec 20, mine is the 21. She is 5 foot and 120 pounds. very small lady. Oh well that is my Mom. She has her issues just like I do. She tries my patience just like many of you have with family. etc. I forget and forgive very quickly not in my nature to hold a grudge for years like the other siblings do.

Too sad to have had 12, two are dead now one my full brother who died in car accident at 23. The other an older half brother, who had incest with me when he was a teen and me at the age of 4. he is gone too of cancer. So 10 are left and the 4 kids from my Dad are the ones who talk to her most, but I am the only one who lives in same building with her. The other 3 are in different states.

Oh good news I became a great aunt yesterday the youngest boy of the 12, his DIL had a little boy yesterday it is his second, Eli they named him and he has a brother Gabe. Bill my brother is a great Grand dad. He lives in RI. He is happy with the news. I actually talked to him last night which is rare. The brothers ignore me for some reason. Not like me and my sister Sue we talk at least twice a day and she is in NV. we are close for sure. Thank the Lord for her in my life. She is a great support. But she has a hubby and is across the country. I love Skype we talk that way a lot really cool.

Sharing a lot am I not? You are my family, not many other people I share with. I do not want to be a burden to others for sure, here if you read it is ok, , if you do not I will never know and not be hurt by it. Kind of a safe way to share. Ever realize this?

Have a good day friends. You are special in my life.
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    I sent you a email private.
    You will get it when you get home.

    emoticon Beesparkle
    4092 days ago
    You are a wonder!! How good you are. I hope the church turns out to be all you want it to be for you. I am a catholic by choice. I became a catholic when I married my husband. I felt I needed the ritual and repetition of the scriptures to make me feel spiritual. Not everyone feels that way though. Out of 4 children, all raised catholic none of my children now go to church. My youngest daughter does go to a nondenominational church and loves it there but their Dad does not approve because he wants them all to be catholic's. Since I was not raised catholic I understand how they feel. I think as long as they have God in their hearts they are doing good.
    12 children, WOW, my mother had 6 children with 2 sets of twins and 2 single births. When the second set of twins were born she had 6 kids under the age of 6 plus she had had 3 miscarriages somewhere in between. We used to tease her about being menopausal very early but I think truthfully after having my children, she was really a great woman. This was during a time when there were no microwaves or no wax floors, everything was done the hard way. I'm sure your mother too. I don't talk to much about this but my husband is a drinker also and my youngest son is in prison right now because of DWI's. I hurt for him terribly. I don't think a person should be put in prison for drinking problems, that is not going to help them at all, as a matter of fact I am afraid it will just make it worse. I am afraid the whole time he is in there he will be wanting alcohol and when he gets out that is the first thing he will want to do is get drunk. I try to write him every week but it is very hard not to sound repetitive and preachy. I just have to hope for the best. The thing about him is that he is so very handsome and so smart and every job he has ever had he has moved up to the top very quickly and then would fall off of the wagon and do something to get himself fired,(like drinking on the job or losing his job when he got arrested). He also has 2 little boys with 2 different women and they are wonderful but now they are missing their daddy. The women were not that great but they take pretty good care of the boys and let us see them as often as we can so we try to keep things good with them.
    I am being pretty chatty today also, so won' get into to much about my brothers and sisters except to say that my twin brother died at the age of 40 on Christmas Day. We suspect that he died of aids. My oldest sister I think was told but would never tell me for sure, but I looked up the cause of death on the death certificate and aids was the likely cause.(the fact that my oldest sister and my younger sister knows the truth and won't tell me, his twin, has been another source of pain between us). Well enough for today. Like you said, if you read it ok and if you don't I will never know. But you keep your head up high you deserve every thing good.
    4093 days ago
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