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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well I am definitely serious about losing weight now! I have been eating waaay too much & the only exercise I get is from working (I work at JCPenney. I walk back & forth all day helping customers & organizing clothes), even though that can be a workout in itself. When I come home-I just lay around & watch tv. My husband works out everyday. I really admire him for that. He really sticks to his routine & he doesnt give up on it. He has inspired me to work out as well. So from now on, I will be working out with him.
This evening we went to the store & did a bit of grocery shopping. I got fruits, veggies, fish, ingredients for smoothies, salad greens, whole wheat english muffins, & lean cuisine meals. I am going to sit down in a little bit & figure out some meal plans. I am not following a specific diet & I refuse to take any diet pills. It's kind of my own diet. I am just cutting back on portions & eating lots of healthier foods. I know it won't be easy...but the fact that I REALLY DO LIKE veggies & fruits & salads, will make this "diet" somewhat easier..although Im sure I'll have the cravings for fast food/junk food. I think the difficult challenge will be cutting back on coffee...Coffee is a must-have & that will be hard for me! LoL
Well, I think I've blabbed long enough. If anyone has any tips, suggestions, ideas, or whatever-feel free to let me know! I am open-minded & will appreciated any comments! Wish me luck sparkies!
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