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Letting Go

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For the last couple of weeks I have been writing blogs of my progress and that feels great. I have enjoyed watching the changes and being dead center and in control of my own life, my choices and being successful.

A fellow sparker (we talk offline sometimes) asked me, so what is next. What are you goals now? And I actually had to stop. I don't have any. I mean I have goals to stay consistent but I think the answer she was looking for was something that was measurable like in inches or pounds. And well i don't really have any. As I thought about it some more I though -- maybe I do want to loss some more inches, but again I could not be specific.

So i must admit it has been kind of making me think. What am I doing this for if I do not have measurable goals?Than the answer hit me and it was a sincere feeling of how I truly feel. I do this for my health, yes and because I enjoy it. It makes me feel good. Having a powerful workout and sticking to my plan works for me and it makes me happy. That is it - I want to be happy. Regardless of what the scale says, regardless if I had a cheat and my body is holding on to water. That is what I want to be happy.

It seems like such a easier answer and it was in front if me all along. I mean, I know we all want to be happy and many times it goes beyond whether we can fit into a size 2 or a size 20. We need to be happy with ourselves and our progress. Be happy with what we have accomplished even if we are not where we want to be or even know where that place is.

I want to be happy outside of how I look, because myself worth is not based on how I look, not how many hours I spend at the gym but how I treat others, how I treat myself and how I live life.

So for anyone reading this blog - life and happiness or self worth is not a numbers game. It is not about the amount of calories you consume, it is not about what number is on the scale it is when you can truly look in the mirror and just be. Look into the mirror and believe you are a good person, you have a good heart and your intentions are pure. It is when you can give something to someone and not expect anything in return.

I found that once I started pushing out the negative and thinking of the positive aspects of my life and me did I truly start enjoying this process. It was about learning about food and how it fuels my body, it was about enjoying the gym and sharing my experiences with others, it was just about embracing a healthier lifestyle.

I enjoy blogging about my progress but it feels almost empty when I can not share all the other aspects outside of what the scale or the tape measures says. So my goal: Continue to live, continue to embrace positive thoughts and to be happy.

What makes you happy?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog! I really enjoy reading your blogs!
    3651 days ago
    Awesome blog, Nancy! Push out the negative and focus on the positive! This is exactly what I am trying to do!
    4042 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6892401
    I hear you sister! I was getting obsessive-depressed about the scale a little bit and I stopped that negativity cold turkey. Motivation takes POSITIVE energy, negative energy drains our motivation. We need to feel positive to give to others and ourselves. We need to focus on our goals but also be able to stop and smell the roses and enjoy all that life has to offer! Structure is good, but the big picture is better! Ok, you just said it all so much better! Loved your blog.
    4048 days ago
    This was a wonderful and completely relevant blog. I think so many of us on here can relate. We have to remember that we are valuable human beings, not brick of gold whose worth is only determined by its weight. Great thought.
    4048 days ago
    That is exactly how I feel. Yes I want to lose weight and look good but overall I want to feel happy and healthy and strong. Thanks for sharing, your thoughts are really keeping me motivated!
    4049 days ago
  • WHEREIS170
    Great expression of your life's challenges and I am glad that you saw that all rainbows at the end of the road can be so different. Happiness has many different meanings to different people. I am glad that you were able to find yours. :)
    4049 days ago
    4049 days ago
  • no profile photo CD298368
    Wow, what an awesome blog! I needed this today too. I have been depressed, actually truly depressed because I am not where I want to be number wise for a vacation I am going on this weekend. I stopped today and realized it was because my mind was constantly consumed with eating and exercise and beating myself up if I wasn't doing it "just right". It was after getting annoyed with my kiddos who interrupted me during my workout that I realized how silly that was. Really, it wasn't going to hurt anything to give up two minutes of exercise to tend to the needs of my child. After coming to this realization, my day was much better and I have decided to be happy with who I am am what I am and improve little bits at a time but not to be totally consumed with it!! Reading your blog just verifies that I am going in the right direction so, THANKS!!!
    4050 days ago
    Very good blog. Yes, the happiness we get from reaching our goals is short-lived. My goals keep me motivated to workout hard and eat well. I enjoy being in good shape and challenging myself to be better. But my true happiness comes from the love I give and receive from my family, my cherished friendships, the satisfaction I get from helping others when I can. Those rewards are never found in the gym for me, but come from relationships, walking with God and just "living life".

    Again great insights you have provided.
    4050 days ago
    I was just reading an article about how people expect that when they reach 'that' goal, whatever goal it is, then they will be happy. So many people, when they realize that they might still be UNhappy even at their goal weight, end up gaining the weight back.

    I am happy when I am able to do something I enjoy, like hike, or run, or play. I am happy when I am with my husband or children or siblings, when I see people I love excel or achieve one of THEIR goals.

    Glad you discovered why you're doing all this now, Nancy!
    4050 days ago
    I feel like I wrote this myself! I completely understand! It is difficult to not have a measurable goal but being healthy and happy are the two best goals to have! Great job!
    4050 days ago
    OMG... What a great blog! Thank you for sharing!
    4050 days ago
  • TAPPY49
    Eloquently said because if you are waiting to be happy once you arrive at whatever goal you have set, what happens during the process of getting there? So yes, I agree, love yourself now and throughout your lifestyle change. Thank you for sharing and giving us some food for thought.
    4050 days ago

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