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Surprising Changes

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things are changing. Unexpected changes are always the best kind if you ask me. I have been working really hard on my weight for the past 5 months. Somewhere deep inside me, I though if I lost all of this weight, or even just some of it, it would fulfill me and make my life complete. What a crock of Bull-you know what.

I have lost 16 lbs to date. Every person I run in to comments on how good I am looking and asks for my advice, outlook, etc....

I just explain that there is not magic pill. I work out ALOT, and I watch what I eat. I am in no way a perfect person. This weekend for instance, I ate Steak and Shake, I drank too much on Saturday night, and i didn't work out. I guess the difference for me, and what I have learned is that I cannot deprive myself of the foods that I like. Sometimes, you just have to give in to temptation. I feel like if i deprive myself over, and over again I will hit my breaking point and eat everything in site. I have learned though, that if I eat a "bad" meal, I eat a healthy, low calorie, fresh meal for dinner. I think it is a balancing act for me and is something that I have gotten really good at.

Changes- MY BODY. My body is changing so much and I just love it.
-Muffin Top Gone- Check
-Collar bones Visible- Check
-Clothes fitting better, or are too big- Check
-Ability to handle longer, harder workouts- Check
-Resting metabolic rate on the riser- Check

I have been really focusing on my strength training with 90-120 minutes of cardio a week. I read an article that intense, fast strength training can burn as many, if not more calories in a single workout that running at a 6 minute mile pace! That is really fast. My strength training has also helped me develop some really attractive muscle tone. I am really digging my shoulders these days, and my BOOTY- WOW! I used to have a pancake butt, and a wide one at that. Now it sits high, and is nice and round.

Cellulite is also coming off, which is nice. The dimples are diminishing and that is a nice sight to see.

Now for the surprising change I really wasn't expecting. Last week, I had a couple of days off of work. I have been feeling really unhappy. I want to move back to my home town of Columbia, Mo. I have been living in my State Capitol, and working here. I have never had any complaints about my job, but lately I have been feeling unfulfilled by my work. I fell unappreciated, bored, and just at a standstill with my career. I work in the hospitality business, and to achieve my ultimate goal of being a General Manager of an upscale Hotel one day, I think it is important to advance myself and learn as much as possible about the business.

So last week during my days off of work, I found a job as a Front Office Manager at the nicest, biggest convention hotel in Columbia. I remember going there for all of my high school dances and just thinking how cool it would be to work there.

15 minutes after applying, I got a call from the recruiter. He asked me a series of questions, and must have really liked my answers because yesterday, I HAD AN INTERVIEW. I met with the General Manager, Director of Sales, and the head recruiter of the company. The interview went great, and on Thursday I am meeting with the VP of the entire Company.

I am so excited and really hope this works out. I feel like a change is coming and it is going to be a good one. I can start fresh. I can be the kind of boss I really want to be. I can learn something new and throw myself in to a new challenge. I really hope I get it and I can find a happy place for me.

I have accomplished so much, and I truly feel like with a new body, a new job, a fresh start, I might find the happiness and contentment I have been searching for.

Wish me Luck Sparkers! Keep me in your prayers. I NEED THIS!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Dont'cha just love what cardio can do to a booty. For real - it we could bottle it - we would be millionaires.

    I am just lovin' this attitude of listing all of the good things that your body is doing. It is truly amazing. It sounds like you are on the hot tamale train. Woo woo!

    Also, your outlook on food is stellar to me. I don't think deprivation achieves anything. Good job, you gorgeous hot lady you. Woot!

    3606 days ago
    Good luck!! I work here in Jeff, but I still drive from Columbia every day because I couldn't live here! Good luck getting back to CoMo.
    3607 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Sounds like some great things are happening to you. Congrats on your weight loss and improving fitness.
    3607 days ago
  • JROBERTS7605
    Good luck! Sounds like things are really looking good for you. emoticon
    3607 days ago
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