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How am I doing so far?

Monday, May 17, 2010

In January I wrote about what I hoped to achieve this year, not resolutions but goals to work toward. I think now is a good time to see whether I've made any progress at all.

First, the UC issue. Up until last week, I was feeling pretty good about it. I was in remission and able to eat a larger variety of foods, almost back to where I was before this disease reared its ugly head a few years ago. The only things I hadn't tried were raw vegetables, nuts in significant quantities, berries, and very spicy food. I'm not sure exactly what triggered it (but have my suspicions), but the other day I had a flare that's continued now for a few days. I'm really bummed out about this. I feel like such a failure. I mean, how hard should it be to keep UC under control when you're watching your diet, exercising, and taking your medication? One bad day shouldn't throw it all out the window, but evidently it has. Anyway, I had made great progress and am now starting over. I just hope I can get this flare under control quickly and get back on track soon. Without resorting to Prednisone.

Second, exercise. I'm pretty happy on this point. I've been doing well at regular exercise, other than a two-week lapse into spotty exercising while working on my business. I try to get at least 30-45 minutes of cardio in every day and strength training three times a week. I've also been trying to get in 10,000 steps a day, but with limited success. It's much harder than I anticipated, since my work means I have to sit at the computer for much of the day. But I'm working on it. I feel pretty good about this goal. And I managed to lose an inch around my waist! No significant weight loss, maybe a pound or two, but the waistline is a great boost and incentive to keep at it.

Third, my business. Dawn and I launched our Web store on May 1. Yay! It's off to a slow start, but that's the nature of a startup. Until the search engines find us, we're dependent on free publicity and links from businesses we do business with, blogs, and friends, a very important source as it turns out. I'm optimistic for our eventual success. We just need more seed money, a constant problem for small businesses.

Fourth, my relationship, such as it is. Still obsessing, still not sure, wondering if now is the time to just flat-out ask and accept whatever the answer may be. That's a hard thing to contemplate because it may not be what I want to hear. Sigh.

So all in all, two out of four isn't bad. Not great, but not bad.
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  • GINW1977
    I found out after 17 years of UC that flare ups can just happen. I would eat just right. No fiber, no dairy, no caffiene, take all my meds, and a flare would just happen. You are not a failure. Keeping UC under control is not always within your control unfortunately. I hope your flare up was gone quickly. I never could get mine under control, so as you know, I had my colon removed. Still brought a whole new batch of problems. I wish you the best in your efforts to stay in remission.
    4006 days ago
    Ugh.....I have been in a flare since all the chaos. It stinks. I just take it as a part of my life now though....with major stress comes the flare. I think the worst part for me is the horrible joint pain I get with my flares. I am stubborn though.....I will take mesalamine in any form (oral,enema,suppository etc) but I WILL NOT do prednisone. I REFUSE. Too many side effects. Thankfully my doc knows that & doesn't push it on me. I wish it were easier to control UC. I wish stress didn't cause flares. I wish you many well days.
    4030 days ago
    I think you're doing as well as any person can. I find that with all the aspects of my life, I can only prioritize/focus on so many, and somethings just have to slip. I bet the UC feels like a pot of spaghetti right now, doing great if you watch it, but take your eyes off, and it boils over and creates havoc that takes a while to clean up. That may just be how it is with this disease.

    As for the excercise - go you! WHATEVER you can squeeze in is great - and I am the same way - it's lose pounds, or lose inches....rarely both. Muscles must be nice and tight from lifting all those boxes!
    4046 days ago
    So reading this blog is like reading the story of my life right now! I've had a slight flare up (I had a fiber one bar and I bet that's what caused it, stupid me should have known better but I've been obsessed with getting within all my ranges). So yea, I have my fingers crossed too that I can avoid the prednisone. I've been doing so great lately and I'd hate to see it all go away because of a flare. Ugh.

    It sounds like you are doing really great though. Try to keep your head up through this flare and aim for at least a little exercise each day, even if it is just a walk around the block.

    Good luck, hope you feel better :)
    4046 days ago
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