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FEELING SAD....What's goin on ?...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I feel down today...

I know I could be doing better for me....
more exercise...less excuses....

I feel sad inside....to the point of tears....I am not like this for the most part...I wish I knew why...I thought it was the change of life....but thats not here yet....So why the depression?

I'm going to get out and walk today....get some sun....see if that helps....

Thanks for listening....I hope you have a great day.... emoticon
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  • FRIDA11
    Hope the sun and the walk helped you.
    An indian friend of mine says westerners expect life to be without suffering..
    Of course life does also consist suffering
    I see a light depression as a sign of life shall change. Maybe some small changes make the light come to you.
    Anotherone says sun and exersice.. maybe doing an effort to go seing friends rather than resting alone with the computer
    Light depression and severe depression are 2 completely different things. yours is a light reminder of some changes to be done..Maybe to day the cloud has gone?
    4082 days ago
    Hi DIANE,
    Thanks for the hugs comment on my blog about the loss of my dog, Cinnamon.
    I don't do well with hot or spicy foods, but the recipe sounds delicious.
    I also read your blog about the unnamed sadness. I think when we are helpers to other people, we take to ourselves some of their trials and troubles. I call it "the unnamed sadness."
    When you desire to help others, you have to take care of yourself first and one woman said, if you are on an airplane and it is going to crash, you put on your own oxygen mask first before you help others get theirs on.
    Thank you for being a good friend and I hope you can shake the sadness.
    4086 days ago
    Smart girl. Sun and exercise and talking to a good friend. That is what you need. And a hug. I've got lots of those for such a fantastic person. emoticon
    4087 days ago
  • TX_3XDAD
    A psychiatrist I know prescribes thirty minutes in shorts and shirt sleeves in the sun, daily. Also eight hours of sleep and dropping the booze.

    That all REALLY helps, and it should really put you on a strong footing. If that doesn't help in a couple or three weeks, I suggest you chat with your GP/naturopath/yogi/invisible friend about whether a light course of meds might help. (Okay, invisible friend might be a sign of something else...)

    Before anyone/everyone jumps me, I DON'T think meds are a panacea -- but they're also a good short-term tool, among other tools. It would suck if you were to lose headway in your health and nutrition goals because your brain chemistry was having a temporary dip.

    And yes, full disclosure, I know this 1st hand.

    4088 days ago
    Could be that time of month. Always made me sad. A walk is the best plan for a low mood. You will feel better.
    4091 days ago
  • TRISH106
    I hope this mood is not in the air.
    Most people are saying they feel the same way. I have been down for two days in a row. I just think mine is my BS being crazy. Up and down and up again.
    I hope you went for the walk and started feeling better. emoticon emoticon
    4091 days ago
    It must be in the air as I have felt the same way today.Thankfully tomorrow is a new day for us both
    4091 days ago
  • WILLOW49
    I think it's the weather. I was out for 2 appts. today, and almost everyone was feeling blah. It's cold, damp, and overcast here. Warmer weather & sunshine coming for the weekend! Hurry up already!
    emoticon emoticon
    4091 days ago
    It must be something in the weather. I am the same way, yesterday and today. emoticon

    I can sympathize with you. Try listening to one of your favorite songs. Or watch a funny movie. One you really love. That has helped me.
    4091 days ago
    I feel like that sometimes. Sad for no reason. I have decided that sometimes a girl just needs a good cry. Just a release from all of the built up emotion. Find yourself a good sad movie or book and just let it out.
    emoticon emoticon
    4092 days ago
    I wouldn't beat yourself up about what you are/aren't doing. Frankly sometimes overdoing it in terms of exercise can be the cause of depression. Maybe you should take a day or two off.
    4092 days ago
    Hey now can't have that! now for my new sister. I'm emoticon ing, (hugsing? emoticon new word), but anyway I'm doing it. Just wrapping my arms around you and hugging you. Closest thing to being there. Close your eyes and imagine it, Let me be your soft place to fall for a moment or an hour.

    I love you, Jesus loves you! emoticon
    4092 days ago
  • TANZAR2002
    Is your B/S running high this can cause these feelings of depressing. Remember that insulin is a hormone and mess with your feelings , and if B/S are hign it can leave your feeling tired and less able to cope with daily issues. I hope the rest of your week goes better. emoticon
    4092 days ago
  • LIZZYP609
    I have felt the same way off and on lately. I hope you will feel so much better one that sun hits you!
    4092 days ago
  • PROMISE211
    This too shall pass. It is only a moment, not forever.
    4092 days ago
    I'm sorry you're feeling down and out; I'm glad to hear you are going out and taking a walk with your son. May the Lord bless you abundantly! Warmly, Karen from WA
    4092 days ago
    I'm sorry you're feeling down and out; I'm glad to hear you are going out and taking a walk with your son. May the Lord bless you abundantly! Warmly, Karen from WA
    4092 days ago
    I'm sorry you're feeling down and out; I'm glad to hear you are going out and taking a walk with your son. May the Lord bless you abundantly! Warmly, Karen from WA
    4092 days ago
  • DIANE2868
    I am sorry for your sadness today Diane. I know how you feel, I have them every now and then too. Just hang in there and remember it does get better. Reach out to those who love you when your feeling down, positive affirmations help me too. Do something for yourself today. Treat yourself extra special and show yourself how much you love you.
    Your friend (with the same GREAT- FANTASTIC- INCREDIBLE -BEAUTIFUL- and SEXY name)
    Did I make you smile? emoticon emoticon
    4092 days ago
    Hope you feel better -- or at least figure out the reason for your melancholy

    4092 days ago
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