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Last Day of School and Killing the Scale - W3.D4

Thursday, May 06, 2010

So, I've been a bad little girl and weighing myself every day. I know not to do this because my weight likes to fluctuate a LOT, but every day so far it's been down a little bit, down a little bit more. Today...not so great. It said I was up 2 pounds. I even weighed myself twice. I'm trying to not let it stress me out, though I was upset that I wasn't able to do my regular walk yesterday because I spent the night walking around WalMart looking for something for class today. Still, it was walking, and walking I don't normally do...so it counts.

Today is my last day of school, which has been a little emotional. I still have 3 finals to take next week, but that's a completely different class time than the regular classes I have right now. It's a little sad to realize I won't be seeing these people twice a week or more...but we've arranged to get together at least once a month so that we don't lose touch. (I just hope these are the kind of people that do what they say and don't "get busy" later and it all falls apart. I've had that happen before, but these friends are a little different, a little more anal retentive like me, so I think we should be good.)

Still not much time to Spark, which is driving me completely batty! I feel like I'm missing out on all of my Spark Friends' journeys - the ups and downs I should be there to congratulate or sympathize with, but it simply can't be helped right now. So for all of you I've missed this week - Sorry! I'll be back soon, I promise! (And I am one of those people who does what she says she's going to do.)

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    Wow! I'm gone a couple days and, from reading your blogs, sounds like life has gotten a bit crazy busy for you! I guess that's what school can do, though. Another of my SparkFriends, ALG5171, just got done with finals...things got crazy for her, too! Sounds like you are handling things well, though, and not turning to food for comfort, so that is great! The scale obsession thing is something I think we all have had, or still have...not sure why, other than we want to see results NOW...you know it isn't the best way to measure your progress, so I'm not even going to go there.

    Take care of yourself, and as always,
    Stay Strong!!
    4018 days ago
    1. I know the pain with the scale...we know better, but let it get to us anyway!!

    AND 2. I totally count shopping as exercise!!!!!

    Good luck dearest, I hope it isn't too sad of a transition out of school. Have a goood day!!
    4018 days ago
    My husband had to hide the scale from me because I would get horribly depressed and down on myself unless it was constantly lower everyday. It went from just wanting to not gain to expecting to see instantanious results or else I was ticked and felt that dieting just wasn't "working" for me. I have also discovered the mind over body articles at Spark are helping me to deal with some of the reasons that I feel this way as well. You might want to read those. You know, next week, after your life isn't so busy! ;)
    4018 days ago
  • JAKI1027
    I would weigh in every day if I could, but I don't let myself! I seriously put the scale in the box and keep it there all week so I'm not as tempted to just get on it. and then I take it out the day I'm going to weigh in. Then i put it right back in the box.
    It would play to much with my emotions and self esteem if i let myself weigh in. You should try to find a place to put your scale away during the week and only take it out once. It really helps me!

    You're doing great though! Finals are so stressful but just make sure you make time for yourself to breathe!!! Good luck on all of them!!! emoticon
    4018 days ago
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