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A pool...no water wings, and sandbags...

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I have noticed with some of the weight gone I feel younger...
to carry my weight around is a large strain on my legs and knees....I really noticed the feeling of my extra weight on a day at the pool...I swam and played in the water for a good 3 hours...when I went to get out,I swam to the deep end and was going to pull myself up and out of the water using the looped bars and the side step ladder ...I grabbed on,and put one foot on the step and tried to pull my self up outta the pool...AND I COULDN'T...didn't budge...NOT TO SAVE MY LIFE!!!I waited and tried once more,and I was too heavy and I just couldn't get out...
As I was in the water all that time swimming...my body changed and did not feel the Heaviness it was always used to lugging around...
I was weightless in the water...as I swam to the shallow end...I stood up hip deep in water....and I felt like I was carrying TONS of bags of sand,that were weighing me down....and as I reached the stairs,I had to really struggle to carry MY OWN WEIGHT OUT OF THE POOL...I felt bad the rest of the day...Knowing my being overweight was that hard of a job for my body and bones to carry...I did this to me...And it just made me think of my overworked heart,legs,feet...and I knew I had to do something about it....Or I was going to die carrying all this weight...So every pound I lose is one less bag of sand....and my feet are happy for it....I never want to feel that ugly feeling from the pool ever again...THAT WAS WHEN I WAS 365 POUNDS...I am down to 286 now...and by next year,I AM GOING TO BE 200lbs!

I WILL do this for ME...And then I'll go for a swim!

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    Get back in the water. Besides being good exercise, swimming is fun especially if family and friends are around. I am not found of water but still like to be around the pools or on the river in a boat. Keep up the great work. I will be following your progress. You sound like a very interesting woman.
    4065 days ago
    We bought a house with an above ground pool in 2008. I didn't want to get a bathing suit, but I love the water and used to swim a lot. Swimming or just walking around and around in a pool is really good for you. As you said, your body feels weightless in the water. Don't give up on the pool. What you will reap in benefits from the amount of calories you burn while you are in there is good. We have a metal ladder and it is hard for me to pull myself out of the pool. I have one leg that swells and I will never look like I used to. I figure that I will use the pool instead of having to pay to go elsewhere to exercise and the neighbors don't have to watch. I am turning my thoughts from loathing my body to I am working on it because I am, so are you.
    4095 days ago
    Most people are exhausted after swimming. It is a great work out.
    4099 days ago
    I can always relate to any thing you write about. I have a great above ground pool but getting in and out has always been a problem.Hubby redid the steps going up to deck so it isn't so hard to get up there and a rail from top of steps to pool steps. Above ground pools only come with those dumb plastic ladders so I had to spend big bucks for actual steps that go into pool. Worked ok until knees got worse. So now we have a small block on each step to make an extra step so the distance is shorten.I have to step on stone and then step it is on and do that on each step. BUt as you said.Coming back out when wet is real work. I more or less crawl up them to get out. This is another thing that people that are not obese never even think about but is a struggle for us. I am lucky that no one sees me.I wouldn't go where anyone could see me. I don't even own a bathing suit now.
    I am hoping to be able to walk at beach again once I lose the weight.
    As always a wonderful blog.Have a great day
    4102 days ago
  • DIANE2868
    Oh yeah, I have had that feeling coming out of a pool. I remember a few years ago tring to stand up from a knee position at Wasaga beach. Giant waves kept pushing me back down. I had to go back into deeper water to stand and walk out that way. Beached whale came to mind that day. Never again!

    You are getting close to being 100 pounds lighter! Good going Diane! I have no doubt you will get to your goal of 200 for next year.
    4102 days ago
  • TRISH106
    I remeber those days. It got so I would not even get into bathing suit. I missed the pool so much, but was embarassed to allow my body be seen in such skimmpy suit.
    I live at the beach and I also gave that up. I could not walk over the dunes even where there is a set of stairs. I thought I would die getting one quarter of the way there.
    You have lost so much weight already, so you know this year will be easier.
    I loved the way JRMORFORD compared weight to a box of books, he really put a better perspective on the picture. emoticon
    4102 days ago
    I know exactly what you were feeling. Gravity sucks :-) I have to make sure any pool I get in has steps and not just ladders otherwise they'll have to break out the block and tackle to retrieve me from the pool. One memorable moment - we took our daughter and her 2 children to the Indianapolis Zoo for her 30th birthday (they have a swim with the dolphins program... very cool). We stayed in a motel with a pool, so after a long day and dinner, we went swimming - had a great time playing and then we tried to get out. My husband was on one ladder and I on the other, we both could get most of the way up but that last step.... just couldn't make it. We were hollering at each other across the pool "c'mon honey, you can do it ! And then come help me !" It was hysterical and really sad too. Finally I ignored the pain and forced my sorry butt up the steps and was able to rescue him. Thankfully, or not, we had the pool to ourselves :-)
    4102 days ago
    Yesterday my brother in law came over to my house. He did not fully understand how much I was overweight. So i put a bunch of books in a box and it totaled ONLY 32.5 pounds. I gave the box to him and asked him how many boxes he thought I was overweight. He said he did not know. Currently I am over 4.6 of those boxes!!! So now I am going to take a pound of books out per box. If you feel discouraged take a box and put the weight you lost (79 lbs) and pick it up...
    4102 days ago
  • DMURPH409
    Well done! Hang in there! WE CAN DO IT!
    4102 days ago
    Oh girl I love how you share yourself. I think remembering those painful struggles is like confession. Acknowledging the incident somehow changes it from a negative experience to a positive motivating force moving us toward our goals.

    YOU are an amazing, beautiful woman! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4102 days ago
    Amen Girl! Almost 100 lbs down from that day! If your like me you love the sun and love the water. Can't wait til you get that chance to go swim again!
    4102 days ago
  • LIZZYP609
    emoticon good for you for keeping your goals insight and remembering why what brought you here!
    4102 days ago
    emoticon on your weight loss. Keep it up. You know, swimming is an awesome cardio workout.
    4102 days ago
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