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Saturday, May 01, 2010

I could sit here and tell you how awful I was last night. How I had a few too many drinks (not enough to get drunk, just enough to --probably-- break the bank on my nutritionals). How I ate half a McGriddle when I got home at 2 am. How I didn't do the strength training exercises that were scheduled for the day. But I won't. Instead I'm going to tell you why last night was great for me.

Yesterday I went out with some somewhat new friends from school. I'm about to graduate and my friend had just turned 21...there was plenty to celebrate last night! Yes, we obliged and got her thoroughly drunk, so our friendly duties are taken care of...welcome to 21. (And if I talked to her today I could welcome her to the hangover as well.) We ate dinner late at a Japanese Steakhouse where I ordered what I knew I could eat "on my plan" - sushi, edamame, and rice. I had a drink...okay, two. And then we went to a bar.

I danced, I drank...but the highlight of the evening was hanging out with a bunch of skinny girls and being the only one of them to be bought a drink by a guy. Yep, you heard me right. I was approached and that line I've never personally been asked by anyone other than a bartender was asked of me, "What are you drinking, honey?" I felt...weird. I told him I didn't know, my 21 year old friend encouraged me to get another "sex with a squirrel" and next thing I know, he's bought me a drink. Now, he was pretty darn ugly...but this situation has NEVER, I repeat, NEVER happened to me directly. I've seen it happen to my "skinny" friends. But here I was, surrounded by beauty, and being bought a drink by a man. (Now the funny part, I called my husband to ask if I could drink it! *lol* He told me he wouldn't turn down free alcohol from a girl, and that as long as I didn't sleep with anyone, he didn't care at all! *lol*)

I drank that drink...I earned it somehow. And then we bolted for another club before the guy got the wrong idea! *lol* At the nightclub we went to, my friend bought me a drink - a blue motorcycle, actually - it was good! It was one of those "I know that I'll feel this later but it tastes like kool-aid" goods. I danced with my friends...I didn't care what I looked like and they didn't either. Nobody said a word about how I shouldn't be there. Perfect strangers smiled at me. It felt great. I got one more drink and then our attention shifted to making sure Brit (the new 21 year old) didn't get in trouble with the three guys that were dancing with her and her friend. (We are all a little motherly, me most of all considering I'm the only actual mother of the bunch. I wanted to make sure that she wasn't in trouble...so I kept an eye on her the rest of the night.) About an hour of dancing and I was done. The club was crowded and the dancing looked more like sex with your clothes on than actual dancing (I think this may be my age showing through! Watch out, grandma!). I told the girls I was done for the night and headed home.

Today I am sore throughout my legs and arms. Today I am down another pound as well. Today I feel like once this headache clears and I can move again, I'll be feeling pretty darn good about myself. I thought about beating myself up, but I didn't do it. Because there are only a few years left of me being able to "club" in this manner, and I let my weight stop me from ever doing it before. Last night I felt like a bonafide college student for a few minutes, and we all deserve a little of that when we're in college. I didnt' get fall-down drunk and I had a blast hanging out with my friends. I was good the rest of the day and then I let myself be the judge of myself for the rest of the night.

So, uhm...about last night...I make no excuses. I regret nothing. And I'm ready to get my butt out there today and enjoy this crazy world...in a healthy way!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sounds like a fun night! You probably danced off a good bit of those calories. Nothin's better than being sore the next day from dacning too much. ;)
    4023 days ago
    Oh, to be in your 20's, or even 30's...live your life to the fullest, girl! A healthy lifestyle does not mean you can't go out and party every once in awhile! You've got a great attitude! Keep on doin' what you're doin'. You never want to feel as though you've let life pass you by! Enjoy every minute you possibly can!!! And, of course, remember to STAY STRONG!
    4023 days ago
  • DLEE27
    So glad you had such a blast last night! Way to get out there and shake your booty! I took a quick peek in the fitness tracker and an hour of fast dancing burns over 500 calories!!!! emoticon So I'm sure you balanced out that McGriddle and Sex with a Squirrell??? Lol!
    4023 days ago
    Sounds like you had a blast! Congratulations on letting your hair down and rockin' the dance floor!
    4023 days ago
    If theres one day you're allowed to go all out, its your Birthday! Don't worry about anything. Tomorrow is a new day! But it sounds like you had so much fun! Happy Birthday! You're doing great!
    4023 days ago
    HOW FUN!!!! Who calls a drink sex with a squirrel??? LOL! I love McGriddles...OMYummy!!! You have and deserve a great attitude :) I love it!!
    4023 days ago
    This was a good blog for me to read today. I am going with my husband and some friends tonight to see a dj 4 hours away and all morning I have been obsessing about how this could affect my calories. The thing is, for the first 2 years of our marriage I wouldn't go anywhere with my husband because I was feeling too fat, and I let my weight get in the way of us having some fun times together. I don't now want to let my dieting hold me back from living, too...Thanks for sharing!
    4023 days ago
    You went out and had a blast and that is what life is about! You exercised (you danced until you're sore this morning...oh, I'd say that counts!), you laughed, you ate, you participated in LIFE! There's nothing to regret! Congratulations on a job well done, I'd say! emoticon
    4023 days ago
    It all sounds good. You know - you mentioned being sore this morning - to your credit just think of all the great exercise you had on the dance floor! I remember years ago I joined a class called jazzercise (do they still haave it?) - anyway you wouldn't believe the amount of calories that dancing works off!

    Have fun.

    4023 days ago
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