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Impatient Me - W2.D6

Friday, April 30, 2010

Okay, first of all, let me let you know right off the bat that this is not a blog about waiting for results and wanting them to come right now. I'm in week 2 and already a coworker said, "How much weight did you lose this week?" I told her that weigh in is on Sunday and she remarked that she could already see the difference. Let me repeat that for those of you that we're just flying through the reading, not really paying attention, maybe there's something shiny distracting you...focus here for a moment please...okay. She said she could already tell a difference in week 2! Now THAT is awesome! (Okay, go play with your toy now...I would.)

My impatience today is with my friends. God love them, but I had set plans with them last week to walk with me today. It wasn't my doing, it was theirs. I simply mentioned that I did 3 laps around the baseball field last week and they said, "Ooh..maybe I'll join you next week!" I said that would be fine with me, and they both agreed to meet here for chatting while we workout. Fun, right? Yeah...fun ends here. It is now 12:31pm and one texted me around noon to say she's going to the beach (we live in WV, what beach is she going to?) and the other said she's going to come, but she's busy working on something right now.

I understand the second one. I get caught up on stuff sometimes. The problem arises in the fact that I don't know when her stuff will end. She worked a few blocks away and she gave me zero indication as to when she'll be done. What's more, there is a history of her bailing at the last minute...so that is what I think will probably happen today.

This walk will happen with or without them. I know that. There's a health-food market within walking distance of my work (I can make it there, shop quickly, and be back just in time) so my plan today was to go there and pick up some fresh veggies, some quinoa, and maybe anything else that catches my eye. This is still my goal for the day (hello, two birds, meet one stone!). Waiting on her, though, is killing me! I need to be outside! I need the sun! I need my Vitamin D! I need to sweat! I just can't wait anymore! I need my oxygen and to feel my legs pumping.

Is is bad to say that my (skinny, eeny-weeny) friends are slowing this fat girl down? Because they totally are!

EDIT (1:52 pm): I just got back from my walk. I texted her to tell her I was going to go ahead and go. Halfway through the walk she texts me to tell me she just got done and "don't feel like doing anything right now." Thank God I went when I did. Came back red-faced (hate this part when I'm at work! *lol* Still a little pink now, waiting for it to subside.) and with a bag full of goodies -- a fresh pear (my after workout snack which I'm munching on right now..YUM!), No Salt Herbal Seasoning, black beans, red lentils, wild and brown rice, snow peas, 2 huge portobello mushroom caps, and quinoa! There's a dinner in here somewhere! ;)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What is this quinoa of which you speak?
    4021 days ago
    I love that red faced look! I think it's youthful and sexy :)
    4023 days ago
    LOL, I love it. What beach did she go to? I've encountered this problem with friends, significant others and family members. They mean well, they really do but mostly they don't understand our commitment and how important these activities are to us. If I lost 5 pounds for every time a friend missed a walk or meeting at the gym, I'd be a skinny girl by now!

    Good for you for keeping it up and going ahead with your plan. You are placing yourself first and that's what matters! emoticon
    4024 days ago
    So to say the friends can sometimes not be the best workout buddies because life can aways get in the way. I have found that even if I makes plans they don't always show but since I don't know that for sure I still go just so they can't say I was a no show. You are doing a great job!
    4024 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    I have a dear friend who is terrible at managing her time. I am an organization-freak. Over a 20 year friendship, we've learned to manage it quite well! I have got in the habit of saying "I'll be at x at this time. I'd love it if you could join me!" Then, no hard feelings if she doesn't show or a good time if she does.

    Good for you for taking care of yourself! Hopefully your friends will make it another time. emoticon
    4024 days ago
  • CAALAN23
    Way to take control of the situation, don't let anyone else's issues stand between you and your goals.

    That's awesome that you are getting comments in week 2! That feels good, huh?

    Keep it up!
    4024 days ago
    I just love reading your blogs! D is right...set a time and then go with or with out them. We all know that ultimately we can only really rely on ourselves, and that is just what you did! You rock, and I'm glad to hear that all of your hard work is being noticed by others...just more confirmation that you are on the road to success! Stay strong...and have a great Friday! (Sounds like you are off to a very good start!)
    4024 days ago
    Sorry your friends bailed! BUT you did great! Keep it up.
    4024 days ago
  • CAROLYN1213
    You are doing a fabulous thing for yourself. Don't let your friends hold you back from making those healthy choices for yourself. And, YUM!!! Dinner sounds good!
    4024 days ago
  • DLEE27
    1. You know me too well to know I'd be distracted by all the shiny objects in my office. Lol.

    2. That must have felt super, amazing, fabulous, awesome, and totally rad to hear that people are already noticing a difference!

    3. Don't let your friends hold you back. You're exactly right - they don't get it. They don't get how important is for you to stay consistent and on schedule. My vote is to invite them to come but set a time and stick to it. If they aren't there, leave with out 'em!

    4. What time should I show up for supper? emoticon Lol.
    4024 days ago
    Bummer they bailed on you! But way to stick to your plans! And YAY for quinoa!
    4024 days ago
    Oh brother, I so know friends like that. To them a walk is a "fun thing" and to us it's "therapy". I think that's the difference. You're doing great - and I can totally believe the results are showing in week 2. My results started showing within a week, too. It's the most bizarre thing, isn't it? You rock! Keep it up!
    4024 days ago
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