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Another Day Over, a Little Bit Wiser (I Hope!)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today started out SLOW! *lol* I mean, the day didn't go by slow...I did. I was a little sluggish from little sleep and the stress of last night. But once I talked myself into having a good day...I did. I set some goals for myself last night.

emoticon 1. Be productive at work.
I hate to say it, but I've been Sparking way too much at work. Today I went in and told myself I'd only log on to log food and check a few people's pages and then I'd be off...and I did a pretty good job sticking to that. I didn't get any cases done today (almost!) because my boss redirected my attention on a speech she needed for Sunday. Proud to say I got it done before I left and we're going to review tomorrow. (She left the office for a little bit and didn't return until I was leaving.)

emoticon 2. Make healthy food choices.
I couldn't believe it...I forgot my lunch! Instead of ordering pizza with a coworker, I walked down to CVS on my first break and bought a Lean Cuisine and some Fiber One bars. *YAY ME!* Had a healthy lunch and healthy snacks. Also had one of the mini-bags of popcorn I had at my desk for one of my snacks. It felt good to eat that popcorn because, on the one hand, it felt naughty, and on the other, it wasn't! One whole TINY bag (they are adorable I tell you!) is like 110 calories and low in fat ('cause I bought the light butter kind!)! Then I drove to Kroger after work and got the rest of the fixins I needed for the Vegetarian Chili that was suggested for dinner on my nutrition log. (My husband HATED it...I mean, he said it was the WORSE thing he'd ever tasted. I liked it....*lol*)

emoticon 3. Get some homework done.
Well, I did some research and got a little bit of stuff done today. Have to finish the rest here in a few minutes.

emoticon 4. Workout.
Today is my scheduled workout day. I worked out for a little bit yesterday because I've started the 100 Consecutive Days Workout Challenge, and I have to admit that while I was in class I was thinking I did NOT want to do it tonight. I was asking myself, "Don't I deserve a night off?" I found myself wondering why I try to reason myself out of my goals and then forced that little snobby girl inside to suck it up. I drove home, put on the tennis shoes, picked up the dog and drove down to the track. Did 9 laps around, which equals about 1.3 miles. The dog slowed me down a bit (so did the inclines! This track is MUCH harder than a regular track because it's on the side of a hill so you're almost always walking either up or down. I told myself that this would be REALLY GOOD for my body and did all 9 laps!)

emoticon 5. Forgive myself.
I did. I'm good. And after feeling a little icky on my way to school, I realize that it's likely nearing that TOM. Makes perfect sense that I flew off the handle over something stupid. (Also realized how GREAT it is to feel upset to your stomach and be able to rule out food as the cause...I ate healthy food and nothing that should have upset me, so I know that it's most likely something else that caused this.)

emoticon 6. Love myself.
I did all day. I thought about how great I'm doing. I've done 6 days of working out in a row. I have stuck to my goals and have met some amazing people. I've kept up my end of the bargain, so I deserve all the credit for that. Plus...I mean...I'm pretty freakin' awesome, you know? What's not to love?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Rock on! You accomplished a lot yesterday, and it seems like those last two are really the most important. I don't think we can get very far on this journey if we don't remember to be kind to ourselves and dissociate the "snobby girl" on the inside.

    Right now I'm reading "Women Food and God" (mostly because Oprah told me to) and the author talks about "The Voice" inside of us that disapproves of our actions and makes us feel guilt. The author discusses ways to recognize the voice and stop it in its tracks, and you are doing just that!

    Keep up the good work.
    4025 days ago
    Wow! I am impressed! You did GREAT!! Keep up the good work!
    4026 days ago
    LOL...you ARE awesome, baby!! And I do love you! You have a great mindset...I love it...I love your blogs, your comments to me...thank you so much for sharing yourself with all of us!

    Continue being proud of yourself and where you are going...this lifestyle change is hard and you are proving that you can overcome obstacles that get in the way...you are proving that you can persevere and be the best you can be (ok, sounds like an armed forces slogan??)!

    Anyway...I am proud of you, and thrilled we are on this journey together! Stay strong!!
    4026 days ago
  • DLEE27
    You are freakin' awesome!!!! Fabulous blog, as per usual! (Side note: I really don't want to work out tonight, but since you sucked it up, so I guess so can I!)
    4026 days ago
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