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On weight Maintenance and Puerto Rico

Monday, April 26, 2010

So I'm two years into maintenance now... woot woot. And got back from vacation in Puerto Rico a week or so ago. Ummm... my suggestion is that PR is not necessarily a good spot to attempt maintenance or weight loss. It had one of my key strategies for maintenance, that being lots of things to do. We went Kayaking at night on a bay where the phytoplankton glowed in the dark... really cool. and snorkeling, sightseeing in old San Juan (the oldest city in the US) and did lots of walking while seeing the sights and hiking in the rain forest, Swam in the ocean (and the swimming pools, and the rivers) so I got in plenty of exercise every day. It had none of the other key strategies that I've been using for maintenance success.

emoticon avoid alcohol for the most part... How do you not drink copious amounts of Pina Coladas and rum punch when your in the home of Bacardi? I drank about a 1/3 to 1/2 of each one I ordered and gave the rest to my DH

emoticon Eat 6-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day... PR didn't have a single garden anywhere that I saw. The food there is almost all Fried. They even fry their fruit! And don't you have to try every pastry from strange pastry shops at least once? I did stop at fruit stands as often as I could for snacks. (there was one every 1/4 of a mile almost everywhere we went) bananas, mangoes, pineapples, papayas, coconuts, sugar cane, very yummy green mottled oranges, breadfruit. I tried them all

emoticon Drink at least 8 cups of water a day... I hate buying bottled water and I was very cautious about what water I did drink. The combination left me a bit dehydrated.

emoticon Limit portion size... in restaurants that you go to regularly you kind of know what to order for success, but no place that we went was familiar enough to do this so I utterly failed at this. And I was so hungry all the time from all of the exercise that I wasn't very prudent. When I take my lunch to work every day and have 8" plates at home I know what kind of calories I'm getting, but eating out every meal?

emoticon get on the scale daily... not happening in PR so no way to rein back quickly.

The upshot 5 real pounds (not water weight) to struggle with for who knows how long. But we did have tons of fun. Not sure what I could have done differently if I were to start the adventure over again. Maybe the key is just to let go and get back the winning routine.

I've already done this. Been running 3 times (took my first long run of the season yesterday 5.4 miles nonstop 65 minutes), worked all day on the farm, walked to work a few times, and did a bit of yoga, since I've been back.

I did add a picture in my my pictures and I'll add it here too. I have to say, I'm thrilled to be two years into maintenance, but the damage was definitely done I'll always carry the results of the abuse I gave my body. I don't ever think my skin will shrink back to fit. Then again I don't plan on pursuing a career in swimsuit modeling either so does it really matter? I can swim all day, and climb hundreds of steps without getting winded if I want to. I have great stats as far as my health goes and I'm well on my way to my goal of living past 100. That will have to do.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, I got way behind on my Spark time... but I'm so glad to be reading about this now.
    I would wonder about the salt content, too. Fried & salty, yup, tons of salt.
    You look great.
    3798 days ago
    Sounds like a wonderful trip...well worth a few pounds. You will lose those quickly at home. BTW, you look great in the photos! emoticon
    3803 days ago
    You had lots of fun and YES we have to try everything when in a new country!!
    Love the new pics you added.
    3803 days ago
    Love your new avatar, love the pics! What are you gonna do, right? I lived in Miami for just over 3 years and even there the lack of fresh produce in lieu of fried food can be surprising with Latin-Carribean culture. And I can't believe you had to drink bottled, I am dumbfounded.

    Anyhoo, 2 years maintenance!!! Woot, woot... now on to the yoga, gardening, hiking and being the general badass you are.
    3804 days ago
  • KRISTIN614
    Sounds like a great trip! I think you did very well considering all of the challenges. I bet those 5 pounds don't stay on too long.

    It is so very awesome that you can swim all day & climb hundreds of steps without getting winded. THAT is exactly where I want to be! The stretched out skin is a bit hard to take but like you I will get used to it (when I get some-ha).

    3804 days ago
  • _VALEO_
    I'm glad you had a wonderful time in Puerto Rico. Not easy to attempt maintenance on holidays (and with fried fruits??! Didn't even know it could exist!), but you did great, and you're back on track. I'm sure the 5lbs will soon be history.

    Great pic of you!
    3806 days ago
  • F8CONE8
    Sounds like a wonderful time and minimal damage. I think it was worth it but do get it off as soon as possible! Hugs - glad you are back....
    3806 days ago
    Thanks for writing all about your experiences. What a great trip!
    You know how to get rid of the 5 lbs, and it sounds like you did a good job (since you didn't gain 15) and still had a good time without obsessing.
    Terrific photo too.
    3806 days ago
    Sounds like an awesome time in PR!! We just missed each other in the Caribbean ;)

    You look GREAT, by the way! A few vacation pounds are to be expected. Just keep on keepin' on!
    3806 days ago
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