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London here we come

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday's post was about the mess in my life,,,,,while it is still there it is not going to suck the life out of well my life.

London.....went there as a teenager and have always always wanted to return. I proudly tell everyone that I am second generation american as my grandfather (what we had to call him) was born in England in the 1880's and came to america but through Canada. You see just in case us/england went to war again LOL he couldn't become a citizen

so last week we learned that our settlement from a car accident was going to be a little bit more than expected. Now I could do something responsible like a screen porch or a car for the teenage drivers or even put in towards my mtg. However I know without doubt that I will never be in this financial situation ever again. I will never be able to take my children on a trip like this EVER. Never mind with oldest off to college and others not far behind when will we truly have the time like this??? Ok a bit dramatic but with summer jobs. mission trips and such even arranging this was not the easiest and they all still live at home!

So now the planning begins. We don't have passports so have to rush on those,
Trying to figure out where to stay exactly what to do when is proving a bit overwhelming.
We know the basics of what we want to do but this isn't like planning a trip to NYC and you have lots of people to ask for resources.
The conversion rate isn't helping much either...ouch $1 equals .655 GBP
then i get confused about the euro thing too
Hotels are so expensive and they charge per person per night even for the kids

But we are excited we are going to leave 2 days after graduation YEAHThen life sneaks back in....I do not want husband to go. Thinking that he should use that time and move out. But of course that is going to be a hurdle to cross. What will kids think? The flip side is if we go and tensions are high do we really want to be fighting the whole time?
Of course he would never say...you go with the kids let's do what's best for them.. But again he doesn't know I know about HER and his Love you text.

Ok honest part...did have a few pieces of cheese last night thinking about him and this situation.
I have moved out of the bed but as we don't have an extra bedroom means I am sleeping on our couch. I've set my alarm to wake after he leaves so I am in bed before the kids come out in the morning. But crap forgot to remake the couch before I went in wonder if they were coherent enough to notice before their ride got here at 7 (like most teenagers they get up 15 minutes before they have to leave)
Sorry interrupted by phone call.....I guess I need to expect to hear friends ask you won't take him back maybe he's turned to someone else b/c he missed you~~~~~~ok not going to run to the blueberry cake inside....I hope
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    I stayed at the Girl Scout House... it was much cheaper than the hotels in London. We even had a couple come by to stay when their heat ran out at the MARRIOTT. google it and see if it a) still exists b) is cheaper c) would work for you and your family. We were served dinner every night, which made it much easier because then we only had to fend for ourselves at lunch (God bless my Mom, I was a picky 12 year old and so we ate a lot of KFC and McDonalds). As far as who goes on the trip, wonder if you could just say this something i really want to do for the kids, instead of making it about him moving out.. maybe he will come to that realization between now and then, without you having to suggest it. Just a thought.
    4022 days ago

    Go on the trip!!

    My two cents is just before booking the tickets you should let him know what you know and give him the option to stay home and sort things out. Would he really want to come with you and the kids?

    You will have so much fun and a lifetime of memories by doing this.
    4034 days ago
    I would totally take the trip too! Like you said, once in a lifetime experience! While I've never been to London, I have been to Europe and it is amazing! I believe if you stay only in England you don't have to worry about Euros at all...only if you go outside of the country. Even then it's not too confusing, just keep some money aside to change to Euros instead of going from dollars to GBP to Euros. As for passport holders - I definitely recommend getting the waist belt ones - I've had a neck one and by the end of the trip I'm figuring out how to wear it around my waist or completely given up on wearing it (not the best thing to do).

    Yeah you ate a little bit of cheese but the key words are "little bit". It sounds like you controlled what you ate - focus on that.
    4036 days ago
  • CHARLIE215
    You should get a guidebook and decide what you want to do. London is expensive but not much more than NYC. The exchange rate has actually improved if you have US$. I'm happy to offer some suggestions if you want. I lived in London up until 3 yrs ago.

    Another thing, you can get a train to Paris & could actually go there for the day if you wanted to. :)

    For accomodation, it might be worth renting an apartment rather than hotel rooms.
    4036 days ago
    What a terrific attitude: "it's not going to suck the life out of my...life"!

    I'm behind you all the way in your decision to "seize the day" and spend some of the accident settlement on the trip of a lifetime. It could be hugely memorable for your kids--and you're quite right about possibly never having the time again, with your oldest off to college. Go for it!

    One question about the issue of whether or not your husband comes along: any chance you can use some of the settlement to consult a divorce lawyer? Or alternatively (since if I understand correctly, neither of you is working at the moment), get some advice from a legal clinic?

    Me, I'm a great believer in empowering myself with as much information as possible. Here (in Toronto, Canada), even government Web sites contain tons of plain-English explanations of our laws regarding separation and divorce.

    So I'm hoping that besides the support you'll get here, you can also access some specific support locally so that you know your rights. In my experience, many women think that they have far fewer rights in such situations than they actually do.

    4037 days ago
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