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The "Clean Plate Syndrome"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Being raised by two post economic depression parents, I suffer from the clean plate syndrome.

I watch the seal a meal machine commercials(that say we waste hundreds even thousands of dollars) and say to my self, I don't need that because I don't throw any thing away.

My wife doesn't do this. When she feels full she stops eating. I actually feel bad about the two or three bites she's left on her plate and I sometimes eat them.
I'm trying to break that habit which comes from my Mother saying "here Take these last two bites of potatoes so I can wash the dish".

I have been trying not to have seconds but sometimes I justify them by saying they are just vegetables.

I do put leftovers away after a meal so they aren't conveniently on the kitchen counter. They usally provide lunches for the next day.

Judging by the drift of this blog, it must be time for the mid morning piece of fruit.

Love ya
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    I've never minded my desire not to waste food, although all the little containers of unidentified "stuff" in the fridge does irritate DH. 2-3 bites left? Excellent! That's for lunch for tomorrow! What's this "goo"? It's pan scrapings that are going into this gravy/sauce/soup...

    People generally think I'm an excellent cook and ask for recipes -- unfortunately, I don't use recipes; I use up what's in the fridge! So I can rarely re-create a dish no matter how good!
    3977 days ago
    I am a member of the clean plate club as well.. I hate wasting food.. I try to portion up my meals and save the rest.. But the problem comes when there is something left in my dh's plate.. I just cannot waste food.. no matter what.. I am working on this habit also!
    3981 days ago
    Morning! How about portioning out the amount you are 'allowed' to eat and putting it on your plate. When it's gone, that's it. The food left in the pans is for lunch the next day. Maybe that will help! Enjoy your fruit!
    3981 days ago
    Yup, I grew up in the clean your plate era too. Glad I can leave food on the plate now and not worry about it.
    3981 days ago
    Next time your wife leave a few bites, put them in the fridge and account for them as a snack later....same with your food. Eat until you are satisfied and then fridge the rest. Then you have an already prepared snack for later and you "cleaned" your plate! emoticon
    3982 days ago
  • ANNE7X7
    I am such a plate cleaner as well!! It is an awful habit, and a huge reason for the weight gain in the first place. I am trying to listen to my body and stop when I am full... but it's hard!! We'll get there though... step by step!!

    Have a spark-filled Sunday!!
    3982 days ago
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