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So so so excited...got the job!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So i went back for the 2nd interview for the traveling ophthalmology assistant job. The lady that was interviewing me would be my future boss (unknown at the time). She is awesome. You can tell she loves her job and the staff. We talked about how important it is that the elderly in these nursing homes get the care that we provide them. And how even more important their eyesight is to them because its all that they have. All they do is watch tv, or play games with one another or talk and if they dont have that, its extra tough on them. So anyway, she was saying it takes that special someone to have this job because it is really tough, and it can be long hours (some days are 12 hour days) and you have to keep that smile on your face for the patients..SO ME!!!

Anyway, after I was talking with her she told me she had another interview after mine and she would be letting us all know by this evening or tomorrow morning..well i literally walked in the door and changed my clothes and she was calling to ask me to be a part of the team!!! So excited! I start tuesday at 10 am. I wont be going out in the field that day but its paperwork and a physical and all that mumbo jumbo. Went shopping for scrubs and I AM SO SO SO EXCITED!!! I cannot wait to begin!!!!
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