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So much for blogging everyday......

Monday, March 29, 2010

It's been 3 days since I last blogged. I've had a really hard week. My depression has taken over and I've gone over calories and not exercised like I should. Also I'm on a new medicine that makes me really aggressive and I've been biting Jason's head off it seems. I think I should take that aggression and punch the heck out of the punching bag or try my hand at tae-bo (sp?). Jason had had a hard time too you probably have read his blogs he's been better about getting on here and opening up then me.

I'm a little discourgaed this week that I know I won't lose much if any at all because of my week. But I in a way half way don't give a care....but then there's another part of me that wants to say no this is wrong get your butt up and move it! I think the later will win in the end....but for today I'm just resting. We had an intense day of errands that drove me and my dear hubby crazy and tried our patients! I want to indulge and over eat right now but instead I'm blogging so I'm proud of this choice.

We looked at a gym yesterday and hope to join it on the 5th of next month cause they have $1 sign up cost that week. I look forward to working out in a gym it'll break up some of the routine of just walking in circles. I look forward to doing some weight training too. Jason doesn't want me to buff up like a man and I don't blame him but I want to be lean and strong at the same time! I want to be able to hold my own and know I can do things that require strength. But here in the south men don't let women lift or carry things.....well the gentlemen don't anyways. But I want to know that if I needed to I could help out.

I have many goals for this weight loss and I should keep focused and remember them when I have bad days like this past week. I'd like to become a dietitian and start a weight loss support program here in Mobile and change our city one person and at a time.....that's a big dream of mine. If I am to reach others I need to start with myself and change inside first before I can reach others. I'd also like to try and explore new things to do while being active with my hubby. I can't do much now at this weight so I don't want to be held back and owe it to my hubby to offer the best life we can have together......

I'm feeling more motivated writting all this now and might workout today after all. I guess blogging helps even if I ramble and nobody reads it. Anybody who is reading and following me and Jason I hope you're having a better week then we had. Happy Sparking! emoticon
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    No worries on bulking up that's not going to happen unless you took steroids lol :) Men and women hormones are different so we don't bulk up like guys. Strength training would be great as it does raise your resting metabolic rate. You're doing great, take a hard earned day of rest and keep on pushing!
    3520 days ago
    Sounds like you have a lot of good things going on. I'm battling with my feelings a lot as well. I read somewhere the other day that it takes 66 days to a year (!) to change an old habit! That's a lot of getting your duff off the couch instead of eating chips to change a routine. Never fear, I have confidence we'll make it. I love that you want to help others but you're #1. Plus, I think if you do that in the future having those blogs around might be a good reference. Also, I've been told that if women lift lighter weights and do more reps they will get toned and not bulky. Something to look into--strength training is so important! Anyway, keep up the great work, get that gym membership and get to it. Best,
    3520 days ago
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