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Being Tired - Double the Silliness

Sunday, March 28, 2010

As you may or may not know...I'm pretty crazy. It probably goes back to my middle schools days. If you were to look in my year books, pretty much everyone who signed started with "To one goofy guy".

I pretty much always joke around. The other day was no different...except add the fact that I was dead tired!! I've been getting the house ready to go on the market so I was workin on no sleep.

So as my act of kindness for the day, I took my mom, along with the fam, out to dinner at Red Lobster. I wouldn't really call it my daily act of kindness but I really didn't do anything else that day....well except for what I'm going to tell you.

So we're finishing up our grub on at RL when the waiter comes by and asks what we had planned for the rest of the evening. So being the tired and crazy guy I am, I told him my mom and I were going to a strip club. I then tell him that my mom used to dance.....like 5 years ago. Ok, my mom is in her early 60s. So that puts her pole dancin in her late 50s. Ok, of course none of this is true but I can't control my silliness.....plus you know I like to embarrass the fam!! Wifey was turning red and laughing so hard. My mom was laughin and a bit embarrassed. The waiter is of course crackin up.

Ok, so you think I'm done? Nope, he comes back and asks if we have room for dessert. My mom says she's full. I told the waiter, "You know my mom can't get her dance on with a full stomach". So more laughing and of course all the tables looking our way. Hey, what can I say, laughter is the best medicine!!

I gave the waiter payment for the bill and told him to bring back the change in ones.

So let's say my act of kindness was giving the waiter a good laugh for the night and givin the fam a nice chuckle!!

Oh, and as I'm walking out of RL, the front desk guy gets the first set of doors for us. As we go through, I say "And I would like for you to open the second doors for us". I said it like I was royalty. There were folks there and they all started laughing. I was of course joking with the guy but he did get it for me:)

This is basically my life. "I've got jokes" as they say.

Peace out my peepettes!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • VIVRE5
    thanks for my morning's amusement :) Needed the laugh mon frere... Keep on keepon' on, man.
    3618 days ago
    You're a NUT---don't change a thing. I love people who actually like to have a good time and who treat others with respect. So many times, especially when eating out, you run into nasty, mean people.

    Today I was driving and this one lady almost got herself into an accident because she was in wayyyyyyyy to much of a hurry to wait 30 seconds for someone to move. Hey, I'm the first to always be in a hurry but I won't crash my car or someone else's car. Then the look on her face was classic---it screamed, I'm miserable, I don't like anything around, me and I'm going to show it to the world.

    So, see how awesome it is to have such a great sense of humor. Have a great night emoticon
    3897 days ago
    Love it. Laughter is awesome. Thanks for sharing:) You made me laugh!!
    3898 days ago
    That's awesome...rotflmao! There should be more people like you in this world...lol :)
    3899 days ago
    We were fraternal twins separated at birth - come on b0o admit it!!!! Your night sounds like our kind of fun!! Spread the smiles baby! :) Your mom sounds like such a fabulous sport too!!
    3900 days ago
    lol silly! My mom would kill me if I ever did that to her... LOL
    3900 days ago
    I think if I did that experiment, I'd end up in a mental hospital. Everyone would wonder what was wrong with me. I think I'll just stick to being me. It's worked for me for 35 years:)
    3900 days ago
  • FITKAT2010
    Do this one day soon as an experiment: Spend one day interacting with others and DON'T be this way. See what surfaces for you.

    3900 days ago
    You are so right...Laughter is the best medicine. Thanks for making me laugh!!!
    3900 days ago
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