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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today is graduation day. My family doesnt see this as that important of a time so needless to say, I wont have any of them in the audience watching me receieve all of my certifications and recognition. My mom told me this morning that "we will celebrate when you get a job." In most ways honestly its a relief that they wont be there. The ceremony will probably be a little hokey and honestly i didnt want to hear the complaints or the snickers about my classmates or their families. Sad huh?
Other news: I am sore. And happy about it! My legs are sore from all those squats from the boot camp and i think from the pilates..thank goodness because my thighs are BIG and i really am wanting them to slim down..im gettin to the point of desperation where ill wrap them in shrink wrap while running (JUST KIDDING). Mike called me again last night and he still continues to make me smile the entire time we talk. He is such a GOOD person..i cant get over it. Today according to my running schedule I have to run 5 miles! All leading up to saturdays 8 mile long run..am going to go to the running store before that, thats for SURE! Alright thats all for now kids..have a great day, lets make one another PROUD!
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