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Sunday, March 21, 2010

So today I was driving around and the army guy (Mike) text me and asked if i wanted to meet up for coffee and if not no hard feelings. Well, I decided to meet up with him. He is an amazing man. He just is so respectful to the point that people give him the utmost respect right back to him (ya know what i mean) . Hes originally from Arkansas, (still has an accent) and has been in the army since 2002. Hes been to Iraq twice and now trains medics and was stationed out here in california. He just fascinated me the entire time. He was so sweet and genuine and down right kind. We talked for 3 hours and i felt like i have known him forever. We had the medical thing in common and our upbringing was very similar. He has a great sense of humor and we just laughed and had the best afternoon. I just couldnt believe how NICE and kind this guy was. He didnt try to kiss me or anything. At the end of the afternoon he asked me out for next saturday night and gave me a huge long hug goodbye. I definitely cannot wait to see him again. The only thing is that he isnt too keen on southern california so i gotta get him to like it here so he doesnt move!!! So glad we met up today. Such a happy gal over here right now. Go Army.
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