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ugh, remember the witch in pediatrics?!?!?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Remember that nurse i got paired up with my very first week of my externship?? Well guess what folks, I had to work with her today. She has been rude to me around the building ever since i worked with her that first week. She wont talk to me but will talk to the people I am with, wont look in my direction or even acknowledge me, She will talk to my friend and ask how SHE is and will walk right through me when im having a conversation and will glare at me. Ugh. So today the nursing supervisor said to me to go to peds for the day and at first this really fun nurse who i have become friends with (kind of) was there and it was GREAT! the morning flew by. Well she was sick so after lunch she went home..DUN DUN DUN then i got paired with the meanie. First she looked at me started laughing at me then goes rudely "SO DID YOU EVER FIGURE OUT HOW TO PUT ON YOUR STERILE GLOVES?" ugh you *itch. and I dont cuss lol. Then I overheard her talking to THE DOCTOR about how its going to be swamped and the doc does 'well we have the student' and she goes 'yeah but this girl isnt that good' she said that TO THE DOCTOR!!!! I ended up following around someone else which was boring because SHE was slow then the meanie asked us to room a patient for her. I did it and it was a LOT of stuff because it was a well child check up so we do the works right? Then she goes 'thanks kelly' and kelly answers 'well actually She (pointing to me) did it' the meanie looks at me and goes 'uhhh whats your name?' SO RUDE. Anyway, finally that was over i got out of there as soon as i could and worked out my frustration at the gym. 4 miles in 38 minutes and a half hour of strength training..I'm still so worked up but im keeping my head up and working to stay positive. I dont get what her issue with me is..its not like im a threat to her career. I just dont get it. Hope you all had a great st. pattys day! Love you all.

'just keep swimming, just keep swimming..'
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    You know.. she's actually doing you a favor??? Yep... You are getting training in how to deal with a rude, nasty co-worker. Imagine if this were your full time job... Imagine if you had to work next to her everyday??? If (and maybe when) this comes to pass in the future.. you'll have a great experience to look back on, and find a way to get a comfortable medium. You come across all sorts of folks... and have to deal with 'em.

    You just have to do your best, and learn as much as you can. Her attitude will either change, or those around you will just stop listening to her (Doc's included) because what she says won't be accurate. She may well end up with egg on her face, if she keeps saying that you aren't good, but you do more than your job.... Keep your head up.

    Good luck on your interview!!!!!
    3631 days ago
    How RUDE!! You should ask her if she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed every morning! Hope you don't have to deal with her anymore. Way to go on the exercise. I don't think I could ever run 4 miles, esp. in 38 minutes.
    3631 days ago
    Nasty! Just remember it's all her. When people are like that its usually an insecurity or issue with them that they want to push back up on you.

    I agree - Confront her and ask her if you have done something to offend her. Put her on the spot. Be prepared for her to say something like, "I don't know what you're talking about" because people like that will handle confrontation this way. However, she will know you are clear about what is going on and she might back down.

    It's like that advice about a stranger on the street - You should make eye contact. That way they know you are aware of them and not scared and they'll leave you alone.
    3631 days ago
    She sounds like the worst possible person to ever work with. Don't take it personally. She sounds very unprofessional and while others may not say anything, they don't think much of her opinion. THIRDXACHARM had very good advice. Do your best and keep a smiling. Stay positive!
    emoticon emoticon
    3631 days ago
    OMG - she sounds awful!! You're nicer than me - after I heard what she said to doctor I probably would have confronted her ... in a nice way. I would have said, "I overheard what you said to the doctor and I appreciate that feedback. I really want to be good at this and that's why I'm so lucky to be learning from someone as knowledgable as you. I get the feeling that you don't like me so if I've done something to offend you, please let me know."
    3631 days ago
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