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Weekend FAIL

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My female co-worker and I flew one state over (to my home state) for work on Friday afternoon. We started out well by eating Subway for lunch before going in to the airport. Our flight was delayed, so I decided to grab a Pepsi. I got disgusted by it halfway through, and threw it away. That was fine. For dinner on Friday night, we met up with a co-worker in my home state for dinner at Olive Garden. This is also fine because I don’t like pasta anyway and always get soup and salad. But then my co-worker buddy and I decided to split some alfredo dipping sauce for our breadsticks. Splitting it isn’t too bad, but our other co-worker didn’t want any.

We stayed at a Doubletree Hotel which is famous for giving chocolate chip cookies to its guests. I loved that idea, of course. I ate 3 of those cookies over the weekend (they are huge) and have a few more in my desk drawer now.

We ate a fairly healthy breakfast on Saturday, though I also had a Coke during the day. I needed caffeine at the time. We had time to leave for lunch and found a McAlister’s Deli close by. I tried the Havarti Chicken Chipotle panini – very yummy. I also got a giant iced tea which gave me enough caffeine to get through the rest of the afternoon. (I’m obsessed with iced tea, and I mean OBSESSED.) But for dinner we went back to Olive Garden. This time I wasn’t too hungry, so we shared TWO boats of alfredo dipping sauce with breadsticks. Ugh. This cost me around 730 calories. I felt disgusted as soon as we got back to the hotel room. I also had 2 peach Bellinis at Olive Garden. I didn’t feel bad about those at the time because I haven’t drank in a very long time. But today I found they are approximately 293 calories each. Disgusting. All in all, I had approximately 2900 calories on Saturday.

I had a very healthy breakfast on Sunday, but ended up hungry very soon later. I ate some Cheez-Its (LOVE THEM) and drank a Coke (unfortunately). I drank another Coke later. That got me through until we went to the airport. We grabbed some Mazzio’s pizza before getting on the plane. Has anyone else ever been to Mazzio’s? It’s not in my new state, so I figured I should have some while I had the chance. They have AMAZING ranch dressing. I know, I know, ranch is bad. But this pizza place is the only place I ever have ranch dressing and I haven’t ate there in maybe a year. Unfortunately, this was also extremely high calorie and high fat. I mean, I knew that, but looking up the food today scared me. I had approximately 2200 calories per day on Friday and Sunday. Sparkpeople suggests I should have 1220-1560 calories per day in order to reach my goal weight.

My co-worker and I are both trying to get healthy, so it was a huge FAIL that we messed up so much together. I think the fact that we love a lot of the same foods has something to do with this.

So is there an upside to this weekend FAIL? Yes!

1) I learned how many calories are in a Bellini & will remember this the next time I consider drinking one (or anything similar).

2) My co-worker & I were around fresh popcorn at work all weekend but didn’t eat any.

3) My co-worker & I were on our feet for 7 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday.

4) I will remember to keep a cooler around for the next event I work at (in 2 weeks) so I can keep bottled water in it.

5) I will find out ahead of time if the hotel has a pool (we found this out on Sunday) so I can bring my swimsuit. You can’t eat while swimming, plus you have to see yourself in a swimsuit which makes you not want to eat. Lol.

6) I will NEVER again go for the 2nd boat of alfredo dipping sauce. One is fine because I don’t like the idea of giving up any kind of food. I just want to eat less of it.

7) Even though you’ve ate fairly healthy most of the day, you can still blow it with your dinner.

I’m not mad at myself for eating these types of foods or drinking these high calorie drinks. I’m mad at myself for having SO MUCH of them. I’ve been doing great with the stopping after one high calorie thing, but just not this weekend.

I did have a great weekend though. I loved traveling, meeting new people, and being able to be on my feet while working for the first time in awhile.

Do any of you have problems with eating right while on work travel? How do you fight the urges to eat whatever you want (because you’re away from home/with a friend – my excuses)?
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    I don't go out of town often, but when I do I really stick with the foods in the restaurant we eat at. I try to make it as healthy as possible. I don't eat food from vending machines or other stands, but I do bring a couple of bottles of water with me on the trip. I also do a lot of walking during the trip with my husband.

    My other problem is when I go out of town for student activities. That is definitely a problem. We get stuck eating foods that kids eat that are for sale in the concession stands and now of them are good. I haven't figured out that one yet. I have until the end of April to figure that out. That is when we have regional competition.
    4151 days ago
    I dont go on work travel but I do go to PA a lot and whenever I go I know that I will mess up here and there on my calories. I try to drink water or workout in the morning or try not to have fast food while I am out there. But its not like you go away like that very often right? So yea you went over your calories and ate a lot lol but you dont do it often so you are fine. Good idea to check before hand if the hotel has a pool. I am going to AC with my boyfriend next month and so the last time we went we didnt know there was a pool available so this time we are bringing our swimsuits and going to hit the pool! Great way to burn some calories in a fun way!

    As long as you know how to moderate your food intake for the next time you have a trip like that I think you will do awesome whenever you have to go travel for week!!

    Glad you had a good time tho! Thats always a good thing!
    4151 days ago
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